Gilani Engineering is working hard to support the needs of their clients and system partners throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. They continue to adjust daily to new information and Public Health Directives. As you might imagine, it is impossible to draw a definitive line between what is essential and what is not. Gilani Engineering is willing to work with each of you to find a way to help all who require it, so long as they can protect the health and safety of all involved. At this point, they are providing the following services:
· Delivery of the products if it can be done with no personal contact.
· Equipment rentals if they can be done with no personal contact.
· Equipment repair if it can be done with no personal contact. Equipment will need to be in a space that permits disinfection before repair. It will then be left in that space for retrieval by the customer and/or their caregiver.
· Installations if they can be done with no personal contact.
· Restricted access to their retail stores for essential needs.
· Transport services for private and NDIS funded.
· Home modification services if they are essential.
· Vehicle Modification services without any personal contact.
· Visits to hospitals and other care facilities are provided.

Their transport services aim to assist individuals who have mobility limitations to travel easier. They also provide manual and electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters for hire to the people who have different levels of ability. Their professional, experienced and friendly drivers will pick and drop their clients safely to and from where they need to be. They can offer transport to specialist appointments, health care appointments such as shopping, podiatry appointments, hospital visits, hairdressing appointments, without having to depend on family and friends.
Ray Gilani, Director of Gilani Engineering stated “It is crucial to understand from a client’s point of view the exact real life situations to be able to offer the most suitable solutions. We are a team of Engineers who are creative and understand the struggle that our fellow Australians with disabilities face. We have made it our mission to composite solutions to create different and greater abilities. Each and every product we advocate comes with our minimum 2-year warranty and full satisfaction guarantee” he further added “Me and my team are proud to know that our work and support to age care, NDIS and private sector makes a difference by improving lives and make Australian Health Care system better”
To know more about their services, visit the following link:
Gilani Engineering is one of the quality NDIS service providers.
To learn more about Gilani Engineering and learn about their mission and service you can visit their company profile at:
Assistive Equipment Suppliers Australia-About us 
And if you are in Sydney you can give them a visit at their Fairfield Height showroom
14 Smithfield Rd, Smithfield NSW 2164 
“Gilani Engineering believes that every limitation comes with multiple solutions. So if you have any access or transport inconvenience, contact us”