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3 June 2016

{Company Name} Needs To Pay Its Fair Share In Taxes


The {chamber of commerce} is calling for the {level of} Government to change the rules and stamp out the kind of tax avoidance {Company} will get away with for nearly {eight} years.

The oil and gas giant admitted to the {Senate Corporate Tax Avoidance Inquiry} in {city} on Wednesday it won’t pay tax until 2100 – this despite {Company Name} having not paid tax on its {$100 billion} earnings in the last {number} years.

{Company Name} must not be allowed to avoid paying its fair share of corporate tax while its making record revenue from Australia’s natural resources and engineering pay cuts for {number} oil maintenance workers.

“The Government needs to get tough on foreign nationals that dig up our resources and ship them offshore along with huge sums of money,”{chamber of commerce spokesperson}  Jo Sample said.

“Instead this Government bends over backwards to let them in and looks the other way when it comes to paying the bill to {country} and fairly rewarding {someone}.

“For over 1000 days {Company Name} has {something} because {whatever the reason is}.”

“The rules need to change so that {someone}can benefit from the natural wealth of their country – not just foreign companies like {Company Name} that {does something}.

{Company Name} needs to pay its fair share and stop ripping off {whoever they are ripping off},” Ms Sample said.

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