The digital world is now open to everyone and businesses need websites that aren’t just good looking or informative, but also drive results. Digital Meal has one specific purpose: to build websites that are informed by branding and marketing strategy from the very beginning. The aim is to catch customers’ attention with exceptional design and high quality – much like a memorable meal.

Digital Meal offers a wide range of digital services covering all the needs of their clients. They are just as excited to work with established brands and businesses as they are with start-ups and their services are attuned to the various different needs and requirements both business types have. The keyword at Digital Meal is value and no matter where a business is up to, this is what they will bring to the table.

Website design is often at the heart of most company’s digital needs and Digital Meal offer a wide range of services to cover all bases. They offer website design, mobile website design – a must in a world where most people use their phones to access the internet – and implement UX to ensure that business websites are intuitive to their target audience. Digital Meal also offers WordPress design and development.

A great advantage of working with Digital Meal is that they also offer a host of design services. Their in-house graphic designer is more than happy to do print design as well as digital and can use clever imagery to clarify more complex ideas. Their design services also include logo design and branding as well as banners.

No digital agency is complete without marketing services and at Digital Meal, this isn’t just an afterthought – it is a significant part of a business’s online presence. Their strategic digital marketing service encapsulates SEO, Google AdWords, conversion rate optimisation and social media marketing to create a blend best suited to the needs of each client on an individual basis.

But the real cherry on the cake at Digital Meal is their full DM package. This incorporates all their services to create a comprehensive business digital strategy built from a strong foundation that connects all the different aspects of an online presence. Everything starts with a conversation at Digital Meal, and with so much on offer, they are already proving that they don’t just talk the talk.

For more information about Digital Meal, please contact Meng on 0404592506, or email him at [email protected] Please address any postal queries to Digital Meal, 11 Centaur Street, Riverton, WA, Australia, 6148 and check out their new website at