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Super Newcomer Outperforms Industry Funds

Superestate today announced investment option performance for the last financial year. This outcome is a major achievement for Superestate on its mission to bring diversified residential property investment to the forefront of super investment strategies.

“The benefits of a diversified property strategy was highlighted during the COVID-19 market downturn” says Grant Brits, CEO at Superestate. “whilst financial market were experiencing record volatility and downturns our property portfolio remained stable and continued to generate positive returns for our members.”

This news comes in the wake of the fund launching a new low – fee investment option last year, offering lower fees than all of the Industry Fund MySuper options Superestate has outperformed in the 2019/2020 financial year.

Despite near global economic collapse, Superestate’s investment strategy has risen to the top with all three investment options boasting positive returns for FY2020;

Growth Property +2.27%
Balanced Property +0.97%
Balanced Essentials* +0.84%
* low fee option

Comparatively, the incumbent default MySuper products have seen somewhat lacklustre results;

SunSuper -1.69%
QSuper -1.14%
Rest -1.05%
Hesta 0.00%
Australian Super +0.52%
CBUS +0.75%

Launching in 2018, Superestate has made it possible for all Australian’s to invest in residential property through their super. This is a brand-new investment strategy no other super fund offers, with successful returns proving that Australia’s largest asset class, residential property, should not have been overlooked.

For further information or to arrange an interview with Superestate CEO Grant Brits, please call or email Katie Mazzoni on 0431 238 714 or [email protected]

MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA, 15 July 2020, a patent-pending Australian made solution to
changing and drying on the go will make its’ debut on the crowdsourcing platform,
Kickstarter, in the coming weeks in an effort to fund its first-ever garment run of the
Melbourne made product.

Bianca Rodriguez, the inventor and CEO of the Australian based start-up, Clover, has
prototyped the garment over two years after a request from her young daughter made
her look for a better solution.

“The idea behind Clover is to give people back their privacy. The crux of the problem
was discreet top and bottom changes. I was tired of struggling and seeing other
people struggle, especially those with young toddlers running around, trying to get
changed with some modesty”, Mrs Rodriguez said.

The ‘Clover’ design solves a collective problem that men, women and children face anytime
they need to change without available private space, and with social impacts such as
pandemics where fitting rooms are shut down, solutions for privacy may become a
greater consideration.

The garment which has been created out of unbleached natural fibres offers the added benefit of absorbency but is still lightweight to enable a fashion-forward, wearable design good enough to wear to and from the beach and pool.

The Clover extends itself to any situation where discrete changing is required, and will
be particularly handy for surfers, dancers, gym enthusiasts and any activity where
changing clothes is required.

“I want the Clover is to give people a reason to believe and look forward to the future.
The Clover is good enough for the world stage, and our locally made product puts us
on the map for innovative thinking, ethical design and resourcefulness, to work in with
the talent we have inside our own communities”, Mrs Rodriguez said.

To find out more about the Clover and own one of the very first garments available, join
the Kickstarter fundraising page .


For further media information contact:
Bianca Rodriguez
[email protected]
0410 575 867
Kickstarter URL:

Background Information:
Clover is a startup Melbourne based leisure garment label, that focuses on the ‘Clover’
a patent-pending, Australian made garment, designed for easy and discrete top and
bottom changing.

