Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation is encouraging the Australian public to change up their fishing this Gone Fishing Day, set to celebrate fishing across Australia on Sunday 9th October 2022.

Fishing is about experiences – the sense of adventure, exhilaration, and freedom that comes from being in and around Australia’s incredible array of waterways. Over time, we will come to have our favourite fishing spot or technique that we return to time after time.

However, nothing can beat the excitement that comes with new experiences. Whether it be exploring new rivers, lakes or stretches of coast for the first time or chasing a new target species. It’s the journey to the unknown, full of anticipation, that keeps us coming back.

For those fresh to fishing, the sense of new experiences comes every time you look over your rod and tackle for those first trips. For experienced anglers, the sense of new experiences come with challenging your routine. Consider yourself a freshwater angler? Try a trip to the salt? Like to target fish on fly? Consider a spin reel. Love fishing in rivers and creeks? Swap it out for a trip to the beach with the surf tackle in hand.
Make this year, the year that you challenge yourself to broaden your horizons and explore a new part of the wonderful world of fishing and waterways we have here in Australia.

If you’re a fishing group, club, fishing family, group of mates, plan to get out and try something different with your fishing this year for gone fishing day Sunday 9th October.

Don’t forget to share with the fishing community nation wide on your socials, and be part of something bigger and share your changed up fishing widely; use #changeupyourfishing #newexperiences #whatsyourroutine #GFD22

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5 August 2022

Be a Proud Carbon Warrior

The Frame & Truss Manufacturers Association of Australia congratulates the Albanese Government and all those who supported the passing of the country’s first climate change legislation in more than a decade yesterday.

This is a great first step, but now the real work must begin.

We thought this was the perfect opportunity to promote our Carbon Warrior Policy, 4 Steps Towards a Greener Future, and explain how timber plays a vital role in the fight against climate change.

The built environment account for nearly 40% of global energy related CO2 emissions, but by taking simple steps, such as using more renewable materials like wood, the built environment can significantly help reduce carbon emissions and help tackle climate change.

To explain further how timber can help Australia meet it’s emissions target, we have recorded and released the latest F&T Time Podcast episode, titled Be a Proud Carbon Warrior, featuring FTMA’s Marketing Coordinator, Nikita Gentle.

In the podcast, Nikita Gentle provides examples of real policies from around the world, including from Denmark, the number one ranked country in the 2021 Climate Change Performance Index. These policies are making a difference and helping cut emissions within the built environment.

This is not about recreating the wheel but, instead encouraging the Australian Government to look overseas for inspiration on how to create and implement strategies for a sustainable built environment using renewables that store carbon for life.

Yesterday’s Bill means nothing without urgent climate action, which starts with recognising the role timber has in addressing the climate crisis.

Be a proud Carbon Warrior and choose renewables.

F&T Time Ep.5: Be a Proud Carbon Warrior! –

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To discuss further please contact:

Kersten Gentle, FTMA CEO, 0418 226 242
Nikita Gentle, FTMA Marketing Co-ordinator, 0428 600 552

Approval of a 500MW/1,000MWh grid-scale battery places the Lithgow region at the forefront of the move to sustainable energy solutions and lays a platform for major private sector investment in the area.

WALLERAWANG, NSW 2845 – 5 August 2022. As Australia focuses attention on the path towards decarbonisation, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment has approved Greenspot’s proposal for a 500MW/1,000MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to be built on the site of the old Wallerawang Power Station near Lithgow. Obtaining development approval for the estimated $400M project is considered an important step forward in NSW’s energy future, as it positions the project as one of the most advanced of its kind in the State at a key strategic location.

The former thermal coal power station at Wallerawang hosted two 500MW generators immediately prior to its retirement in 2014. The Wallerawang 9 Battery, with an approved dispatch capacity of 500MW, can play a critical role addressing the reliability constraints of renewables such as wind and solar and stabilising the electricity grid.

“The Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone is expected to unlock 3 gigawatts of wind and solar generation by the mid-2020s,” said Greenspot CEO Brett Hawkins. “We have secured an approval for a major energy storage project here at Wallerawang which can play a role in making that a reality. We intend to team up with leading energy market players to move through the grid connection, financing and construction phases and ultimately to operation in the National Electricity Market.”

The project was approved as part of the NSW Government’s Priority Assessment Program, which accelerates the review of State Significant Development Projects that are expected to create economic activity and provide substantial public benefits.

