New Zealand’s Adulttoymegastore is set to become the first adult retailer in New Zealand and possibly Australia to roll out completely recyclable and compostable packaging.
The sex toy business delivers more than 1500 packages a day around the world and now their packaging will be eco-friendly too. Adultoymegastore has teamed up with R3pack and changed supplier to dump bubble wrap and other materials which are hard to recycle. Instead they’ll use compostable bags and packaging that is recyclable.
Like R3pack Adulttoymegastore is proudly New Zealand owned and operated. Adulttoymegastore delivers more than 14,000 products around the world. Their warehouse is one of the largest for sex toys spanning more than 3,500 square metres.
“This is a big step for us but we’re proud to be doing it,” Adulttoymegastore owner Nicola Relph says.
“We wanted to walk the talk and show that even when sending out thousands of packages a day, all around the world, you can still do the right thing and put the planet before profit.”
“We’re also looking to be the first adult retailer in Australasia, and potentially the world, to set up an adult toy recycling programme. We want to lead the way, as New Zealand businesses often do, to make a difference.”
Adulttoymegastore’s new packaging is in certified compostable courier bags that break down in your home compost.
In late October, ATMS began a trial and then surveyed customers to see how they felt about the new packaging. Customers were excited about the packaging changes.
• 96% said they noticed the new packaging was environmentally friendly.
• 84% said they cared that the packaging had changed.
• Of those – 65% said they loved the new packaging and 25% said they liked it.
Adultoymegastore has switched to Geami Eco Wrap which is made from sustainable forestry paper. At the end of its use, it is fully recyclable and compostable providing two solutions for the end user.
The R3pack compostable courier bags ATMS is switching to are both home and commercially compostable. They’re made from cornstarch PLA (a renewable and sustainable resource as they can grow and be harvested in one season) and other biodegradable materials such as PBAT (a biodegradable thermoplastic).

Melbourne, 20 February 2020: Gordon Jenkins, Business Growth Expert was engaged by MEDIQ twelve months ago with the goal to drive growth across all areas of the organisation. This week the Melbourne-based professional services firm has become the latest to joined NASDAQ listed Focus Financial Partners.

“Twelve months ago, we set out on a journey to elevate MEDIQ’s growth” said Gordon Jenkins, Executive Coach.

“There were three key challenges facing MEDIQ. Firstly, extending the offering without disruption to the exceptional client servicing. Secondly to introduce a culture of ‘can do’ across every aspect of the business. Thirdly, creating a team for now and the future. The outcome was ‘simple’, deliver a firm that moulded the intrinsic motivation of the individual, with client goals whilst delivering on the firm’s aspirations.”

“Underlying the success of all three challenges was our unconventional approach. The traditional approach to growth undertaken by professional services was turned on its head and this has been the cornerstone to exceptional high growth, implementing best practice high performance processes and attracting the best of the best people.”

Ravi Agarwal, Founder of MEDIQ has credited Jenkins with being pivotal to the success of the agreement with Focus.

“The engagement of Gordon Jenkins by MEDIQ to create a structure that facilitates succession planning and sustainable consistent growth has been pivotal in the agreement between MEDIQ and Focus.” Said Ravi Agarwal,

“Collaborating with Gordon has amplified our success over the past 12 months. His experience in driving growth, questioning why and pushing the boundaries whilst staying respectful to our history and heritage has been energising, unconventional at times, authentic and fun. His approach in attracting Paul Pun, one of new partners, sums up the difference Gordon has made to the business.”


About Gordon Jenkins

Gordon Jenkins is an authority on visibility and unconventional business growth. As an executive coach, accomplished entrepreneur, speaker and author of Network with Purpose, he helps entrepreneurs and professional’s breakthrough their plateau to achieve sustainable business growth and personal life goals. His intention is to facilitate growth that aligns with an individuals’ values and strength so they achieve success that is meaningful to them

Gordon’s success and that of his clients stems from the strong belief that it’s okay not to conform to the system, it’s refreshing to be different, and that being a square peg in a round hole is a good thing. He is a supporter of the underdog and his purpose is to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary and meaningful outcomes every day.

