In response to the COVID-19 crisis The Yoga Impact Charity has launched free virtual yoga classes for healthcare workers bearing the brunt during this crisis.

The Yoga Impact Charity launched free virtual yoga classes for healthcare workers on Monday 18 May and so far has had hundreds of registrations from frontline healthcare workers at Hospitals and Medical Centres.

Thanks to the generosity of The Vasudhara Foundation, The Yoga Impact Charity is sharing free virtual Yoga classes every weekday evening between 6:30-7:30 Australian Eastern Standard Time. The classes are tailored to share breathing and movement techniques to promote self regulation and calm and the feedback so far has been that the classes are helping healthcare workers to find relaxation after the end of a stressful day.

Healthcare workers can register for classes via The Yoga Impact Charity’s website at

The Yoga Impact Charity was set up in 2014 based on research that Yoga is helpful in healing trauma and improving mental health. Further information about The Yoga Impact Charity can be found at