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Australian Company Provides FBT Relief for Fleets With Unique Product!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013 11:33

ExclusiveFleet powered by GreenShareCar, Australia's leading provider of car sharing technology for pool vehicle management, is in an ideal position to mitigate the impacts of the devastating FBT announcements that have left the automotive industry devastated over the changes to FBT treatments.

Unlike traditional vehicle provision the use of the GreenShareCar "ExclusiveFleet” product allows employers to provide the use of vehicles for both business and personal use without exposure to any FBT liability. This unique provision is made possible through the use of world leading car sharing technology. The ExclusiveFleet product is FBT exempt while reducing fleet operating costs and improving vehicle optimisation, and works with employees in a new and innovative way of looking at the provision of fleet and mobility for employers.

GreenShareCar CEO Paul Cummaudo knows employers will have better options in the future in managing their fleets with our technology as an alternative to company owned and operated vehicles. It takes all the pain out of a fleet (admin, FBT compliance, infringement processing, cost allocations, on-balance sheet etc.) and ensures maximum mobility at lowest cost and effort.

ExclusiveFleet provides an on-line fleet management solution for organisations which enables a unique interaction between travel modes. The system gives users options for planning business activity; in particular, it encourages active travel and lessens the need for commuting by car to work. The use of our technology allows fleet resources to be shared between corporate travel, private use by employees and the options for organisations to allow the general members of GreenShareCar to use vehicles.

The service is now in operation across Melbourne and Sydney. GreenShareCar CEO Paul Cummaudo is concerned about the impacts of the Government changes on the leasing industry and the Australian vehicle manufacturers, he said "with 25% of new car sales in Australia impacted by these announcements and many redundancies being revealed in the leasing industry, the impact to the Australian fleet economy is massive, GreenShareCar is in a position to mitigate these impacts for many Australian businesses" he went on to say "we are currently working closely with leading companies and the top leasing companies to provide our services as a viable alternative for the provision of business and private vehicle use without the impact of FBT"

GreenShareCar is one of Australia's leading home grown car sharing companies and has over 100 locations across Melbourne and Sydney alone, also currently expanding into other cities and into public sector, private and not for profit businesses with the ExclusiveFleet product. As part of the successful Roscon Group, an Australian company established for over 30 years, GreenShareCar is in an ideal position to support the Australian fleet industry at this difficult time.

Our vehicle’s even come equipped with a dedicated fuel card in each vehicle, Toll tag and includes all fuel purchases, including car detailing and maintenance service on a regular basis. Organisations only pay one monthly payment which includes all these services, resulting in substantial in-house administration cost savings for our clients.


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