For more information about Gordon, please visit

email: [email protected]

About MEDIQ Financial Services

Founded in 2010, MEDIQ Financial Services (“MEDIQ”) offers integrated wealth management and medical practice strategy services exclusively to medical professionals and their families. MEDIQ’s comprehensive service offering includes accounting and taxation, financial planning, investment management, legal services, insurance, lending, and medical practice advisory. MEDIQ’s highly qualified team of specialists works with clients through a collaborative approach to address clients’ needs holistically and comprehensively. For more information about MEDIQ, please visit

Attached image: Executive coach Gordon Jenkins

Thousands of Australian women have enthusiastically joined a waitlist to be one of the first to get their hands on the new release from X50, today revealed as an all-in-one inner beauty booster – feel fresh from the inside out. While the Gold Coast based, X50 team expected the new FRESH TEA to be well received, expectations have been well and truly exceeded…

 more people on the waitlist than Fresh Tea available
 retailer demand in anticipation of the launch has required a 200% increase in the X50 dispatch team
 on track to sell out within a week of Monday’s launch

So, what is this X50 Fresh Tea you ask…. Well-known for their natural green tea energy and metabolism-boosting drinks, X50 has gone the next step with this latest release which features a stellar line up of superfoods. Meet X50’s FRESH TEA, starring key ingredients:

DEEP SEA ATLANTIC MARINE COLLAGEN known to have more bioavailability to boost skin, hair and nails
VITAMIN C essential for synthesising collagen and an important ingredient known to aid immune system function
CHAGA & LION’S MANE MUSHROOM to help improve gut function
CURCUMIN an antioxidant that can reduce inflammation
BROCCOLI SPROUTS for its good digestion and cleansing powers

FRESH TEA is a hydrating, inner health and beauty drink with a subtly sweet berry taste. Fresh Tea is packaged in the ever so convenient and travel-friendly single-serve sachets that X50 is famous for. Perfect to throw in your handbag, desk drawer, overnight bag (for those sleepovers at your significant others’ place) or to take with you when you travel. Don’t let being away from home stop your health and beauty regime.

To enjoy, all you have to do is mix the sachet with chilled water, it’s that easy to make every sip count.

X50 FRESH TEA has already proved itself with glowing feedback from customers. The trial team included long time X50 customer, Nikkita who was amazed at how quickly she saw results “I have noticed a difference in my nails! They grew so long in just a short amount of time. I can’t wait to get a full box! The taste was FRESH. It’s delicious and could be used alongside Green Tea X50 as it’s a much more delicate drink.”

The obsession is real from X50 customers who can’t live without the convenience, taste and how it makes them feel. So much so that even big-named influencers post about X50 products organically to their millions of followers, like Sarah Magusara who said:

“Still a long way to go but big thank you to @greenteax50 for helping with the bounce back! P.S. this is not a sponsored post, just thought I’d share what actually worked for me #4monthspostpartum”.

And avid beauty bloggers and influencers have given X50’s FRESH TEA the seal of approval and will be involved in the launch. Tune into the likes of Tina Yong, Lily Brown, Lauren Wheatley and Nadine Mueller to see what they have to say.

X50’s Fresh Tea will be available from 24 February 2020 online at and nationally at all Australian Sports Nutrition, Go-Vita, Nutrition Warehouse and Vitamin King stores. Samples and taste testing available in stores too.

– Ends –

About X50:
At 10 years young, X50 continues to grow and is now sold in more than 26 countries having bases in Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, UK and EU. X50 making every sip count since 2010.

Press Kit including product available upon request.

Media Contact:
Rebecca Trinder
[email protected]
0415 118 006

20 February 2020

Geelong, Victoria: Oh Crap continues to reach milestone after milestone, as the sustainable dog-poop bags prove to be a hit with furry friends and their owners.
At first, Oh Crap reached the one million bags milestone. Then, five million. Now, with over 15,000 customers and a partnership with RSPCA, this eco-conscious company has continued to change the face of waste by surpassing yet another milestone and saving 8 million plastic dog poop bags from landfill since it’s formation.

