Sydney – May 19, 2020

The wait is finally over for health-conscious, active Aussies wanting to achieve hydration naturally.

B-fit, a unique certified organic, plant-based hydration drink features naturally occurring electrolytes sourced from the finest ingredients.

Created with the health conscious in mind, B-fit aims to bridge the gap between those seeking peak hydration, along with the natural goodness of consuming a plant-based product.

Lightly sweetened with pure agave nectar and manuka honey, B-fit’s nutrients are sourced from coconut water and botanicals and feature no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives.

Lee Holmes, a leading Australian nutritionist says, “Staying properly hydrated is one of the often-forgotten ways to keep the body functioning well inside and out. Without adequate hydration, fluid balance and temperature are affected, joints and muscles can become inflamed and nutrients cannot be properly delivered.

“B-fit is the perfect option for anyone seeking a delicious and replenishing drink that ticks many nutritional boxes. With its unique blend of ingredients, it’s a smart choice for aiding performance and supporting energy levels.”

Responsibly sourced, B-fit is low in sugar and delivers nutrients via organic plant-based ingredients that complement every fitness, health and wellness program.

Available in three flavours, Dragon Fruit, Lemon Lime and Mango, B-fit can currently be purchased at Caltex stores Australia wide, with plans to roll out distribution at selected grocery stores and gyms in the coming months.