Organisation Templates

Internal Organisation Announcement Template


{Name} Makes Eagle Scout


{City, State, Date}{Name}, a member of the Boy Scout Troop # {number} and a resident of {City}, has earned the honor of Eagle Scout, the highest rank that the Boy Scouts offers. Only 3 to 4 percent of Boy Scout members ever attain this prestigious honor.

{Name}, {age}, of {School}, achieved the 21 merit badges required to receive the Eagle Scout award. For his final project he {description of project and the way it helped the community}.

{Quotation from Boy Scout thanking volunteers/family and expressing excitement}.

A ceremony honoring {Name} will take place on {date} at {time} in {location}. Family and friends are welcome to attend.

{Boilerplate about the Boy Scout organization, its mission statements and what the local troop has done for the community.}.

Contact Information:

{Troop Number}

{Contact person and his/her info}