When the company was formed, its aim was to educate the masses on the damage that plastic poo bags are causing on our environment. With the universal shift towards plastic-free products, such as straws, bags and fast food waste, the founders of Oh Crap realised that dog owners were oblivious to the effects of their plastic dog waste bags. With 1.2 tonnes (1200kgs) of waste produced every day by more than four million Australian dogs, this was not a number that could be ignored. Up to 4% of landfill is dog poop, poop in plastic bags that will take thousands of years to break down

Oh Crap’s dog poop bags, made from cornstarch, are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. In comparison to traditional dog waste bags, Oh Crap’s corn starch bags are gone in three months. So Oh Crap and the #OhCrapFamily of dog users have saved the earth from 8 million plastic bags (twice the population of Australia’s dogs!) which would take thousands of years to break down, creating a lasting impact for future generations.

Here’s what Bruce, the founder of Oh Crap, had to say about their newest milestone :

“To think that we have helped to save 8 million bags from sitting within our earth for thousands of years is overwhelming. With 4 million dogs in Australia, that’s equivalent to 2 for every dog! We started with a goal to change the face of waste, and I am so thankful that so many loyal customers have joined us on this journey to make this a reality. Here’s to more milestones and less plastic waste!”.

The customers certainly love Oh Crap – all you have to do is look at the Oh Crap social media streams to see how much the people (and four-legged friends) using Oh Crap bags love their non-plastic poop bags!

The Scoop on the Poop Bags
The bags compost in 3 months, 100%, completely disintegrated!
The plastic alternative technology is cornstarch!
Oh Crap Dog Poop Bags last for 18 months plus when stored in cool dry conditions.
Oh Crap Compostable Dog Poop Bags start from $12.99 AUD

Eight-million bags and counting – thanks to Oh Crap, their conscious customers, and of course, their furry friends.

About Oh Crap

Oh Crap, founded in 2014, is on a mission to eradicate the 4% of landfill that is dog poop wrapped in plastic bags that will never break down. Oh Crap is “changing the world one poop at a time”, selling single-use compostable dog poop bags that break down & compost in 3 months to the public, retail and local councils so dog owners across Australia can make sustainable, earth-friendly choices for their dogs & our community as a whole.

Oh Crap is at:

For more information: Bruce Hultgren, Founder of Oh Crap. (Chief Crapologist)
Phone: +61 1300 36 24 76. Email: [email protected]

Anybody who believed that the predatory and unacceptable practices uncovered by the recent Royal Commission were simply “historical” in nature were simply mistaken. However, St Kevin’s proves that these practices are entrenched and current in some institutional cultures. This nation’s children are still not safe.

“If we are serious about keeping kids from remote communities safe, we need to have a national Indigenous Cultural Boarding Standard,” states Anthony Bennett, Chairperson of Indigenous Education & Boarding Australia (IEBA).

‘It is hard to believe that in 2020 there are no specific standards to keep Indigenous boarding students safe. This is despite the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and recommendations by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Indigenous Affairs.’

How do parents know that the school, teachers, boarding staff are going to look after their children professionally, keep them safe, look after their health, respect their culture and provide them with the education to meet their child’s needs?

‘For children in boarding parents would expect that there are standards to care for their health and well-being, to support their specific learning needs, to communicate with families and very importantly, to recognise their cultural needs’ states Mr Bennett.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families are placing their trust in organisations and other people to care for their children. These students are among the most vulnerable. English is often not their first language. Big cities are foreign places. They have no voice against authority. They often present with trauma and highly complex needs.

The evidence to date suggests that if organisations are not culturally intelligent and don’t provide genuinely safe environments for Indigenous students, family are far more likely to remove their children from those educational settings and the student will not be able to take advantage of the educational opportunity offered in a boarding setting. However, if students are culturally strong, it follows that academic outcomes will be enhanced.

