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Stellar Aussie cast and crew come together for 'Time'.

Thursday, 18 October 2012 11:44

Award winning new filmaker Liam Connor to Direct with Cinematographer Brad Francis and 'Sea Patrols' Julie Forster; alongside Lucas Thyer from Pixel Frame to produce.

Is time travel possible? That is the question that underlies the film 'Time'. 'Time' is a poignant short film about one young boys exploration into the eternal, yet foolish idea that time travel might be possible. The lead, a 12 year old named James, takes us on a journey of ignorance to knowledge; pushing boundaries whilst dealing with the normality and abnormality of growing up with an eccentric Mum.

This is a tremendous script that offers us the opportunity to create a beautiful and imaginative story whilst showcasing some of Australia's finest talent. Alix Bidstrup (All Saints) will star as James' (Nic Hamilton, Mako Mermaids) dysfunctional yet enigmatic mother, whilst Julie Forster (Sea Patrol), Lisa Michell (The Reef), Vanessa Loh (X') and Charlotte Cutting (The Pram) are just part of a dynamic and talented crew.

'My vision is simple.' says writer Liam Connor. 'To tell a story that I've put to people my entire life; people laugh about the idea of time travel and the 'rules' and paradoxes which come with it but I believe it will always be a concept worth exploring through storytelling'

'It's not everyday that you are given such a beautiful script together with the comment 'let's make this with no money' says cinematographer Brad Francis. 'Time is presented in a beautiful way that is poetic yet real, complicated yet so simple, engaging and imaginative. It has inspired everyone that has read it'

Filming of ‘Time’ begins this Saturday 20th of October in South East Queensland. 'Time' is in desperate need of immediate donations to help ensure we can turn this into the magical story that it truly is. All cast and crew are donating their time and skills to help tell this thought provoking and romantic tale. Pledges can be made at:


Media and donation enquiries:
Brad Francis
1 Napier St,
St Lucia, 4067
0403 089 143