Tuesday, 04 May 2020

Australian water savings company WaterGroup is pleased to be the first to represent FLOWD smart water metering and management software at the AWA Ozwater’21 Conference in Adelaide today.

WaterGroup is an official reseller of FLOWD – a modern cloud-based platform providing class-leading sustainable water management solutions to water industry network managers.

“The functionality and user-friendliness of FLOWD will boost water savings and sustainability practices for water utilities and commercial water users,” says Guenter Hauber-Davidson, Managing Director of WaterGroup.

FLOWD cleverly integrates secure NB-IoT and other cloud-based technology to provide hardware and network agnostic solutions. It can link a variety of smart metering devices to its user-friendly cloud-based demand management dashboard.

Alarms and alerts are intuitive and easily customizable. Automatic water balancing within district metered areas to facilitate identifying leaks is natively supported.

Flowd offers the security of data and a capacity for water managers to own and control their own cloud-based data solutions.

The platform sets a new standard for ease of network data management. Integration with legacy systems is part of that service.

So too is an app-enabled customer dashboard to provide end water users with excess water use alerts and water-use data, helping improve customer service and relations.

“Using FLOWD means we can give our customers access to data across multiple devices all over the world, with unlimited scalability!” adds Mr Hauber Davidson.

WaterGroup offers 3 of FLOWD’s application-based tech offerings;

• UTILTY FLOWD– for water utility network managers, offering improved solutions for network demand management and enabling to monitor customer usage, manage water leak alerts, and customer notifications, and improve customer services and relations.

• PRO FLOWD – for commercial and institutional water user and property facility managers. It gives them access to their water usage data and leak alerts to increase efficiency and help save water and money on an ongoing basis.

• MY FLOWD – a customer portal for end-user customers or tenants of UTILITY FLOWD and PRO FLOWD, offering finger-tip access to water use data and leak alerts.

“The Ozwater’21 theme ‘re-imagining our water future’, is exactly what we were setting out to do when we decided to do develop FLOWD”, said David Langdon, FLOWD CEO.

“As part of our application development process, we studied numerous other platforms and from the outset did not try to emulate them.

“Rather, to offer a more intuitive and user-friendly service, we wanted to re-imagine our own solutions to the age-old problem of how we can all manage water more sustainably,” adds Mr. Langdon.

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