IEBA has committed to lead the development of a National Indigenous Cultural Boarding Standard starting at the 2020 National Indigenous Education and Boarding Symposium in Geelong, Vic, from 17-19 March ( IEBA believes the Standard will provide guidance and require boarding schools and residences to demonstrate safe and positive outcomes for students, give confidence to families their children are being supported and provide assurance government and industry stakeholders.END

Indigenous Education & Boarding Australia was launched as the trading name of Boarding Australia in March 2019 to support Indigenous students in boarding. Our vision is that all Indigenous students attain educational outcomes that enable them to be successful in their future choices.
For further information or interviews please contact:
Anthony Bennett, Chairperson – M: 0401 123 192 E: [email protected]
Greg Franks, CEO – M: 0426 629 847 E: [email protected]

Australians with sight loss have taken action after Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced: “Australian tourism is facing its biggest challenge in living memory”. This month, small groups of blind and low vision community members from all over Austalia, have just returned from short sensory breaks on NSW’s Northern Rivers and Queensland’s Fraser Coast, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

The travellers have been supported by Cocky Guides who have been delivering more inclusive tourism experiences to enable blind and low vision community members discover a passion for travel.

“My holiday to Byron Bay was one of the best I have ever had. It’s also great to have done my little bit to help other Australians that rely on tourism for jobs” said Margaret Shanahan, a first time traveller with Cocky Guides.

Cocky Guides founder James McFarlane said “We have presented some of Australia’s most popular destinations to our blind and low vision travellers throughout February and embraced Tourism Australia’s ‘Holiday Here This Year’ campaign. Our itineraries always have focused on sensory tourism; however, we enhanced our products to ensure we visit more small family-operated businesses like farm gates and cellar doors. We also select attractions that employ locals.”

“So far this year, we have visited Byron Bay, Nimbin, Surfers Paradise, Noosa, Montville, Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island. Next month I am very excited to lead our travellers on a short break to South Australia, exploring the Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale and the Fleurieu Peninsula” James McFarlane said.

Guide Dogs Australia estimate over 450,000 Australians are now living with sight loss. The past 12 months, around 300 blind and low vision Australians have experienced many of Australia’s famous tourist sites and destinations without sight with Cocky Guides.

Cocky Guides run regular Sensory Short Breaks to more than ten destinations across Australia, showcasing diverse locations like Tropical North Queensland, the Snowy Mountains and the Red Centre. As a creator of tactile and sensory adventures, Cocky Guides deliver fun small group tours with enriched sensory enjoyment for blind, low vision and sighted guests.

You can find out about upcoming experiences online at or by calling 1300 657 640.


For further information: please contact James (Buck) McFarlane at [email protected] or call 0403 827 666

Cocky Guides, a finalist in the 2019 NSW Tourism Awards, specialises in providing unique, multi-sensory adventures for the blind and low-vision community. For over ten years, our leader James (Buck) McFarlane, has delivered experiences for travellers all over Australia for many of the world’s leading travel brands. Now, complete with successful field testing and positive traveller feedback, Cocky Guides aim to be the leading support provider for social and community participation within the blind and low vision community.

For more information visit

The new go-to place for DIY window furnishings has arrived in Australia, run by two brothers with a long lineage in the curtain and blind industry.

The Curtain & Blind Company is built on over 45-years of industry experience and provides
premium on-trend DIY curtains, blinds and shutters.

Director of The Curtain & Blind Company, Elliott Woolf says the launch of the new company presents an exciting opportunity to provide showroom quality products to the whole of Australia.

“We’ve previously operated exclusively for the Perth market so the opportunity to offer our
impressive product range to all areas of Australia was too good to pass up,” Mr Woolf said.

“We’re in a really special position which combines multi-generational experience, locally
manufactured curtains and a passionate team.

“It’s important our customers have a great experience from the moment they
measure their windows to the moment they’re admiring the finished product.”

The Curtain & Blind Company can provide real-time price updates depending on the size of the window and aims to make the process as simple as possible with video guides and tutorials.