Following on from decades of operation of the power station’s generating units 1 through 8, the BESS will be known as ‘Wallerawang 9’. It continues the region’s rich heritage and honours the role Lithgow has played in meeting the nation’s energy needs. It is the first project to be approved as part of Greenspot’s plans to transform the 620-hectare site into a multi-use precinct including an employment enterprise area for a range of industries.

The battery will connect to the adjacent 330kV Wallerawang Substation, which facilitated the transmission of coal-fired electricity generation prior to retirement of the power station. Leveraging this proximity to the high-voltage transmission network is one of the site’s ‘core enablers’ for industry. The site also boasts access to major road and rail transport infrastructure, significant existing and proposed water infrastructure, and proximity to high-integrity data networks. The combination of these enablers makes the Wallerawang site highly competitive to attract the business investment needed to propel the local economy forward.

“The greater Lithgow region has contributed to powering NSW for nearly 70 years. The Wallerawang 9 Battery is a signal of the significance of the area’s potential contribution in the future,” said Hawkins. “At the same time, as we adopt new energy technologies and move towards a net-zero future, it is critically important that strategies are implemented to attract a range of new businesses to the area. Targeted collaboration between the private and public sectors, and community groups, will be essential in ensuring that intergenerational employment opportunities continue to be available here in Lithgow.”

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For media enquiries: Brett Hawkins / /

About Greenspot
Greenspot Wallerawang Pty Ltd (Greenspot), a privately owned NSW group, was established to acquire and repurpose property assets, primarily from the fossil fuel industry. The company works with communities, government, Traditional Custodians and other key stakeholders to optimise economic and social outcomes in the transition to a circular, sustainable energy economy.

Dr Ken Byrne
Corporate Psychologist
0419 182 227

Corporate Psychologist Warns
of Expensive Hiring Mistakes

Melbourne, Victoria

Australian businesses are on the edge making some very expensive mistakes. “With an acute labour shortage, it is tempting to conclude that ‘Anyone is better than no one. This can be an attractive but fatal trap” said Dr. Ken Byrne, a Corporate Psychologist with over forty years’ experience.

Dr Byrne says that “Companies hire people for what they know. Invariably they fire people for who they are.” Experience counts more than character. Apparent skills trump integrity.

Hiring mistakes are extremely expensive…more than most people realize.

In his new book, Seeing Behind the Job Applicant’s Mask Before Your Hire he provides clear, easy to read solutions to the challenges of attracting and selecting the best employees. Dr Byrne hopes that this will fill the gap caused by owners and managers having little formal training in how to hire staff.

Recent Research Findings

LinkedIn surveyed 5000 recruiting professionals from 35 countries. They found that “89% said that when a new hire doesn’t work out, it’s because they lack the critical soft skills”. And by soft skills they mean people skills.

They conclude that most interviewers have no objective way to assess these skills.

“Unless someone has the character and values for your business, they pose a high risk of becoming a problem performer.” says Byrne. When times get better, these are the people you will dismiss…unless you’re forced to fire them sooner.”

The Cost of a Hiring Mistake
Several studies put the cost of a hiring mistake at two to three times the annual salary. Having closely observed hundreds of hiring mistakes, Dr. Byrne estimates the cost can be as high as six times the annual salary.

Some costs can be calculated. At a minimum these will include:
• Advertising
• Time invested in reviewing applications,
• Effort and time in conducting interviews
However, according to Byrne, “The biggest costs are invisible. Consider the potential damage to your reputation, or the impact on your customers and other staff. What is the cost of damage to your corporate culture, or stress on the manager who has to supervise a marginal performer?”

Most insidious – and difficult to measure – is the opportunity cost. “Where would your business be if you had hired just an average performer who didn’t cause you problems?” asks Dr. Byrne.

Byrne notes that every hiring decision is an exercise risk assessment. “What is the cost of being sued, either by the employee for unfair dismissal, a fellow worker for bullying or harassment or a member of the public who alleges harm done by the employee?”

A Solution is Available
Dr Byrne wrote his book to offer practical solutions to the problems every business face when selecting staff.

The book describes:

• The single most important – and rarely asked – question to begin your search
• The Five Inevitable Problems in every hiring process
• Twelve High Value Strategies for attracting the best candidates
• Steps in designing a foolproof selection process
• Two powerful and essential questions for every applicant
• How to make the final hiring decision.

His book is readily available from Amazon.

