PRESS RELEASE: The Great Aussie Hearing Aid Rip-Off Solved

UPDATED: Tuesday 29th of September 2020

The hearing impaired finally get a fair go thanks to new online retailer

For too long audiologists and the big brand chain clinics have had vulnerable, hearing impaired everyday Australians over a high price barrel, but that’s all about to change thanks to a new online retailer causing quite a stir in this multi-billion dollar industry.

“We are the Uber of the hearing aid industry, here to shake things up and help boost the quality of life of ordinary Australians,” said Alastair Bacon, owner of the fledgling 100% online hearing aid supply company. In early 2020, Mr Bacon, a hearing professional with over 30 years of experience, teamed up with a leading internet marketer to launch, much to the delight of long-suffering consumers fed up with high prices.

“The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission put the industry on notice back in 2017 but sadly little changed so it was time to act and give people a better deal,” Mr Bacon said. “Because we are 100% online, we have very few overheads and we pass those savings onto consumers.”

Mr Bacon said branded top of the range hearing aid quotes can be as much as $14,000 and with one in six Australians suffering some hearing loss, expected to grow to one in four by 2050, the time is right for an industry disruptor to come along and give power back to the buyer.

“We’re excited to be doing the right thing by consumers, why can’t people simply get a great hearing aid deal?” Mr Bacon said

Why PUB Hearing is causing such a buzz:
• Only stock top of the range leading brands
• Lowest prices guaranteed
• Unrivalled 3 years warranty
• Fast free delivery
• Consumers can still use their preferred audiology clinics
• Full time audiologist on hand to answer calls and provide professional customer service

“Like all retail stores across Australia, our hearing aids come from the leading manufacturers in Europe and North America. The difference is we are 100% online, we don’t add the huge margins and sting people such as the elderly who are most vulnerable and least likely to be able to afford top quality. For us it’s about access and fairness, not corporate profits,” Mr Bacon said. is a supplier of branded, high quality, top of the range hearing aids at entry level prices. To find out more and schedule an interview, call owner Alastair Bacon or email