Mr Woolf, who comes from an advertising background has partnered with his younger brother
Rhys to drive the new company forward into the new era.

“We both come from unique backgrounds, which I believe makes our service unlike any other.
We try to keep everything in-house, which allows us to problem solve and innovate much faster and more effectively,” he said.

The Curtain & Blind Company has also combined with local and international partners to offer the most on-trend styles.

“We’ve handpicked the best of the best, so a customer will have access to unbeatable selections across the range of curtains and blinds. And if they’re not sure we offer five free samples.”

“We’ve also partnered with Norman Shutters, the global leader when it comes to interior shutters.

So our customers know they’ll be getting the best quality shutter at PVC prices.”

The Curtain & Blind Company
1300 301 368
[email protected]



Contact: Sharon Muscat
Sister2Sister School of Singing
[email protected]


Castle Hill Singing School, Sister2Sister School of Singing, shared the stage with Delta Goodrem at the Fire Fight concert in Sydney over the weekend.

Sydney, NSW: On Sunday 16th February, 2020, 23 huge acts joined the stage to raise funds for the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) fund, whose aim is to support rural, regional and remote communities around Australia that have been affected by bushfires this 2019/2020 season. The Sister2Sister School of Singing choir and directors were invited on stage to sing hits including the iconic “We Are Australian” with Delta Goodrem at the Fire Fight concert at ANZ Stadium in Sydney.

The 10 hour outdoor concert was hosted by Celeste Barber and saw Australian and International superstars take the stage to provide an amazing 10 hour show to excited fans, which raised more than $9.5 million in much needed funds. Delta Goodrem was one of the headlining performers, and she invited the Sister2Sister School of Singing choir, or “Squad” and directors to participate in her performance. The Sister2Sister Squad, a talented and vibrant singing and dancing group, provided vocal support to Delta for three of the songs in her set, including “We Are Australian”, “Born To Try” and the moving song penned during the bushfire crisis, “Let It Rain”.

Sister2Sister Directors and vocal educators, Sharon and Christine Muscat, also took to the stage and provided back up vocals for the entire performance with Delta. Their relationship with Delta Goodrem stretches back to the late 90’s, as Christine explains. “We met Delta at the ARIA’s in 1999. We always kept in touch and began singing backing vocals for her in 2009. It’s very rare to work with someone for that long in this industry but as local Hills girls, we all share a very similar work ethic and values towards our work. We are so blessed to have shared the stage with her for so long. She has really become an Australian icon over that time”- Christine Muscat.

Sister2Sister School of Singing was established in 2004 by ARIA award winning sisters, Christine and Sharon Muscat. They had two top five hits “Sister” and “What’s a Girl To Do” and have enjoyed successful careers in the music industry. Their passion for singing led to the opening of their highly regarded Castle Hill singing school which offers tuition in not only singing but dance, drama, musical theatre and various musical instruments, as well as development of their acclaimed “Squad”.

The Sister2Sister Squad is an elite performance troupe that attend Sister2Sister School of Singing. Sister2Sister Squad members are individually mentored and developed by industry professionals in all facets of singing, dancing and media performances to achieve their potential in the world of entertainment. The Sister2Sister Squad are regularly invited on stage to support local events around the Hills District, such as the Hills Council Citizenship ceremony, and have enjoyed performing at Bella Vista Farm. They are not strangers to large scale events, sharing the stage with Guy Sebastian and the Voice finalist Jordan Anthony, as well as performing half time entertainment for the Parramatta Eels at Parramatta stadium. The S2S Squad have been invited to sing with Delta in the past, as choir in her 10 Year “Innocent Eyes” live recordings, but the opportunity to sing with Delta in front of a full stadium at such a high profile and globally televised event was a once in a lifetime experience they will not soon forget.

“Seeing their little faces beside us on the stage just beaming in front of 70,000 people as incredible. They were just so excited, nothing could prepare them for the energy they were about to take on from a crowd that large. It’s very overwhelming” – Sharon Muscat.