3D Organon|Medis Media is a multi-award-winning software company specializing in medical and healthcare education. Medis Media created 3D Organon, a cutting-edge anatomy learning platform, available for Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), Augmented Reality (AR), desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
3D Organon proudly serves the global market. Its extensive knowledge-base of anatomical definitions is available in 15 languages: English, traditional and simplified Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, Georgian, Polish, Portuguese, Latin (terminology), Russian, Ukrainian, French, Dutch, and Thai.
3D Organon apps are well established in over 50 countries and have got thousands of downloads across all platforms. Hundreds of prestigious institutions, such as universities, hospitals, military units, associations, museums, libraries, and high schools are using 3D Organon for teaching and training.
3D Organon outstrips its competitors. Not only is it the first of its kind, but it is also the most advanced Extensive Reality (XR) anatomy platform. Our prime solution — 3D Organon VR Anatomy — is the world’s first fully-featured VR and MR anatomy software. It is also the winner of five technology innovation awards and three mentions. It has been featured in keynote speeches of the chairperson of HTC, Cher Wang, and the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. It has been highlighted by leading publications such as Huffington Post, Forbes, Scimex, SBS, Futurism, and others.
3D Organon applications unfold high-detail 3D models, covering more than 10,000 anatomical structures organized in 15 body systems, and over 550 detailed animations of body actions of muscles and organs.
With the multi-user, cross-platform module, 3D Organon is inspired to become a game-changer in medical education. This module enables educators to host immersive real-time virtual rooms for students to suit in-campus or remote delivery of anatomy teaching. Away from the classroom, students can access the whole knowledge base of 3D models, images, animations, and definitions on their own devices for self-directed study from home. The 2021 edition of 3D Organon features four different environments, microscopic anatomy models, clinical anatomy USMLE-style quizzes/formative/summative assessments, cadaveric images, AR mode, bone landmarks mapping, slicing tool and many more.
Dr. Athanasios Raikos and Dr. Panagiota Kordali are the founders and directors of 3D Organon|Medis Media. Both are qualified medical professionals and academics who are teaching anatomy in the highly ranked medical school of Bond University, Australia. DeepQ, the healthcare department of the tech giant HTC, is a strategic partner of 3D Organon and has the exclusive distribution in the Asia region.
3D Organon applications can be downloaded through 3D Organon’s webpage and major software marketplaces such as the Apple Store, Windows Store, Oculus marketplace, STEAM, Viveport and Side Quest.

For more information, please contact 3D Organon at [email protected]

Bee Dee Bags Announces the Launch of NaturalPak


Wagga Wagga, NSW – Australian owned and operated Bee Dee Bags Pty Ltd is reaching for new heights with the launch of NaturalPak, a new player in the world of environmentally friendly, compostable and sustainable food packaging industry. NaturalPak was established in 2019 and has been in development and finally officially launched on the 9th of June 2020.

Bee Dee Bags believes NaturalPak will be able to assist Australian businesses in the fast food and take-away industry to transition to products that are an alternative to non-recyclable single use plastic food packaging and join the movement to make our world a better place to live in.

NaturalPak’s select range of compostable packaging products is ethically sourced from managed plantations of sustainably grown trees (FSC), made from rapidly-renewable plant resources (PLA) and sugarcane pulp. NaturalPak’s range was carefully selected to ensure that products are not only environmentally friendly but also durable, strong and industry tested to make sure that the range is not just keeping the planet clean, but is a functional, convenient and an economic choice for each and every business in the takeaway food industry.

The General Manager of Bee Dee Bags and Creator of NaturalPak, Mr Cain Gawne expressed his vision for the company: “We are committed to increasing awareness of the opportunities each and every one of us can take by choosing Natural. Bee Dee Bags has been in a prime position to witness the adverse impact that fossil fuel made single use packaging is causing to our environment, and we just had to be part of a solution. We want to drive change in food packaging and transition towards a circular economy. The takeaway food lifestyle is growing and growing and so too is the eco-conscious customer. So, we have introduced a range of food packaging products that will provide a positive impact on humanity, by using materials that are certified and made from renewable plant resources. Since 1974 our partner company Bee Dee Bags has made its mark on the world of retail packing specialising is custom printing and design. NaturalPak’s aim is to bring the same sales expertise along with our knowledge of the packaging industry to the world of single use food packaging and give each and every business the same opportunity to experience the power of branding without sacrificing our environment”

NaturalPak has initially teamed up with some well-known brands in the food packaging industry, such as BioPak, to work as part of a collective team to advocate for environmental and sustainability change for the fast food industry. When asked about his decision to team up with other suppliers and distributors, Mr Gawne explained that: “Environmental change is something that we, as a nation, need to tackle together. If we can find a way to work together and unite for the sake of our environment and creating a world that we would all be proud to leave for our children, then I think we can make a significant impact and advocate for real change in the food industry.”

Contact Information:
Bee Dee Bags Pty Ltd
Holly Gray – Marketing Liaison for NaturalPak
7 Norton Street, Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650
Tel: 02 69717221
Email: [email protected]

Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Canberra, Australia
July 13, 2020

Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan

On July 12, the armed forces of Armenia attempted to attack, using artillery, in order to seize positions in the direction of Tovuz district along the state border between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The attack of the enemy forces was prevented by retaliatory measures. As a result of the combat, three servicemen of the Azerbaijani army were killed and four were injured.

