Media Release checklist

So, you have completed your media release and are ready to tell it to the world. Before you click the send button, work through our media release checklist to ensure you have written the most engaging and accurate media release possible.

  1. Have you researched what newspapers or magazines are best suited for your news?
  2. Is your news relevant to your audience?
  3. Is your heading engaging?
  4. Does the lead paragraph address:
    • who
    • what
    • when
    • where
    • why
  5. Have you addressed the key benefits or values of your news?
  6. Have you considered how the public will relate to this news?
  7. Are the facts correct and have you included and checked the accuracy of:
    • spelling of names, organisations, products, job titles
    • telephone numbers
    • prices
    • dates and times
    • addresses
    • contact details
  8. Have you noted the availability of additional information, such as photographs or a media kit?
  9. Do you have a plan to track your media release?
  10. Have you briefed your contact and are they prepared to speak to the media?