Charity Project Completion Sample

March 20, 2018

Charity Completes Ambitious Building Programme In Brisbane

Brisbane, Queensland—16 volunteers have successfully completed a challenging building project in in order to improve the living conditions of impoverished children. The 11 day programme was the third and most significant of its kind run by The Brisbane Project, a charity founded in 2001 and based in Sydney, in partnership with Jane Doe.

Volunteers carried out repairs on badly damaged houses in Tasmania to create better living conditions for families and ensure that they are insulated from extreme winter. Brisbane experiences extreme weather variations according to the season; temperatures can drop to -30 degrees in winter but were nearing 40 degrees during the project.

The volunteers, who ranged in age from 20 to 70 and were from a variety of backgrounds, worked tirelessly in the heat and forged strong relationships with the families they worked with. The group included 3 Companions and 1 volunteer from Jane Doe, a charity which supports ex-homeless people to become independent.

The ambassador to Brisbane, John Smith, said “Such projects really do show Australia at its best making a real difference to the lives of its people.”

The materials for the building project were fundraised by supporters of the charity and the volunteers through a programme of events including sponsored runs, and ‘buy a brick’ initiatives in schools.


The Brisbane Project was founded in 2001 and has been helping improve the lives of children and families in poverty ever since. The project has garnered significant support from the community with over 150 volunteers joining the program to date.


Jane Smith, Director
The Brisbane Project
[email protected]