Announcing the release in Australia of Marie Temby’s book, “Simple Soulful Successful: A Mum-preneur’s Journey to Daily Happiness through Business, Balance and Rituals.”

In 1995, Marie Temby and her husband Kym began the lifelong adventure of working with the Bakers Delight franchise in Australia. By 2000, they opened two locations, one in Mitcham, and the other in Glenelg. Over the course of their hard work, they also started a family together.
As they did their best to achieve work-life balance, they were guided by the following values: family first, passion, gratitude, health, learning, positivity, rituals, improvement, honesty (promise and loyalty), and spirituality. Managing a business can be tough, but with their priorities in place, they were able to focus on ensuring work was well organized in the interest of keeping family first. From their solid foundation, the rest of their values could flow into ongoing, daily happiness.
In this book, Marie shares the wisdom garnered as she researched and implemented her approach to paperwork, customers, staff, management, and of course, personal life. Through the holistic power of rituals, she accessed simplicity and soul, and this naturally led to success. In the hopes of guiding others to the same fruition, she wrote her story and officially began her next adventure of becoming an author.
Work and family are both important. As a mum-preneur, Marie found a way to keep love, passion, and parenthood a part of that balance. It’s not impossible. It’s a matter of effort and intention. Embrace simplicity. Express your soul. Achieve success as you see it.
“Simple Soulful Successful” by Marie Temby, can be purchased in Australia by visiting website :, it is also available for download on Amazon at:
“Simple Soulful Successful” has a 5.0-star rating on Here’s what some people are saying:
“I am a Wife, Mother and Business Owner and can relate to everything Marie shares in this wonderful read. Marie’s heart shines through every word and you can feel how much she loves her husband, her sons, her business and her employees. She leads through example and shares her journey openly including struggles and challenges which is refreshing. I love that at the end of the chapter Marie includes a worksheet to prompt you to take action steps. This is a must read for business owners at every level, especially if you are starting out. You will learn many valuable lessons to help you be successful on your journey.” – Anne

Simple Soulful Successful has practical examples for transforming both your personal and professional life from ordinary to extraordinary! – Hal Elrod. — Hal Elrod, international keynote speaker and best-selling author of “The Miracle Morning” and “The Miracle Equation”.

“I love this book! Heartfelt, helpful, and inspiring. I strongly recommend you read it – and share it with family and friends, too!” – Dr Joe Vitale, author of “Zero Limits,” star of the hit movie The Secret.
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About the Author:
Over twenty years, Marie Temby became and remains a successful multi-site bakery franchisee. She and her husband, Kym, have now been married for thirty years, raising their two sons. As the case can be for many people around the world, life was always hectic, and overwhelm was a part of each and every day.
Marie went on a search for discovery―not only for herself but for those ahead and following―to find the skills necessary for retrieving the time and balance previously in place that she so desperately wanted again. Not only did she find time and energy to accomplish what she needed and wanted to do, she found success in both her personal and professional life. Most importantly, she discovered a path to daily happiness. Her new goal is now to share this with the world.

Marie has had articles published for Business Business Business and featured in podcasts spreading her message.