Many marketers use automation for the daily tasks now. In 2020, it is not just a matter of convenience, it’s almost becoming a necessity. According to recent studies, Google is expected to earn 55.1B US Dollars in just ad revenue in 2020. This will obviously increase in the upcoming years. There are a variety of helpful tools now that can help in performing basic tasks. Not everyone can keep up with the current search engine marketing trends. Skillful humans are needed to control and create manual calibrations that ensure performance aligns with ever-changing goals.

There are not just regular searches now. Ever since the virtual assistants like SIRI and Alexa have been launched, now there are voice searches too. So it is recommended to optimize the content for voice search optimization as well. According to a survey, As of January 2020, there were an estimated one billion voice searches per month, per Alpine.AI. According ComScore, 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. This completely transforms the way people search and what type of words or sentences they use to make a search. Even though voice search matters a lot more in SEO than in SEM, but the companies should still include appropriate keywords to make sure that their page can get more traffic.

There is another technology that can completely transform and revolutionize the whole SEO and SEM industry and that is the visual search. Google Lens was introduced by Google in 2017. A Microsoft visual search tool was introduced so that users can make a search via their web camera. The users are more likely to adapt this method in the future. All the companies will have to redesign their website so that it can support visual search with all the necessary requirements and plugins.

Facebook and Google lead in the paid advertising. After both of these companies comes Amazon making it third in the ranking. Amazon is one of the major companies when it comes to revenue. Facebook and Google have other usage but Amazon’s main purpose is to just sell products. So keeping that in mind, Amazon is great platform for advertisement.
There are many companies for SEM, Consult 2 Manage is one of those companies. C2M has the capacity and understanding of different factors and models involved in search engine marketing channels. C2M not just uses pre-defined strategies but optimize the existence strategies according to the business needs.

Their SEM services include:

• E-commerce SEM.
• SMB’s SEM.
• Local Business Ads.

The Key Platforms in which C2M deals in are:

• Google Platform
• Bing Platform and Other Services
• Amazon Platform

Their expertise and services for Digital Marketing or Search Engine Marketing include:

• PPC, vCPM, or CPA Campaign Setup
• Social Engine Marketing
• Setting up Remarketing
• Setting up Dynamic Remarketing
• Setting up Google Analytics Advertising factors
• Setting up Tag Manager
• Keyword Research
• Data Layer Setup
• Key Goal and Event Setup
• Ad Banner Setup

Talha Kamal, Content Marketing Manager at C2M stated: “Search Engine Marketing is one of the efficient things now both for online selling business and offline operating business and services.” The best thing about digital marketing is that one can regularly and effectively monitor and optimize it while the campaign is running. However, for an effective ROI one has to manage their marketing strategy in the most efficient manner. Efficient digital marketing includes proper search factors and clear highlighting of end goals definition.

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