PRESS RELEASE: 50% of Aussies never see a dentist due to cost; DentistConsultationHub is changing the way patients shop for dentists.


50% of Aussies never visit a dentist due to cost, and DentistConsultationHub is changing the way people shop for dentists.

Bangkok, Thailand- July 12th, 2021, DentistConsultationHub, a Tele-dentistry marketplace platform, has become a game-changer for consulting a dentist for various services like crowns, implants, wisdom teeth, dentures, implants, and full mouth reconstruction All-On-4.

The platform allows patients to get multiple bids from both local and overseas dentists, and it is all Free. is redefining the way people shop for dentists when facing major dental work.

Through its revolutionary multi-bid consultation platform, patients can upload photos of their teeth using a smartphone, any available x-rays, and let dentists bid on their treatment. Traditionally, patients have to contact multiple dentists, visit them and sometimes, spend up to hundreds of dollars just talking to dentists before they even begin any treatment.

“From my personal experience as a clinician for the last 30 years, no matter who is sitting in that chair, whether it’s a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a single mom of two when patients face a large dental bill, the general reaction is a disbelief,” says Dr. Allen Nazeri, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DentistConsultationHub.

Dr. Allen explains the cost of dentistry is a concern and a significant barrier to access. “It is no wonder that over 50% of the population never see a dentist. And those who see a dentist often delay major dental work,” he stressed.

When patients face a major dental problem, Dr. Allen says two questions go through their minds. They ask themselves if they need the treatment and if their price is at par with other dentists in the market?

Getting an estimate on veneers, crowns, dental implants, or a wisdom tooth extraction, for instance, is highly inefficient, very time-consuming, and often costly because many dentists charge for an office visit. Yet, patients can save hundreds of dollars per procedure. Allie. M is a patient who used the platform for shopping for an endodontist in Melbourne, Australia. “The original quote I received was $2800 for a molar root canal, excluding the cost of the crown. By simply going online and posting a treatment request, I found another board-certified endodontist who gave me a price of $2000.00. I saved $800.00, which I can spend toward my dental crown.”

The current model is broken and inefficient as patients have to contact multiple clinics to ask for the best price and find the most affordable dentist, Dr. Allen says. There’s no platform to compare and receive bids from various dentists. Every dentist gets to look at the same information and give a bid.

Dr. Allen sees this pressing concern as a two-sided problem. Clinics face unique challenges in giving dental estimates.

For the last eight years as a management consultant working with some of the largest dental groups and companies globally, Dr. Allen has observed a large influx of daily inquiries from Australians shopping for dentists. “Some clinics can receive up to 700 emails/messages a day
being managed by 30-50 people with only one subject line –– “What is the price?”

Dr. Allen adds that “giving in-office bids is generally unproductive, occupies dental chairs with undecided patients who are there to have a conversation about their options leading to low productivity for most clinics. This is where a marketplace consultation platform changes the game. By bringing dentists and patients together on a single platform, both patients and dentists communicate and agree on the fees.” Patients can shop and review profiles of dentists from the comfort of their home, and dentists can review patient information on their schedule and give a bid, without rushing to see another patient.”

DentistConsultationHub is an American technology company that launched in Bangkok, Thailand, and is accessible globally. Patients have the opportunity to shop and get free bids from both dentists at home in major cities such as Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and also clinics without incurring any cost.

Dentists pay when bidding and a transaction fee because all fees are placed in an escrow account to protect patients and dentists, especially with more extensive treatments and those traveling overseas for dental work.

Dr. Allen says his internal dentist team monitors all cases to ensure quality and standards are met, which benefits patients. This saves patients time from contacting or visiting multiple dentists. They are also protected if any dispute arises.

For dentists, they can bid only on cases they like. They get paid upfront, protected in an escrow account, and don’t have to worry about account receivables.

With nearly 70 clinics already signed up and another 80 waiting to be onboarded on to the platform, DentistConsultationHub can serve patients looking for the best dentists in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and soon will expand to some of the major cities in the US.

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A marketplace platform connecting patients to dentists. Patients can shop for the best dentists near home or overseas and received multiple bids on their treatment for free without the hassle of visiting multiple dentists, saving time and money. The platform allows greater access to dental care.