This provocative act of the Armenian armed forces should be seen as a continuation of the recent actions and statements of the leadership of aggressor state Armenia, which serve to increase tensions in the region.

Armenia, which has reflected its aggressive policy in the country’s national security strategy, openly demonstrates that it aims to seize new positions and increase tensions in the region instead of eliminating the consequences of the conflict and withdrawing its occupying forces from the internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan.

This provocation by Armenia casts serious doubt on the essence of the negotiations mediated by the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs on the settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Armenia is trying to involve third countries in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict with such provocative actions. Nevertheless, the position of the international community on Armenia’s aggressive policy is quite well known.

All provocations of the enemy forces will be adequately prevented from this time onward as well.

Armenia bears full responsibility for such provocative actions that serve to aggravate the situation.
God bless the souls of our Martyrs.


Four UN Security Council and two General Assembly resolutions, as well as decisions by many other international organizations, refer to this fact and demand the withdrawal of Armenia’s occupation forces from Nagorno-Karabakh and seven other internationally recognized regions of Azerbaijan which have been illegally occupied since 1991 by Armenian military aggression.
The OSCE Minsk Group – co-chaired by France, Russia and the U.S. – was formed to find a peaceful solution to the conflict, but has yet to get any results.

It’s Snowing in Western Sydney

Sydney Zoo announces the addition of snow to enrich the lives of two tigers

Sydney Zoo is excited to announce our two majestic tigers Raja & Nika now have a snow field as part of our animal enrichment program.

The resident tigers woke to find their habitat covered in soft, fluffy snow. Nika, the fourteen-year-old Siberian tiger, showed her inquisitive nature, stepping cautiously onto the ice for the first time, then grappled playfully with the snow.

This unique addition to the tiger habitat includes 20 tonnes of snow and provides Raja & Nika an opportunity to explore ice for the first time.

Carnivore keepers were thrilled with the tigers’ reaction to their enrichment. “We saw lots of jumping around and playful behaviour, and also some fantastic natural predatory behaviours. This is an exciting example of Sydney Zoo’s ongoing commitment to ensuring we provide the highest level of positive animal welfare by stimulating natural behaviour and sensory experiences” David French, Curator of Carnivores said.

Keep an eye out for the snow enrichment over the school holidays. Guests can also see the zoo from a different view on the NEW Ferris wheel, but it’s only here for a short time. And don’t forget to say hello to the new mischievous pair of otters and three cheeky baboon babies.

Sydney Zoo is open every day of the school holidays from 9am – 4pm. Buy your zoo tickets online and save up to 27% or become a member from just $99! Tickets selling fast at

Images and video footage of Sydney Zoo can be found HERE.


Media contact:

Natasha Budinski

Marketing and Communications Manager

E: [email protected]

M: +61 414 390 095

Volunteer Marine Rescue Queensland today requests clarity from the Minister around the future of the Blue Water Review.

In particular, VMR Squadrons are seeking certainty around legislative protection for the service their volunteers provide to the marine and island communities of Queensland.

State President of VMR Graham Kingston said today “While the SES and Rural Fire Services are protected by special legislation, marine rescue organisations have no such indemnity protection as emergency service volunteers, despite serving the community in the same way.”

“One of the recommendations of the Blue Water Review working group last year was that VMR and Coastguard together would become part of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) organisation, meaning that we would be afforded protection under legislation – the same as SES and RFS”.

After two years of work by QFES and the Blue Water Review Working Group, the initiative now languishes before Cabinet, with no information forthcoming around outcomes or prospects for the future. Marine rescue organisations are an essential and invaluable part of the emergency services community in Queensland, often performing rescues in terrible conditions and at considerable risk. That must be recognised by government, and marine rescue organisations must not be left to languish on the shelf.

Other volunteer agencies such as the State Emergency Service (SES) and Rural Fire Service (RFS) are protected by the Fire and Emergency services act 1990 (QLD) and the Disaster Management Act 2003 (QLD). Surprisingly, at this point in time, marine rescue organisations are not afforded the same protection. Indeed, the word “marine” is only mentioned once between these two acts and even then, only in reference to other legislation.

