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3 June 2016

Harbour Bridge Turns Green For St Patrick’s Day


Sydney, NSW – Following the success of last year’s inaugural St Patrick’s Day event on the Harbour Bridge, the Bridge is once again teaming up with the Sydney Irish Club to bring you the city’s biggest St Patrick’s Day celebration.

On Saturday 17 March 20xx, this all ages event will take place on the Harbour Bridge’s foreshore.

Irish Australian Association Chairperson Paddy Sample said he was expecting a huge crowd of more than 10,000 people to take part in the day.

“Last year the inaugural event was a huge success and we think it will be even bigger this year,” he said.

“It’s already starting to establish itself as an iconic day on Sydney’s calendar.”

The festivities will commence at 10am where revellers can enjoy traditional Irish food and drinks, as well as live entertainment by a range of cultural and contemporary musicians and dance groups.

There will be live music performed by a number of bands including The Irish, Potato and Guinness and The Catholics, and dancing by the Sydney Academy of Irish Dance, Paddy McPad Pad and many more. Comedian Jimeoin will be the MC on the day.

Attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Irish culture and have a go at Irish dancing and Gaelic Football. There will also be face painting and games on offer for children.

“It’s a brilliant time for all those who are Irish, or want to be Irish, where you can enjoy a day of culture and entertainment,” Mr Sample said.


The Sydney Irish Club is the longest running association of the Irish in Australia bringing the community together for over 40 years. The association runs a range of events for the Irish Australian community aiming to spread Irish culture across Australia.

Contact information:
Jo Sample
[email protected]
0400 000 000

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