Australia, 22 May 2020: Australian-based jewellery exporter Colonial Gemstones is aiding Colombian mining families severely affected by COVID-19.

Colonial Gemstones, an Australian-based jewellery exporter, has committed to helping over 100 Colombian Emerald mining families severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Muzo, the ‘world capital of Emeralds’.

The closure of mines under quarantine restrictions has left miners without income, with many unable to obtain basic needs. Colonial Gemstones is initially aiding these families by providing vital resources such as food and personal hygiene products but have bigger plans to help the struggling community survive, through creating opportunities for new industry and obtaining additional work.

Colonial Gemstones Founder, Mauro Carvajal, said: “It has been devastating to see the impact of the pandemic on my people in Colombia. One of the main purposes of our company is to drive and promote humanitarian initiatives like this and ensure the wellbeing of our people and the community. Right now, they need our support more than ever.”

Mr Carvajal left his home country 13 years ago but said that “distance cannot separate Colombians when in need of support”.

Three Colombian Colonial Gemstones representatives and one representative from ACODES, a gemstone industry body, are distributing the vital resources to the mining families. The local mayor of Muzo has also provided help to cooperate with the initiative.

“It is our goal to create more jobs and opportunities for Colombian people by introducing and promoting travel and tourism,” said Mr Carvajal. “But for now, we will continue to support emerald mining families in Muzo that are experiencing hardship and hope to provide them with some much-needed relief.”

For more information, please contact POPCOM Director Amanda Lacey at [email protected]