Advances in web hosting technology and decreasing cost of solid-state hard drives set to allow Australian businesses to increase the speed and reliability of their websites without blowing their budgets.

Allowing disk access up to 100 times faster, with self-healing, high availability cloud-based infrastructure, VPSBlocks new offering of VPS (Virtual Private Server) Cloud Hosting with SSD (solid-state-drives) is surprisingly affordable.

“For comparable prices to regular Australian VPS hosting, we can provide a solution to Australian businesses that provides vastly increased speed and reliability.” Will Kruss, CEO of VPSBlocks – the Australian web host to offer the new technology.

“Most Australian websites are still using shared hosting where their site has to compete for server resources. With added services such as our managed migration service, our solution appeals to all website owners regardless of technical level, and to those who have already made the switch to VPS or dedicated servers but are looking for something faster and more reliable.” Kruss said.

While other web hosts often up-sell their clients to dedicated servers to achieve larger profit margins, VPSBlocks focuses on customer satisfaction, ensuring all their clients have the redundancy of failover technology, ensuring services continue even in the event of a catastrophic server failure, and SSD hard drives with raid technology also protecting clients even in the event of multiple HDD failures.

Unlike dedicated servers, Cloud VPS solutions are remotely scalable, allowing clients to increase their RAM, CPU and HDD resources as their website grows with just the click of a button and are self-healing in the case of physical hardware or software failure.

By providing Australian based servers with SSD and 10GB networking, at an extremely competitive price, VPSBlocks has removed the traditional speed bottlenecks for Australian websites. SSD drives operate up to 100 times faster than the fastest SAS disk drives and for websites with databases or back-end processing, this will mean a substantial performance improvement.

Failover technology means in the event of a physical hardware failure any services on that physical machine are automatically and immediately migrated to another physical machine, turning what was traditionally hours of downtime into mere seconds.

VPSBlocks also offers an affiliate program, allowing customers or web designers to earn 10% commission for the life of any customers they refer. This could result in yearly payments of well over $100 for referring a single client.

“It’s fantastic to be able to bring innovations like this to small business at a similar price level to traditional hosting environments. We’re proud to be launching a world class service here in Australia where historically we have struggled to keep pace with the US.” Kruss said.

VPSBlocks ( is an Australian owned and operated business providing VPS Cloud Hosting with SSD. They can be reached at 1300 839 448.


For further details regarding this press release please contact Will Kruss on (03) 8352 4440 or email [email protected] .

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