Marine Rescue Queensland is aware of the Civil Liability Act 2003 (QLD) which was designed to protect operational volunteers in Queensland. However Marine Rescue Queensland respectfully points out two potential problems with this act. Firstly, it does not protect the volunteer bodies themselves, only the individual volunteers. The second point rests around the application of the legislation and definition of activity conducted in good faith, given not one word of it has ever been tested in court. VMR fears that volunteers may well be forced to face the trauma of an experimental court case to find out if the legislation even applies to a particular situation. SES and RFS volunteers are never at risk of being placed in this position.

What does it say about the value of our volunteers’ efforts when the Government refuses protective legislation to just one section of the emergency services volunteer portfolio in Queensland?

A major part of the Blue Water Review was to examine the lack of legislation surrounding operational marine rescue organisations.

It is now the time that all emergency services in Queensland were treated the same way, and afforded the same protections.

International PR Association (IPRA) ( endorses PR Training Academy ( and recommends their courses to its 12,000-strong global membership base.
IPRA, the International Public Relations Association, has just announced its endorsement of the PR Training Academy and its online courses. Philip Sheppard, Secretary General commented that: “This new partnership with the PR Training Academy is just what our members have been waiting for. There is an enormous demand worldwide for PR Training. Making it online is just perfect for global reach and remote working”.
The PR Training Academy is a membership platform for PR practitioners, providing online courses in communications disciplines like writing feature articles, negotiating sponsorship, shooting smartphone video or training your voice for radio.
The PR Training Academy was created in response to independent global research among practitioners that identified the need for bite-sized, laser-focused communications training which was available 24/7. Launched in Estonia, the home of e-learning in Europe, in September 2019, it is now the recommended training resource for IPRAs 12,000 members globally.
The research was conducted by over a two-year period spring 2017 to spring 2019 among pr professionals worldwide. 56.7% of respondents were working in the business for 10 years or more. When asked to identify the greatest challenge facing their business 57.4% said: keeping abreast of social media and communications.
Those same practitioners ranked their most preferred options to upskill as:
64.2% commuter learning (bite sized information by video, text and audio)
43.3% 27/7 access to quality online courses
40.3% access to a suite of online professional courses
40.3% wanted online skills training with professional feedback
35.8% online training by industry expert
29.9% online access to courses in segments lasting 3 hours
25.4% access to employee eLearning platform
Ellen Gunning, director of the PR Training Academy explains: “Corporate bodies rely on PR professionals to craft messages to their employees, customers, stakeholders and community. Those messages are delivered across multiple platforms in a variety of formats. The skills that PR professionals need are developing and changing. The PR Training Academy provides online, bite-sized PR courses which enhance existing skill sets and will keep PR professionals on top of their game.”
The director of the PR Training Academy, Ellen Gunning, was in Sydney last March at the invitation of Mumbrella CommsCon to address the PR conference on ethics in the industry. She is the author of the international text “Public Relations – A Practical Approach” taught on campus worldwide and is the founder of the PR Training Academy.


Background to IPRA
IPRA, the International Public Relations Association, was established in 1955, and is the leading global network for PR professionals in their personal capacity. IPRA aims to advance trusted communication and the ethical practice of public relations. We do this through networking, our code of conduct and intellectual leadership of the profession. IPRA is the organiser of public relations’ annual global competition, the Golden World Awards for Excellence (GWA). IPRA’s services enable PR professionals to collaborate and be recognised. Members create content via our Thought Leadership essays, social media and our consultative status with the United Nations. GWA winners demonstrate PR excellence. IPRA welcomes all those who share our aims and who wish to be part of the IPRA worldwide fellowship. For more see

Having a great barbershop takes skill and great business sense. Your client’s expectations will vary and it’s important to repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising that those expectations be met. Steve Burley may or may not be adored on Married At First Sight, but his clients at Kingsman Barbers certainly have a good word to say about his business.

“Walked in the door today and the owner Steve walked straight up and introduced himself and offered a beer. First impression was spot on and the lovely girl who cut my hair did an amazing job on a style I’ve never had before! Good vibes and good banter! Will definitely be back again!” says one customer on Facebook.