For more information, including case studies, contact Dr. Byrne on 0419-182-227 or by email at Learn more about him at


Dr. Ken Byrne has been a Corporate Psychologistic in independent practice for over forty years. As an advisor to businesses wanting to hire or promote staff, he has been directly involved in over 3000 of these decisions. His clients have included ANZ, Coles Myer, Telstra, The Walt Disney Company and Tattersall’s as well as a range of small to medium sized businesses. For over 25 years he served as a consultant to many Australian police and public safety agencies.

Australia is home to an aging population. With this comes an increased burden of care on the healthcare and aged care systems to look after the welfare of older and more vulnerable members of our community.

Released today, the August issue of the Australian Health Review(link is external), the Australian Healthcare and Hospital Association’s peer-reviewed journal, has a strong focus on aged care and how we can best care for people as they enter their final stages of life.

This issue features articles, perspectives and a policy reflection that examine recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and their effects on the aged care sector as a whole and for those who live in residential aged care facilities.

‘The Final Report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety was handed Down last year and has provoked much-needed discussions over the state of Australia’s aged care system,’ says Australian Health Review Editor-in-Chief Dr Sonĵ Hall.

‘The Report calls for an integrated healthcare system, connecting acute, primary, aged and disability care in addition to funding and workforce reforms. Health policy research in these key areas is, and will continue to be, vital in the planning and delivery of services that fit the needs of this growing area of our population.

The Editorial, questions why if we know that real leadership is crucial to drive a culture of safe, quality, person-centric care then why has there been a lack of emphasis on excellence in leadership in the implementation of the Report.

‘A policy reflection in this issue on considers the future of our aged care system in light of this Final Report, and how learning from those with lived experiences, involving them in service design and delivery and supporting them to provide patient leadership will help improve outcomes that really matter to patients and their families’.

The principles of patient leadership have wider implications beyond aged care and while seen as a new idea in some parts of the world, have strong roots in Australian institutions. The feature perspective calls for the embracing of consumer-led health policy by genuinely engaging with consumer representatives in leadership roles beyond involvement and consultation strategies.

This issue of the Australian Health Review also highlights timely pieces on COVID-19 care, health funding reform and includes three microeconomic papers as well as articles on oral health, workforce planning and quality and safety in healthcare provision.

Operating for over 100 years, Bega Cheese Limited (Bega Cheese) is a leading Australian dairy and food company, with an ambition of being The Great Australian Food Company. Bega has manufacturing sites across Australia and has been focussed on bringing great Australian brands back into Australian ownership.

In late 2020 Bega Cheese transformed the Australian food market through their acquisition of Lion’s Dairy and Drinks (LD&D) business, expanding their branded foods portfolio, manufacturing and distribution infrastructure.

The acquisition brought together the manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of iconic brands such as Big M, Dare, Pura, Dairy Farmers, Farmers Union, Masters, Yoplait, Juice Brothers and Daily Juice.

The acquisition required the technology transition to be completed within a 12-month window. Bega required the acquired Lion Dairy and Drinks applications, data and processes to be transitioned into their existing or expanded infrastructure. Furthermore, the acquisition principles were based on an application and data separation, with core infrastructure remaining with the seller.

For Chief Information Officer of Bega Cheese, Zack Chisholm, this project presented both challenge and opportunity – given the integration was to occur whilst both Bega Cheese and the LD&D business were fully operational and required minimal business disruption. Complexities included replacing remote site hosting infrastructure, transition of core business processes and systems, deploying new cloud infrastructure, and the migration of previously Lion hosted desktop and cloud-based applications to the Bega Cheese network. On the other hand, a number of opportunities presented, and the LD&D business was able to modernise a number of core-platforms.

SXiQ was approached as a key partner to support the migration and integration work for core applications. In addition, this partnership led to the successful infrastructure migration and transition of 31 physical sites performing production, distribution and administration duties, ensuring minimal disruption to the business operations of both the LD&D and the Bega Cheese businesses, within the required completion time of 12-months.

SXiQ, together with the Bega Cheese IT team developed a plan which was underpinned by some core principles to ensure the migrated and integrated systems, performed equal to or better than the state they were in prior to the acquisition, these principles included:

• Minimal business disruption to customers, suppliers and the team
• Cloud-first, avoid building long-term tech-debt
• Move to end-state as quickly as possible, where possible
• Take a phased approach, removing the shock of ‘big bang’
• Drive cost-efficiency to help the acquisition case realise synergy benefits

From the moment SXiQ was selected, the clock was ticking with the risks and pressure to deliver were high.

