• Approximately 1.5% of those infected with SARS-CoV-2 may die; all people with a compromised immune system, that being the aged or those suffering a co-morbidity;
• 98.5% of those infected with the COVID-19 virus suffer either no symptoms, mild symptoms or treatable symptoms no worse than seasonal influenza;
• Government media statements noting COVID-19 deaths of younger people claim each person was healthy, but fail to clarify if they were also suffering from a treatable co-morbidity, where medicine regards such people with no obvious symptoms as healthy. These people remain at high risk to COVID-19 and must also self-isolate and protect themselves;
• Important health information is being kept from Victorians that could provide context for the small number of people that died during this pandemic at a younger age;
• Referencing young deaths may therefore be a distortion of the facts purely designed to engender fear in the population under 65 years of age so that they are more likely to comply with the current draconian and unnecessary lockdown laws;
• COVID-19 positive test numbers are largely irrelevant, as 98.5% of those testing positive will simply develop natural immunity and recover as the virus moves through the population. Recent studies by the UK based Centre for Evidence Based Medicine confirms increased COVID testing is the primary reason for increased case numbers, which have little relationship to mortality. The focus on case numbers is again designed to engender public fear and compliance;
• The primary duties of the Victorian government during this pandemic were:
o To fully protect those Victorians most at risk of COVID-19, particularly the aged;
o To correctly secure the quarantine hotels to ensure control of how the virus spread and who may become exposed;
o To effectively trace and isolate infected individuals so that they or their associates could not infect the most vulnerable, such as aged care facilities.
• The Victorian government and its advisors have been negligent, or have grossly failed in all three areas of these fundamental duties. Each refuse to accept full responsibility or honestly answer valid questions about these dreadfully fatal errors;
• The Victorian government is guilty of, and largely responsible for:
o Most of the recent COVID-19 deaths amongst the aged in Victoria;
o The many related mental health problems, family violence and suicides; and
o The destruction of small & medium businesses in the State.

Patrons of Chiropractic Science demands that the Victorian Government and its senior health officials cease distorting facts, stop blaming Victorian non-compliance for the increased positive testing numbers, and assume full responsibility for the aged care deaths and the current economic damage.

Simple facts: it is critical and more effective to isolate and protect the high-risk groups, effectively quarantine return travellers, but cease the illogical isolation of the vast majority of the population who are not at risk as the virus naturally circulates, and allow them to recommence working to save many businesses and initiate economic recovery.