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$50 Million dollar project to reduce greenhouse emissions from cremation

Monday, 03 June 2013 11:05

Australian business Aquamation International, based in Melbourne, is reducing the environmental damage caused by funerals.

Aquamation International has announced they are in the final stage of discussions with investors, who plan to open 47 new Aquamation Centres throughout Australia within the next two years, and will then provide the only environmentally-sensitive funeral.

In some locations the Aquamation Centres will be installed in existing crematoriums or funeral homes, while, for the balance of the 47 Aquamation Centres, other suitable properties are being identified.

Aquamation International’s design team has fine-tuned and simplified the process of water-cremation with a radical new concept.

Catholic Ethicist, Sr Renee Mirkes, Director of the Pope Paul VI Institute, in Omaha, Nebraska states “it is clear there is nothing unethical or un-Catholic about it, it is merely a natural process speeded up”.

The Aquamation process has been hailed by environmentalists and governments keen to reduce pollution. Aquamation will reduce the carbon footprint of each cremation by 95% and will not cause the release of mercury and carcinogenic and toxic gases which occurs during cremation. The cost of Aquamation is similar to cremation.

Just as cremation changed the funeral industry in the 19th century, Aquamation is changing the funeral industry today. Aquamation delivers the environmental outcome the world needs, while ensuring, our loved ones are treated with care and respect.

Aquamation uses just 5% of the energy needed in a cremation, no greenhouse gases or harmful pollutants are released, in comparison to crematoriums which produce over 200kg of greenhouse gases with each cremation, along with mercury and other toxic carcinogenic fumes. It solves the issue of a shortage of burial plots, while remaining a more natural method.

Funeral directors throughout Australia can now offer their clients the ABC choice: Aquamation, Burial or Cremation. Only Aquamation can provide an environmentally-sensitive funeral. Recent surveys have shown many people would favour this method over both cremation and burial.


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