The Design
Clean and homely, Kingsman Barbers manages to perfectly balance an old school style barber shop in a new and sleek setting without coming across too sleek, fancy, and intimidating. The chairs are perfectly placed for easy walk throughs of the shop, the natural lighting seeps through the big windows at the front, and the exposed brick gives the place a more homely edge. Warm colours and tones create a great ambience.

With a focus on the more “man’s man” clients, choosing a design that reflects a man’s interests (such as sports) Kingsman Barbers creates a welcoming environment. By strategically placing décor and choosing the right furniture customers can sit back and relax. With a pool table, beer, and ultra HD TV, visiting Kingsman Barbers is more than just a place to get a cut and a shave! Adding these features to your shop can really help set you a part from the crowd.

For salon furniture, the chairs and counters are well placed. The old school charm of the barber chairs (furnished with our Continental Barber Chairs) make a great impression, the mirrors allow clients to view themselves during their cut, and the antique dressers add a great touch!

Our Continental Barber Chairs are upholstered in top quality vinyl, with a memory foam seat for extra comfort and an extended footrest teamed with an adjustable and removable headrest client comfort is never an issue. A powerful lockable hydraulic pump means you can easily control the height of the client to easily perform services without too much bending and snapping!

The takeaway:
Creating an atmosphere that aligns with your clients means appealing to their senses. Whether it’s touch, smell, or sight the right atmosphere is going to make an impression. Going with a design that matches the wants of your target clients is going to ensure that they are impressed when they enter your shop. Providing great service is going to keep them coming back.

Contact and location information are available at Direct Salon Equipment (DSSE) website.

Name: Rea L.
Company: Direct Salon Equipment (DSSE)
Address: 31 Brock St, Thomastown, VIC 3074
Phone: 1800 003 773
Email: [email protected]

Robycs Technology collaborates with KUKA for Unprecedented Free Programming Services with Robot Orders

Sydney, Australia: In an unprecedented move, Australian automation company Robycs Technology ( announced it is collaborating with German robotics company KUKA to provide free programming on all KUKA robotic system orders. Midsize manufacturers and other businesses that otherwise may not have had the budget to invest in robotic systems to automate their operations now have an opportunity to combine this offer with tax write-off concessions from the Australian government to completely modernize their facilities. Until the end of August 2020, orders for KUKA robotics systems through Robycs Technology will receive complimentary programming which normally costs tens of thousands of dollars in addition.

KUKA industrial robots are programmed to do repetitive tasks. While the options are endless, common purposes include pelletising, welding, cutting, and manual handling. Of the recent collaboration, Robycs Technology CEO Raymond Sanchez said, “Working with KUKA is a great opportunity for Australian manufacturers. We’re thrilled to provide advanced robotic systems into their workflows, and we’re confident that this move will help local industry move forward into tomorrow’s technological landscape.”

In a report by Standard Australia (, CEO Bronwyn Evans explains that “long-term productivity and global competitiveness of Australian manufacturing will be dependent on how well we transition into the fourth industrial revolution.” Robycs Technology is collaborating with KUKA to provide Australian companies with advanced robotics systems that will help to achieve this goal and enable Australia to lead the market in advanced manufacturing.
• Free programming with all KUKA Robotic Systems ordered through Robycs Technology (
• Full robotics systems include robots, programming, wiring, installation of the robots, and installing/updating the control centre to integrate the robots.
• Most orders could be eligible for the Australian Government’s instant asset write-off program
• All orders placed through the end of August are eligible for free programming offer
• Robycs Technology will work with Australian manufacturers to update their systems with turnkey KUKA robotics

About Robycs Technology: Founded in 1991, Robycs Technology is a Sydney-based company that provides automation controls, robotics, and industrial electrical services. They work with a variety of Australian industries, including manufacturing, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, distribution, food & beverage, packaging and more to create fully integrated automation systems. The company specialises in PLC, HMI, and SCADA programming, Siemens automation systems, robotic vision solutions, alongside other industrial support tasks like metal fabrication and electrical engineering. Their mission is to enable Australian companies to lead the way into the next industrial age.