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Music industry insider's one-of-a-kind vocal health workshop comes to Australia

Tuesday, 15 October 2013 11:59

Everywhere you look, singers are struggling - perhaps they start off well, but soon find themselves ensnared in an ever-worsening tangle of vocal complications, strain, and ultimately neurological and physiological damage, often reaching the point of giving up on their dream of a career in music.

Yet there are also others - a few select artists who seem to sing almost effortlessly, whose range and facility seem impossible - and throughout the years of their career, they continue to endure, somehow unaffected by the passage of time and thousands of hours of singing. How do they do it?

As unlikely as it seems, these are not super-beings who possess some profound genetic ability over us. They are no different from us at all, in fact, except for one, single, precious possession: the right information. Without fail, these artists have comprehensive access to the most advanced rehabilitative methods ever developed; techniques that employ strategies to correct both physiological and neurological issues under acute as well as chronic circumstances.

“Teaching institutions would often have you believe that singing is some elusive art,” says Torb Pederson, the vocal expeditor, researcher and industry-insider who originally developed many of these studio secrets. “But in truth, singing is just like any other physical endeavour - it requires a series of coordinated actions, where muscles and nerves allow you to perform a specific function, just like your favourite sport or any physical activity – therefore, it can be studied, analysed, and learned.”

And now, for the first time, Mr Pederson is coming to Australia. He will be partnering with Brisbane-based recording studio Tall Poppy Productions to teach his techniques to a small, hand-selected group of independent Australian artists.

He is passionate about helping struggling singers who are in danger of losing their voices to vocal complications, and in making this information available, and affordable, to those not supported by the big studios.

“I have allocated only a small block of time from my worldwide schedule to provide this training,” explains Torb. “So, this will be a very small, carefully-selected group.”

To apply to join the exclusive group workshop, visit


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