“We were just so thrilled that Delta was willing to extend her trust in us, to our students too. Sharing the stage with her and them will be a highlight we’ll never forget” – Christine Muscat.


SYNDEY, 18 February 2020: Over 5000 years of history is hard to argue with; yoga is good for you. That being said, so is Gin, in moderation of course.

Sydney Yoga Collective is all about creating balance in your life. They have partnered with Manly Spirits Co. & Distillery to bring you that balance. Because sometimes yoga and gin are exactly what you need.

Perfect for beginners, occasional yogi’s or serious contenders, Sydney Yoga Collective offers a weekly Gin Yoga session at the distillery for your drinking pleasure, every Sunday 12-1pm.

The major points:
– Sydney Yoga Collective offers GIN YOGA at the latest hotspot; Manly Spirits Co. & Distillery
– No Oms and No Hippie – a relaxing and deep stretch yoga technique coupled with a dram
– Gin provided with your ticket, extra available as needed

For more information and a timetable visit
Contact Amanda Lacey on 0418448570 or [email protected]

Backpacker Job Board, Australia’s leading employment marketplace for backpackers, has announced a new service designed to help bushfire hit communities find the help they need to rebuild.

On 17 February 2020, the Federal Government announced that it will allow backpackers to undertake both paid and volunteer disaster recovery work in bushfire affected areas, and that this work will count towards the ‘specified work’ needed to extend the 417 and 462 working holiday visas for a second or third year.

On the back of this news, Backpacker Job Board will offer a free service that will connect willing backpackers with bushfire-affected communities. Visitors will find this under a new Disaster Relief category at Backpacker Job Board.

Matt Heyes, the founder of Backpacker Job Board, announced the service today:

“We’ve heard from so many individuals and organisations, both foreign and local, who’ve been wondering how they might be able to help with the recovery effort. In launching this new service we hope to introduce skilled, able and willing workers to these devastated areas.

“Backpackers are the perfect human resource for such a situation. They’re willing and able, they’re spread across the country, and many feel a deep and genuine desire to help out. We welcome the Government’s news, which means that backpackers will be rewarded with the opportunity to extend their stay.

“As part of this new service, we’ll be offering employers from bushfire hit areas free use of Backpacker Job Board, and we’ll be upgrading every one of them to our premium service.”

Farmers and residents of bushfire hit areas can post an ad on Backpacker Job Board advertising a vacancy and detailing the job requirements. Advertising is free for victims of the bushfires, who will receive applications from willing candidates, and will be able to pick those who best suit the task at hand.

The Government has also announced changes to the maximum length of employment, with Alan Tudge, Acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, stating:

“These hard-working Australians have been hit by the recent bushfires, but from today they can employ backpackers for six months longer, helping them at a critical time in the recovery effort.

“It means working holiday makers can help rebuild homes, fences and farms, they can get onto properties and help with demolition, land clearing, and repairing dams, roads and railways.”

Approximately 300,000 working holiday-makers travel to Australia every year, contributing $3.4bn to the economy.

About Backpacker Job Board

Launched in 2010, Backpacker Job Board ( is Australia’s leading employment marketplace for working holidaymakers. The site is free to use for backpackers, who can register an account, upload their resume and apply for job vacancies throughout Australia. Employers – be they large businesses, small farms or Australian families – can post adverts detailing open roles. Backpacker Job Board boasts a huge database of willing workers, with over 7,000 new backpackers registering each month.

—- END —-

For publishers:

If you require further information, or comments, branding assets, images, etc., contact Matthew Heyes via [email protected]

Key points from the Government Announcement are:

> The time a backpacker can work with the same employer has been extended from six months to 12 months for those assisting with bushfire recovery efforts through a change in policy.
> The definition of “specified work” will be revised for the Work and Holiday Maker (subclass 462) visa, to ensure construction work in a disaster declared area is captured. This is consistent with existing arrangements for Working Holiday (subclass 417) visa holders.
> Paid and volunteer disaster recovery work in declared areas impacted in the recent bushfires will count towards the “specified work” needed to apply for a second or third year 417 or 462 visa.