Business Awards Template


{Company/Employee} Wins {Award Name} Awardfor {Year/Month’s} Top {Category}


{City, State, Date}{Company/Employee} was presented with the prestigious {Name} Award on{day} for outstanding {Category/Accomplishment.} {Company/Individual} won the hotly contested prize over other nominees such as {other nominees.}

The {Name} Awards Ceremony has been a tradition within {Place} for the last {number} years. {Brief background of award’s history and summary of ceremony.}

{Quotation from presenter about this year’s award, expressing excitement over result/turnout/morale, etc.}

Last year {Company/Individual} took home the award along with {additional bonus,} but this year {Winner} beat out {number} other contestants due to {Company’s/Employee’s achievements and reasons for winning.}

{Quotation from Company executive congratulating individual/organization for winning.}

{Boilerplate about winning Company/Employee.}

Contact Information:

{Company Name}

{Contact person and his/her info}


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