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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Asteroid Australia announces the first Grand Prize winner to our international contest introducing the BlockClaim™ Protocol

Perth, WA AUSTRALIA, May 2020 – ASTEROID AUSTRALIA PTY LTD. (“ASTEROID”), Congratulations to Robert B., the Grand Prize winner of a professional telescope and a Lifetime Membership to the Asteroid Society which entitles the claimant to $500 million dollars in BlockClaims™.

The BlockClaim™ Protocol allows everyone an ability to claim the vast mineral wealth on asteroids.

The BlockClaim™ Protocol uses blockchain technology to ensure that a particular claim cannot be altered. Mining claiming has always been about who claims first, which then affords that individual the right to the claim.

Brian A., Michael M., Herbert C., Greg B., Monica B., Brian T., Jarett D., Traian B., Deana C., Christina R., Melissa P., Isabelle, Eileen G., Shaneeka, Zerroug, Nguyen H. S., Peter G., Andrew, Jesse L., Elijah P., each of which has won $5,000,000 worth of BlockClaims™. Our sincere congratulations to all contestants. The contest is still ongoing until June 7th, 2020 where several other prizes will be awarded including another telescope and $500,000,000 in BlockClaims™.

Quite Frankly, it is the biggest contest in a Solar System near you!

Asteroid has provided a consistent transparent way to identify the value and the mining claim to the over 937,000 asteroids. Asteroid has created an open-sourced blockchain ledger. Each BlockClaim™ will be stored in a distributed ledger system that is tamper-proof and transparent.

Mr Bodnar, the CEO said, “Perth, Australia, is the mining capital of the world. There is not a better place on planet earth to develop a mining registry for claims”. Mr Bodnar went on to say, “The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 states that space will belong to all humankind, and no sovereignty, no nation-state, and no empire may claim it for themselves. In the last two years, Asteroid developed a significant blockchain with hundreds of billions of data points, cataloging over 937,000 asteroids and creating BlockClaims™. These have a remarkable value to humankind and each of us, or better yet, all of us, as we lay claim to space.

How may we lay claim to space?

The BlockClaim™ Protocol is modeled after the naming conventions of the internet. In much the same way that we obtain a domain for a website, a BlockClaim™ uses the Hyperledger blockchain to create an immutable distributed ledger of your individual claim. Each claim is valued at $1,000,000 USD and is stored on a blockchain, often referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology (“DLT”).

Over the past two years Asteroid sought to find the correct system topology that would handle the tremendous volume of information to be included in an asteroid claim. Each BlockClaim™ represents a fractional amount of a particular asteroid and its present estimated profit value. A sophisticated algorithm is applied to the spectrographic, radiographic, orbital parameters, accessibility, retrieval, mining, and processing concepts, which equates to the asteroids’ taxonomy and pay-back ratio, and the net present value.

Since blockchain technology was in its infancy in 2017, a robust system had to be found that would contain the information necessary within a solid and supported opensource network. Asteroid chose the Hyperledger backbone with sophisticated cloud services worldwide. This will assure each BlockClaim™ participant the security and continued support necessary.

“Asteroid believes the BlockClaim™ ecosystem will maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of using space for the benefit of humankind. A fully realised non-governmental opensource ecosystem needed to be developed”, said Mr Bodnar. “A BlockClaim™ is much like the internet of the 1990s was and is today. No government institution could have or should have control of the free flow of information and subsequent claims. Clearly, each and everyone should have the right to claim space”, Mr Bodnar went on to say.

“As we move from the Information Age into the Space Age, we need to ensure that institutions, policy, educational and social barriers do not preclude ordinary citizens the right to claim space and receive the untold benefits accordingly”, Mr Bodnar went on to say, “A free contest with substantial prizes is a wonderful way to introduce people to space and the abundance it affords. The contest goes until June 8th, 2020 whereby thousands upon thousands of people worldwide will be introduced to the concept of their right to claim space.”

A BlockClaim™ is the first important step to developing a collaborative effort and addressing shared challenges for the benefit of humankind. A BlockClaim™ will allow the geospatial community to grow.
It is not just a promotion of space for space’s sake, rather it will contribute to living life on earth through the expansion of resources and their almost infinite sustainability.

Asteroid is providing a path to a shared economy unlike anything yet achieved within recorded history. It is now possible to register a right to a claim which is, quite possibly, the most significant step we may all do to ensure our part in this, called The Final Frontier.

Simply put, if you don’t claim, someone else surely will.

ASTEROID is a space technology company using innovative blockchain protocols to deploy the BlockClaim™ ecosystem. The company’s mission is to provide a distributed ledger registration technology and make it available to all humankind. What the internet has done for the Information Age, BlockClaims™ will do for the Space Age. To learn more about the BlockClaim™ Protocol, in this new trillion-dollar market of Asteroid Mining visit the website and enter the contest: