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Mintec Systems Launches Custom Software Packages To Meet The Demands Of Business

Wednesday, 10 December 2014 15:26 announces Bespoke Software tailor-made for the unique needs of companies all over Australia.

Writing for the technology website “” Vice President of Marketing Charles Var discusses “The Top Five Advantages Of Custom Business Applications.” Charles Var explains, “Businesses should always investigate the advantages of custom-made software for their all company needs. As every industry and line of work has individual requirements, each corporate group can benefit from a personalized approach to their software. While packaged software can handle typical situations, it is mass produced and not designed to handle scenarios that may be a part of your daily workload.”

Mr. Var continues, “With the advent of custom software development, applications can be designed with features that are specific to a companies' resources and built with your ultimate profitability in mind. Developed directly for your employee base, additional features will be created or modified to benefit certain departments. Software interfaces can be developed so the cost of employee training is minimal wherever possible.”

Charles Var wants his readers to understand why this is so important. “The development of customized software applications means enhanced security protection. Your software processes are private and not available for use for others in the commercial marketplace. With this in place, other corporate entities can not gain insider information or delve into your most confidential business practices.”

Meeting the need for custom-made software for the business world is Mintec Systems. Company spokesperson Mike Pratt describes their mission, “We see ourselves as a company dedicated to custom software development and software packages specifically customized for our clients. Just as your business is unique in its own way, your software should be tailor-made to function as you desire. We have the ability to make sure your new software not only functions well, but works with you so your business can excel.”

Mike wants everyone to know about their exclusive “Bespoke” software. He says, “The actual word bespoke is a term used by tailors to describe garments sewn to fit an individual. The term invoked images of high craftsmanship, as these clothes were usually quite luxurious. At Mintec Systems we use this word to describe our software packages. Like a coat made to order by a skilled tailor, our software is tailored to fit every curve of your company. Our software is personalized to meet the exact needs of your business, instead of your employees having to adapt to existing software. Once designed to fit your business, this software package is uniquely yours and not available to anyone else.”

Mike Pratt wants potential clients to know that Mintec Systems stands behind every software package they create. “We are a full service software development company. Our application analysts and architects will work closely with a client to make sure we completely understand their business goals and company requirements. Our staff undertakes projects on the basis of time and materials or for a an affordable fixed quote. As a software development company, we can also provide you with additional staff members to meet your technical needs for any length of time. Whether it is an entire team or one individual, we offer support that meets the highest levels of excellence.”

About Mintec Systems:
Founded in the year 1979, Mintec Systems and Software was created to provide customized software for business, along with advanced support and development. Since the creation of this company by Peter Clark, its resources and available technologies has grown exponentially. Mintec now has relationships and offers services clients all over Australia from its headquarters in East Melbourne.