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March 21, 2018

XYZ Announces The Launch

Of A New Collection Of Specialty Teas

Brisbane, Australia—XYZ announces plans to launch Historic ABC Tea, the first in their new collection of gourmet teas and accessories.

XYZ, a product of the ABC Coffee and Tea Company, is a charming online tea boutique where one can find exquisite, gourmet teas and accessories. The company announced today the release of their new line of specialty luxury teas. Historic ABC is the first of many lines of high end teas offered by XYZ. The company plans to launch the new line of teas on March 26, 2018 at the Teas and Mug™ event being held at the Aussie House.

As ABC Coffee and Tea Company was preparing to create a new tea line, Jane Smith CEO and Owner reached out to current customers, family and friends for ideas for a Brisbane inspired tea collection. Five teas were selected for the collection based on quality and several rounds of taste testing. Smith’s desire to add an elegant and unique element to the brand led her to Jane Doe, a local expert storyteller, tour guide, historian and author. Doe’s enthusiasm and interest in creating stories for the new project, with Smith and amazing women of history as his muse, added an exciting element and ABC Tea was born.

Each specialty tea offers a unique signature blend, as well an enchanting tale of yesteryear. Each tin features a unique story focusing on five amazing and empowered women from the city. Doe brings the stories to life as the readers are taken on a journey through his passionate art of storytelling. The Collection offers five unique blends presenting sophisticated and rousing flavours that are pleasing to the palate.

Historic Brisbane ABC Tea offers a subtle blend that is rich in flavour, romance and beauty. The high end, luxury teas are created from the finest high grown teas from around the world. The teas come in a beautiful silver tin containing either loose leaf or pyramid sachets and are refillable, adding to their value, uniqueness and keepsake quality. The teas make a wonderful keepsake, gift for the tea lover, history buff or collector. The collection is a true reflection of its namesake city representing the history, deep heritage, beauty and essence of Brisbane, Queensland. To learn more about ABC Tea or get information about the collection launch, please visit the website for more information.

Media Contact:

Jane Smith, ABC Teas™
Telephone: 04 000 000
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