SXiQ partnered with Bega Cheese on end-state design, migration planning and ultimately execution for significant parts the program, with the scope encompassing:

• Migration of mission-critical applications, databases and their associated backups
• Modernisation of numerous applications, delivering improved system performance and security compliance
• Implementation of a prod and non-prod AWS accounts and Landing Zone to house all LD&D workloads, which also included the implementation of a continuous integration and continuous deployment toolset and workflow built on Cloud Formation, Ansible, Jenkins and GitHub
• The migration of remote site systems from 31 physical sites across almost every state and territory in Australia, which included 13 production sites
• Integration of mission critical applications and users into Bega Cheese’s core security and identity platforms
• Cloud cost optimisation strategies to ensure intelligent and efficient consumption of cloud resources to support the newly acquired business
• Uplifting the cloud ops team to ensure Bega Cheese IT incorporates true DevSecOps into its core capability supporting this new platform

A project of this scale, complexity and duration required strong governance so both Bega Cheese and SXiQ immediately mobilised a joint Integration Management Office (IMO) with both leadership, architecture and project teams. The IMO and project teams proactively ensured transparent, efficient and closely integrated delivery of the program, amid the fast-moving BAU landscapes. In parallel, delivering timely, meticulously coordinated organisational change and communication ensured the successful wave-by-wave activation of systems. This also meant employees were well supported in an emerging One Bega culture, so team members were aware, prepared and assisted through the changes, resulting in positive experiences.

Fast forward 12 months with the entire scope delivered, we share a proud time to reflect on the success, particularly the minimal disruptions to either the Bega Cheese or LD&D businesses, despite the project running during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The outcome; SXiQ, with Bega Cheese IT brought to life a historically significant technology transition, and in doing so was a key partner supporting the uplift of core applications. This has created a significantly improved position to enable highly automated cloud platforms for the Bega Cheese business which will accelerate innovation cycles, grow a cloud DevSecOps operating model for Bega Cheese IT and deliver rapid results with better outcomes. Simultaneously, this further aligns and enhances the overall Bega Cheese cyber security posture and ongoing cybersecurity capability.

Bega Cheese commented that they selected SXiQ based on its technical capability, strength in cloud and datacentre technology.

SXiQ CEO John Hanna said, “our experts executed deep analysis, strategic thinking, and detailed planning to ensure the successful migration of Lion to Bega Cheese’s existing infrastructure.”
“By uplifting infrastructure, cloud management tooling and practices, SXiQ has enhanced management of Bega Cheese’s cloud assets, improving consistency, security and reducing time to deploy cloud infrastructure in the future.”

SXiQ said the project was completed in 12-months delivering meaningful improvements to application performance and systems availability.

For further information please contact

Kiara Bergan
Marketing Manager, SXiQ
P: 0466106994

Say hi to Arkhi, Stead Lane’s new brand.
For more than nine years, leading Queensland agency, Stead Lane has delivered stellar digital and eCommerce solutions. On June 30, the agency launched its new brand, Arkhi.
“We’ve always specialised in digital. Over the years, we’ve built up a reputation for stand-out eCommerce,” says Flynn McFarlane, Arkhi CEO.

“To us, Arkhi truly represents who we are today, what we do best and what we want to be known for—that’s leveraging our clients into authentic online growth.”
Fostering a supportive and positive workplace was foundational to the rebrand.

After reviewing internal culture and operations, the agency set out with a strong vision and partnered with branding agency, Firme, to develop a new brand look and feel.

“The name, Arkhi, is actually inspired by the ancient inventor, Archimedes,” says Flynn.

“He was an incredible mathematician who helped the world understand the power of thelever—a simple yet game-changing tool capable of leveraging great masses.”

“Archimedes’ work on leverage is the concept that inspires us as an agency. Firme, being as good as they are, took this vision and dreamed up our clean yet bold brand look”

With the new brand now live, the team at Arkhi look forward to offering even more value across their services including digital strategy, eCommerce and digital marketing.
To find out more about Arkhi and to see the brand in action, visit

*Strategy. eCommerce. Digital marketing.*

At Arkhi, we believe quality digital leans into the authentic potential of your brand. It carves order from chaos. It unlocks dormant opportunities. And when the time is right, it leverages your brand for growth where it really counts.

Our clients are busy growing across fitness, health, clothing, apparel, lifestyle, food, beverage, construction and aged care industries. As Queensland’s 1st Shopify Plus Partner, we’re proud to back our clients with high-performing digital strategies and evolving tools.

