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What do the different sections mean?


The headline of your press release will be sent as the subject line of the email the journalists receive.  So make it catchy and not spammy!


The “organisation” is your company.  It’s important to type this correctly, because it’s what the journalists will see in the “from” field in the email they receive.  Try to keep this to one or two words to ensure the whole name appears in the email inbox.

Attach Logo or images

For no extra cost you can attach your company logo or a relevant picture, which will be sent to the journalists and other contacts.  Don’t attach your press release here – you do that in another section.

Note – keep your files to JPGs, PNGs or GIFs and do us all a favour and keep them under 5Mb!

Enter your Press Release

Cut and paste your press release into this section.  HINT: do NOT write your press release here.  Instead, draft it up in MS Word, get it right and then paste it into this section.

Formatting is not permitted so please just keep it as simple, plain text.  Ensure there are spaces between paragraphs.

Upload the Press Release PDF

If you’ve made a PDF of your release, you can upload it here.  Don’t upload War & Peace; try to keep your release to a single page and try to get the file size under 2Mb.


This is the hardest part of the process: you need to select the “topic” of your press release.

You can select from the drop-down menu or type in the box and look for suggestions.  You can try a few different topics to find the most accurate but you can only select one.

The “topic” refers to the topic that the journalists have been identified as being interested in.  For instance, if you’ve just genetically modified some new species of flower, you could choose to send to reporters interested in “gardening” or “science” – but you can only choose one at a time.  Here’s how:

  1. Select the topic you want to send the release to (use down arrow keys and hit enter, or click with a mouse)
  2. Click in the field and start again

Select as many topics as relevant. Ensure you ONLY choose relevant topics or you’ll be banned for spamming and probably get pummelled by the journalists (which never works out well).

Enter Your Contact Details

Enter the name and contacts of the person most likely to want to be called by the journalists for more information.  Note, journalists may not call at all.

Payment Details

Simply click here and enter your payment details.  Your card details are not stored with us.