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New centre-left party with a focus on design, innovation and technology enters the political fray

Monday, 06 May 2013 10:59

The Lamington Party, named after the uniquely Australian dessert, is focused on bringing Australia’s problem-solving skills, ingenuity and generosity to the fore. It is a new political party with equality, sustainability and innovation at its heart and sustainable development at the core of its policies.

The Lamington Party has a vision for the future of Australia: one where the regional cities are well connected to the capitals; one where the government is a case study for democracy and efficiency; one where design, technology and innovation become part of our way of doing business; and one where we all have a strong social safety net and equal opportunity to succeed in life.

The party’s founder, Jason McKenzie, a Brisbane-based entrepreneur and business advisor, noted, “The internet is a leveller; we need to take advantage of this by using creativity and technology to become more productive, to keep costs down and to create new export opportunities. Technology, when well- applied, can also provide incredible advantages and remove the tyranny of distance. It could allow for the back-office of a UK firm to be based in Newcastle; for a farmer to manage water and stock levels from a mobile app and for education to be delivered in new ways to help professionals stay ahead. The opportunities are endless, but the government, industry and Australians must move quickly to seize the advantages.”

“To reverse the trend of thousands of manufacturing and office jobs leaving our shores, we believe that fast-tracking investments in new enterprises, particularly in supporting farmers and enhancing university level education will deliver results. Fast-tracking investments in fast rail and public transport will improve productivity and help to grow regional hubs."

“Lamington also reflects the views of many Australians: indigenous people must be recognised in the constitution; mandatory detention, created by Keating and perpetuated by subsequent Liberal and Labor governments should be dismantled; and equal marriage must be recognised.”

A number of other policies have already been outlined including:
1) Creation of a $1 billion ‘Silicon beach’ technology investment fund within the Future Fund that focuses on angel funding and investment in tech, design, agribusiness, energy and fashion start-ups

2) Tax reform including support for a 49% tax rate for incomes over $500,000 (which would raise over $1b in revenue); redirecting school bonus funding to universities for online education development and the commission of a report into GST reform.

3) Fast-tracking the development of fast rail, especially between regional centres and capital cities and eventually between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and support for underground public transport improvements.

In order to register with the AEC, the party - already with members in four states - is seeking 100 more foundation members and is seeking expressions of interest from potential candidates.

Further information is available online at


1) The Lamington (cake) is undeniably Australian. It is named after a former Governor of Queensland: Baron Lamington. It was invented in Toowoomba, at the summer house of Lord Lamington, by a French-born chef Armand Gallad. It is believed that Gallad received a last minute request from Lady Lamington to prepare something for some unexpected guests. With limited ingredients available, Gallad experimented and created what has become an Australian icon. It is believed that Gallad was introduced to coconut by his Tahitian wife (where coconut was a common ingredient).
2) The Lamington Party is named after the Lamington. It was borne of Australian ingenuity. It is uniquely Australian. It was shaped by a number of cultures and the ability ‘to do more’ with what we have. These are qualities that define Australia and help inspire the Lamington party.

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