// Strategy
– eCommerce Strategy
– Brand Strategy
– Campaign Strategy
– Data & Analytics

// eCommerce
– Development
– Design & UX

// Digital marketing
– Paid Campaigns
– Creative & Content

Australia’s leader in blind and low vision group travel, Cocky Guides, will be hosting the Sensory Tourism & Gold Crest Explorer Expo on the NSW Central Coast at Ibis Styles, The Entrance, from Sunday, 11 September 2022, to Tuesday, 13 September 2022.

Cocky Guides has created a purpose-built accessible tourism business for blind and low-vision Australians, offering fully immersive and engaging sensory experiences to more than 50 destinations across the country.

The founder of Cocky Guides, James (Buck) McFarlane, says, “Our goal is to inspire blind and low vision Australians to take that next step towards a new adventure. We’ve organised the best in the business, Tony Giles – blind author and independent traveller who has travelled to 130 countries across all seven continents. We’ll also learn what inspired Hailey Brown, founder of VacayIT, to launch a travel platform for blind travellers.”

The Sensory Tourism & Gold Crest Explorer Expo also showcases many accessible local tourism businesses. Tour operators like Broken Bay Pearl Farm, Girri Girra Aboriginal Experiences, Central Coast Surf School, Gosford Regional Gallery and Edogawa Commemorative Garden take part in one of three different itineraries to explore the Central Coast. From the beach to the bush or the burbs, Cocky Guides deliver experiences for participants’ preferred choice of activity level.

The event begins with a coach transfer from Sydney on Sunday, 11 September 2022, followed by a day of social interaction, guest speakers, panel discussions and a 3-course dinner. On day two, travellers can select from one of three itineraries and experience NSW’s accessible Central Coast based on the travellers’ preferred activity level – relaxed, classic (moderate) or active. Day three is an expo format with guest speakers to share more about services in sensory tourism and independent travel.

The complete program is now available online. Only limited spots are available, and registrations close on Friday, 26 August 2022. Learn more and register today at

Earthworker Construction Co-operative are crowdfunding to create alternative employment in coal-reliant regions and build a network of worker-owned co-ops committed to sustainable enterprise throughout Australia.
The Melbourne-based co-operative will initially offer 100 percent union plumbing, carpentry, and labour services. They aim to eventually also offer worker-owned construction labour-hire in the commercial sector as well as scale up to provide eco-friendly home construction and renovation.
Earthworkers pilot project was the establishment of the Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative, formerly Eureka’s Future, located in the LaTrobe Valley. It is Australia’s first worker-owned factory, making renewable energy appliances and components.
The Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative is “part of ensuring a just transition for communities affected by the move from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy”.
On their website, the Earthworker Construction Co-operative states: “We believe…the problems of climate change, job insecurity and growing inequality must be tackled simultaneously through greater grassroots economic ownership.”
With a plan to crowdfund, they have joined forces with sister co-ops Redgum Cleaning, Earthworker Energy, Co-power, Hope Co-op, and Earthworker Smart Energy with a mycause fundraising page.
Page creator, Zane Alcorn, put the page live in June. With just 22 donations, the group has already fundraised almost $4,000 and are targeting $10,000. Funds raised will go towards accounting processes and equipment to get started.
The groups also aim to create alternative employment pathways for “communities facing structural disadvantage and discrimmination”. The Earthworker Cooperative vision is for “dignified jobs, local community empowerment, and a healthy environment.”
For any media enquiries please contact Deborah van Raay on 0418 659 145 or

FSC has announced the launch of its Queensland office, located in Riverside Centre at 123 Eagle Street, in the heart of the Brisbane CBD.

FSC is a multi-disciplinary design, engineering, project management and environmental consultancy. FSC has a fresh approach to engineering and is proud to be a people-first company. Our team are experienced in small and large projects, and are brought together through shared passion for sustainable, safe project planning and delivery. Our team is results-driven, bringing technical excellence, practical outcomes, collaboration and innovation to projects.

In launching the Queensland office, FSC has appointed a principal, Niall Keown, as Queensland Manager. Niall is an experienced project manager and engineer with experience managing complex projects at various stages. Niall has returned to Brisbane recently after a stint in Melbourne where his experience included senior contractor and client-side roles on major infrastructure projects.

Since launch, the team has recruited two local engineers to join FSC and won work on some major local projects including Brisbane’s Cross River Rail and the Garth Prowd Bridge upgrades in Noosa.

This announcement comes as FSC has signalled its intention to diversify its geographic locations further, with Sydney also firmly in its sights. FSC has continued to grow its existing service lines with total staff numbers across FSC Group now 70.

FSC looks forward to the Queensland team’s growth and success.