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March 18, 2018

John Smith Books Announces the Release of Historical Book “”


Brisbane, Australia– John Smith Books are proud to announce the debut work from Markus Jacob, “A View From The Top”, available Good Friday, 30 March.

“A View From The Top” is a compelling account of how the first Aborigines arrived from South East Asia 40, 000 BC. Jacob’s book covers the journey it took the group of people who ventured the ocean crossing from South East Asia and eventually landed to the vast land of Australia. “A View From The Top” tells the story of evolution of migration for survival.

With Holy Week around the corner, the release of this book is well timed for history buffs to dig deeper and relive Australian history.

“This book tells the story of Australia’s humble beginnings of our land and its first people,” said author Markus Jacob.

Markus Jacob will be conducting a book tour through Australia in April:

7-9 April Melbourne
9-10 April Adelaide
10-16 April Melbourne
16-19 April Sydney


Markus Jacob is an Australian novelist whose works of historical fiction examined class, race and gender in colonial and contemporary Australia. He started out as a History professor and started his works and career as a writer in 1995.

Contact Information:

Markus Jacob, author “A View From The Top”
[email protected]
M: 0404 111 111

March 20, 2018

Sports Marketer Releases Book, “Put Fans in Line!”


Brisbane, Queensland—Culled from 20+ years’ experience in driving attendance and revenues for sports and special events, sports marketing veteran, Jane Smith recently released her first book.

The book features ten essential marketing tactics to not only put fans in stands but also to drive revenues. The book is useful for event owners, promoters, colleges and universities and sports leagues.

The face of sports marketing and promotion has dramatically changed as fans have options to experience sports not just in person but remotely and often far removed from the venue. Sports event owners as well as colleges and universities are challenged to make the sports event more
attractive to attend. No longer are sports events just about sports.

Jane Smith, sports marketing veteran and author, addresses the challenges facing many sports teams, leagues, municipalities, and colleges in her new e-book, recently released on Amazon, “Put Fans in Stands! 12 Essential Marketing Tactics to Increase Viewers and evenues.” The e-book is directed to event promoters, managers and agents by providing ten tactics for consideration in the long range planning of how to win back fans and their money and allegiance. “Put Fans in Line!” offers tips for attracting fans, spectators and participants to a one-time competition or special event.

Case studies, tips and resources are introduced to educate the reader of how best a series ofwell-developed tactics can produce a long lasting and impactful marketing strategy. Smith refers to the current marketing trends and practices as “Living in the Age of Recommendation’’ where prospective fans can become lifelong fans with some referring, coaxing, personalized promotion, and the opportunity to share their experience with their community and followers.”


Jane Smith is a verteran sports marketer with over 20 years of experience in her field. During this time Jane has worked for some of the biggest marketing agencies and is a credible and respected voice in her field.

Contact Details:
Smith Sports Marketing, Inc.
Jane Smith
E: [email protected]
T: 040000000

March 21, 2018

Author John Snow Wants to Teach Kids How to Care for Animals


Brisbane, Queensland — Author Jon Snow’s new book being released on the 3rd of June 2018 by ABC Publishing International, “The Adventures of Dogs – The Rescue,” aims to teach children how to look after animals to aid in development of vital skills.

Inspired to write because of his grandchildren’s love of books and he and his wife’s love of fostering animals, the book introduces children to fostering a pet and tells a story of the rescue of a lost puppy.

“I hope that when a child sees a stray dog or cat, that they think about the story and how the puppy, Mr. Pupples, was found and saved,” says Snow. “Once a child finds a stray animal, their next step is to immediately get an adult involved.”

An avid dog-lover who with his wife, Jane, has fostered about 50 dogs over a period of 5 years, Snow is retired and cherishes their two dogs that they had originally fostered, and a cat that had been a stray kitten. He says fostering animals from your local animal shelter is a good way to keep them from being euthanized.

“Pets are great companions. Not only are they fun to be with, they can help you get exercise,” say Snow who enjoys taking his dogs for walks with his wife. “And, who loves you more than your dog?”

“I think children will love this beautifully illustrated story with a great message about pet care,” said ABC Publisher Jane Smith.

You can purchase “The Adventures of Dogs– The Rescue” at It sells for $16.95. Snow says he has written two more children’s books with the same two characters. They will be released at a later date.


Jon Snow retired after a long career in sales, marketing and advertising. He lives with his wife, Jane, and their two and one cat. Together, Snow and his wife, have three children and four grandchildren.

Press & Media Contact:
Jane Smith, Publisher
ABC Publishing International
0400 000 000
[email protected]