Getting The Right Style For Your News Release

Professional news releases have a conventional layout style that prompts what information should go where. An editor who receives your news release should be able to instantly know what the document is and where to find particular elements, such as contact details. A professional news release not only adds credibility to your news, but to you and your organisation.

  • Aim for 500 words of text organised into five paragraphs of two to three sentences.
  • Always use third person.
  • Keep the headline to eight words or less.
  • Capitalise only the first letter in the headline, except proper nouns such as the organisation’s or individual’s name.
  • Never use all capitals, with the exception of FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE or EMBARGO.
  • Do not use and or %. Spell out.
  • Spell out abbreviations, such as ‘street’, ‘Victoria’ and ‘Queensland’.
  • Never use underline.
  • When in doubt, refer to the newspapers and magazines you are communicating with.

Spelling reminder

Spelling and grammatical mistakes can mar the credibility of an otherwise professional news release, especially the misspelling of a name or phone number. It is best to run the news release past two or three other individuals as a safety net.