In a time of uncertainty, when much of the nation find themselves working remotely and no longer commuting or spending leisure time outside the home, there comes a great opportunity to get back in touch with nature and spend more time in the garden.

At Hoselink, we’re trying to see the positive and want to encourage Australians to use their free time to build new connections with nature, and each other, in the backyard. We have put together some fun gardening activities for kids we hope you can make use of (see press release attached), and have a whole host of similar content we’d be happy to share with you free of charge. To access copy and imagery, please email PR & Content Manager Natalie Crofts on [email protected]

Whether you want to avoid the crowds and low-stocked shelves to grow your own food, or simply bond with the kids over a fun outdoor project, the garden presents a range of opportunities to be creative, practise mindfulness, or discover a passion you never knew you had. The benefits of gardening stretch far and wide, even proving to have a positive impact on mental health.

Now is the time to rally together and get out in the garden to grow some good!

Please download the attached PDF here: