Basel, Switzerland

Personalized Vaccination Strategies Minimize Deaths in a Coronavirus Wave of “Variants of Concern” when Vaccine Supply is Limited.

In the Covid-19 pandemic, new waves of Coronavirus “Variants of Concern” are currently observed in many countries and vaccination is one cornerstone of overcoming the pandemic. While many countries have chosen an “Elderly first, one dosage fits all” approach to vaccination, Swiss scientists have explored the impact of accelerated vaccination strategies on case load and deaths by applying the highly active mRNA vaccines in a personalized fashion.
Younger persons, through more frequent social activities, contribute largely to driving a pandemic wave, but they also show a stronger immune response to vaccination and have a low risk of death. This raises the possibility that using a lower vaccine dose in the younger may allow vaccinating a much larger number of people rapidly.
A computer modelling study from the University Hospital of Basel, Switzerland, and CLINAM Foundation incorporated the coronavirus infection wave, a limited vaccine supply, age-dependent differences in social interaction, response to vaccination and disease risk, as published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.
“If a personalized, age-matched vaccination dose is used instead of the vaccination strategy currently used in most countries, these data promise a significant shortening of the wave of infections and a marked reduction in deaths and infection counts,” says Prof. Patrick Hunziker from the University Hospital Basel, the lead author of this study.
Such a strategy can be immediately put into practice if backed by the regulatory body of a country and may be of particular value in countries that were not yet able to vaccinate a large proportion of their population because of limitations in vaccine availability or economic constraints.

Scientific journal source (peer reviewed article):
Personalized-dose Covid-19 vaccination in a wave of virus Variants of Concern: Trading individual efficacy for societal benefit, Precis. Nanomed. 2021 September; 4(3):805-820,

MEDIA RELEASE 29 July 2021, for immediate release

Port Macquarie, NSW – The Other Chef, Makers & Providores’ latest project supports food sustainability by teaming up with local organic grower, Sweet Water Farm, to create a range of premium condiments with award-winning black garlic as the star ingredient.

Sally Ayre-Smith began growing organic garlic on her property, Sweet Water Farm, on the banks of the river in the Macleay Valley in 2008. Once the producer of acclaimed television series, SeaChange, Sally and her partner Marcus Skipper had left behind their busy city life, moving to the hinterland of the mid north coast seeking a change of pace and lifestyle.

Sally’s enthusiasm for small-acre farming practices meant the property went on to produce an average annual crop of 7 tonnes of certified organic Russian garlic, which quickly became sought after by city restaurants and discerning consumers.

A chance meeting in 2019 at a Sustainability field day in Port Macquarie evolved into a fruitful partnership with Eric Robinson, owner and operator of The Other Chef, Makers & Providores, a business with a history of supporting local and regional farmers, assisting them to reduce food waste by value-adding excess or less-than-perfect crops.

With an interest in the growing popularity of black garlic, and with plenty of encouragement from Sally, Eric developed a unique processing method that resulted in a black garlic that won two national awards in it’s first year of release.

Now, that black garlic is the star ingredient in three new products – Truffled Black Garlic Mustard, Black Garlic Worcestershire and Truffled Black Garlic Balsamic. These products have quickly become the best sellers in the Other Chef range. “Every time someone tries these products, we watch their jaw drop” says Eric’s wife and business partner Monica Robinson. “No-one leaves our factory store without purchasing at least one bottle of Truffled Black Garlic Mustard – and they keep coming back for more”.

With the business recently selected by Investment NSW to join the Flavours of NSW Stand at Fine Food Australia in Sydney, Monica is looking forward to showcasing the black garlic range. “Being regional, it’s not always easy to find and meet with metropolitan retail buyers and distributors, so we are thrilled to have this opportunity to do so in Sydney.”

The collaborative relationship between grower and processor endures, with Sally excited to see her garlic used in new creative ways. “These products are an example of the magic that happens when local business work together, and I am looking forward to assisting Monica as an ambassador of The Other Chef brand at Fine Food Australia” says Sally.

Whilst COVID has meant a re-scheduling of the tradeshow from September 2021 to March 2022, the range is available now. The Other Chef, Makers & Providores welcome trade enquiries via phone or email. Consumers can purchase these products online via the website


The Other Chef, Makers & Providores is a family owned and operated business, manufacturing a range of award-winning condiments. Inspired by locally grown ingredients, The Other Chef range of products are all natural, allergen free, vegan friendly, with no added preservatives.

Contact: Monica Robinson
The Other Chef, Makers & Providores
e: [email protected]
p: 0413911630 or 0265814773

Thriving from the Inside, Out

What happens to our well-being when everything ‘external’ is out of bounds? The answer is simple: we enhance our well-being from the inside, out.

With lockdown conditions extended for another few weeks, many Sydneysiders will be dealing with amplified feelings of fear, loneliness, boredom, anxiety, overwhelm and uncertainty. Concerningly, most people will be discovering that their usual well-being practices are inaccessible … just when they are needed most.

Many of us are accustomed to well-being that flows from the outside, in. In our normal, mobile lives, we have access to a multitude of external solutions that meet our demands for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being – going to the gym, hiking in the mountains, a yoga session, or a night out with close friends. So, what happens to our well-being when everything ‘external’ is out of bounds? The answer is simple: we enhance our well-being from the inside, out.

Kim Forrester is an award-winning author, educator and consultant. She combines cutting edge science with spiritual philosophy to inspire holistic well-being and fullness of living. For anyone struggling to maintain their sense of well-being during lockdown, Kim has one simple message:

“A good life is good for you”, she says. “By tapping into the scientifically-proven, health-enhancing power of profound ‘holistic’ human experiences, you have an opportunity to feel better about yourself, and your life, without leaving your home.”

To enhance your sense of well-being in these difficult times, Kim encourages you to:

1. Forgive life for what’s happening: Holding a grudge, or resisting ‘what is’ activates your body’s fight-flight response, increases stress, and decreases your immunity. Forgiveness and acceptance reduce these stress responses and boosts a sense of calm and well-being.

2. Seek purpose, meaning and creativity: Filling your days with meaningful activities has been shown to enhance feelings of happiness, increase physical wellbeing … and even extend your lifespan. With the internet, it’s possible to use this time of relative stillness and isolation to find other avenues for purposeful and meaningful projects.

3. Practice self-compassion. Studies show that being a kind and comforting friend to yourself in times of emotional overwhelm can lower stress, boost the immune system, mitigate the effects of depression and anxiety, and compel you to make healthier life choices. Kristin Neff has designed a three-step self-compassion practice that all Sydneysiders are encouraged to seek out and use.

4. Commit to a mediation or mindfulness practice. Although not always easy, research shows that incorporating meditation into your daily schedule will reduce stress, enhance your ability to sleep, gain mental clarity, and boost your immunity.

5. Acknowledge your brain’s ‘negativity bias’ and filter your information diet. In times of great anxiety, such as the moment we’re living through, it’s vital to actively engage in positivity. Studies show that your brain and body work best when you choose to activate hope and consciously engage in solution-based thinking.

6. Boost your kindness quota: Kindness is a well-being super-power and by consciously engaging in random acts of kindness and compassion, you will flood your body with happiness-enhancing hormones. Even better, studies show that you can enjoy this well-being boost simply by witnessing kindness – so practice kind acts each day and get online to watch others doing the same.

7. Finally, allow yourself to be vulnerable, scared and anxious at this time, and allow others the opportunity to express their grief, fear and concern. There is a common perception that emotional well-being requires a commitment to ‘positive thinking’. However, studies show that emo-diversity (acceptance of emotional pain) is a vital element in ongoing well-being and life satisfaction. So let the tears flow; feel fragile, and accept the moments of grief, even as you lean into faith, activate your hope, and reach for optimism.

For as long as the COVID-19 pandemic upends our lives, it’s important for us all to appreciate the importance of holistic well-being. By recognizing and amplifying the powerful, yet subtle, factors that enhance the human experience — such as forgiveness, purpose, compassion, and hope — you can experience a greater sense of peace and happiness … without leaving your home. Put simply, holistic well-being is an accessible and sustainable way to cope ‘on the inside’ until you are, once again, able to source your well-being from the outside.

For interviews or comments, please email [email protected]

Kim Forrester is an award-winning author, holistic well-being educator, and consultant. She blends science with spiritual philosophy to inspire fullness of living, and regularly contributes to well-being and lifestyle publications all over the world. She is the producer-host of the Eudaemonia podcast, on which she explores the traits and practices that help us flourish in life.

• Applications for Harding Miller Education Foundation Scholarships will open from 15th July 2021 to 15th September 2021.
• The Harding Miller Education Foundation providing high achieving young Australian women experiencing hardship with tools, resources, and support to help them reach their full potential.
• The Harding Miller Education Foundation’s vital support has become even more critical because of the coronavirus pandemic

For 28 July 2021: Applications are now open for the next round of Harding Miller Education Foundation Scholarships which are changing the lives of hundreds of young Australian women.

Worth over $20,000 each, the academic scholarships are available to high potential girls entering Year 9 in 2022 at Australian Public High Schools who are experiencing personal or socioeconomic disadvantage.

Recipients receive a new laptop, high-speed internet, remote IT support, face-to-face and/or online tutoring, online homework assistance, subject, and career guidance, mentoring, and financial support to help cover the costs of uniforms, books, and school expenses. They also receive unique enrichment experiences to open them to a world of career opportunities they otherwise would not be exposed to.

“Opportunity to continue schooling to Year 12 can be the key to a lifetime of learning for girls. But for some, the chance to continue their schooling may not be an option due to family disadvantage and the pressure of financial expectations,” says Cara Varian, Executive Director at the Harding Miller Education Foundation.

“Year 9 through the year 12 is such a critical time, and at Harding Miller Education Foundation, we are dedicated to enabling young women facing hardship with the tools, mentoring, and financial support they need to reach their full educational potential,” adds Cara.

Since its launch in 2016, over 600 young women have benefited from lifechanging scholarships across 300+ public high schools in every state and territory of Australia. The support has become even more critical because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Without access to a laptop and internet, online schooling would have been very stressful. I cannot even imagine what it would be like trying to complete work without proper access to my work. this scholarship has helped me tremendously through the lockdown,” says year 9 scholar Emelia Brophy.

“Young people across Australia are feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic with concern about their education, their future, and their relationships,” says Cara Varian, Executive Director at the Harding Miller Education Foundation.

“Our scholars are high-performing students who are experiencing personal or socio-economic hardship. Two rounds of school shutdowns and new rules for socialising have created added stresses for these bright young women, particularly for those in the final years of their secondary schooling. They may be in an overcrowded household, lacking the space to complete online learning, or at risk of family violence.”

“We have seen first-hand the impact these scholarships have on young women’s lives. We know there are many young girls across Australia who need support right now, and we look forward to helping them reach their full potential,” adds Cara.

To find out more information, get involved or support the Harding Miller Education Foundation, please visit

To learn about how technology is enabling Harding Miller scholars, please watch

Applications for scholarships for 2022 are open from 15th July 2021 to 15th September 2021.
Media contact: Cara Varian on 0418893384 or via email at [email protected]

There is something about COVID that loves my family. Perhaps it’s coz we are NZers. Or perhaps it’s just simply bad luck. And a third world problem. However, you cannot help but think ‘What have we done wrong?’ being in the wrong place at the wrong time almost every COVID lockdown…… plus a voluntary quarantine. We just cannot win a trick.

Melbourne 2020 in lockdown was chaos. 2 x children, (2.5yrs and 9 months), not in childcare because childcare was attached to a sports complex which of course was shutdown over lockdown. A sole income earner, who was subsequently put on job keeper.. Finally a redundancy came in August 2020. Working in the charity space during COVID was a battle. It was frightening, we suddenly had 0 income, a family of 4 to feed, a mortgage and winter was in full flight. Our kids needed bigger thermals to brave the Melbourne cold.

It was either head back to NZ, or apply for jobs in other states…..WA seemed appealing (or so we thought). Luckily a job cropped up in a little town called Bunbury. With no other options, we packed up, and flew to the other side of the country to start our new life in South West WA. Not before withstanding 14 days in ACTUAL hotel quarantine. 2 x children and 2 x adults in a hotel room. No open windows. No balcony. No wall separating rooms. Children sleeping at different times. No cooking facilities. Eggs boiled in a kettle, likewise the fresh veges ordered from supermarkets. And a large plastic container ordered online to bathe our then 1 yr old. Thankfully travelled with a small pocket knife which we used to cut up small pieces of fruit AND you could treat yourself to a $12 can of wine each night. But only after 6pm. Social media played its part in connecting us with a relative of a friend. She paid for and dropped off a vaccuum cleaner as we weren’t able to use a hotel one for hygiene reasons. People sent activities for the kids to keep us from climbing the walls. The security guard who sat outside our door coughed through the night, although that doesn’t surprise me as the pooey nappies we dumped outside our door would have provided the whole hallway with a stench that even a mask wouldn’t put a barrier between. He actually wasn’t even wearing a mask on reflection. The phone ran hot with the hotel psychologist checking in on my tearful wife daily. 2 x COVID tests later and an experience my wife describes as ‘worse than childbirth’… we went, out into the COVID free world of Bunbury, South West WA.

The following events unfolded.

January 2021 – 5 x days lockdown in Bunbury, WA

In April 2021 the job wasn’t working out. We decided to return to then COVID free Melbourne as my wife was offered a role back in our old stomping ground. WridgWays removalists arrived to put our ‘stuff’ on a train from Perth to our new abode in Melbourne.
Waiting a week (because it takes longer for our stuff to get Melbourne than it does us) we drove up to Perth on 22 April. Two nights were planned in Perth to stay with a friend before jumping on a plane to Melbourne. We woke up on 23 April to Perth’s 3 day lockdown after being in the city for 36 hours) and talk of our container with our lives inside, delayed ‘due to the pandemic’. Thanks WridgWays.

Regardless, we flew out of Perth to Melbourne on 24 April after applying for an exemption however, coming from a red zone, we were to quarantine in Melbourne (with yet another COVID test to be had on day 2). But we had no where to live, as WridgWays had held up our containers due to what we found out was an ‘internal dispute’ – so back into a hotel, with just our suitcases we flew over from Perth with.

We finally received our goods from WridgWays around 21 May, nearly a month living in The Quest @ $200 a night. ……we were then able to move into our rental in St Kilda Road.

……….only to go back into Melbourne lockdown for 7 x days on 27 May. Come 3 June – Melbourne was extended into another 7 x days of lockdown until 10 June.

We were then blessed with over a month of freedom (well almost freedom) so a holiday to celebrate my wife’s parents 50th wedding anniversary in NZ was booked for August 13.

15 July – again……COVID rears it’s ugly head.

21 July – The 6pm news headline on Channel 9:
‘New Tier 1 exposure site at the Subway on St Kilda Road from an individual infected with COVID’.
This individual visited the Subway on 13 July at 1.00pm. We live on level 2 of the same building and I often purchase a diet coke for my wife around that time.
Checked the bank account. Transaction at a St Kilda West outlet on 13 July for $6 (2 x diet cokes). My heart sank. My wife rang our bank and sure enough, there was a transaction at the Subway at 13 July @ 12.29pm…….phew…..we missed infected COVID person X by 31minutes.

23 July – NZ bubble burst. My poor wife… 50th wedding anniversary celebrations in NZ.

I think that equates to approximately 10 x lockdowns/quarantines.

Tomorrow, I am hoping…….hoping…..this is the end for us here in Melbourne.

Sydney, July 27, 2021 – The latest Business Stress Report released by insolvency specialist firm, Dissolve, highlights a significant and unexpected downturn in corporate and personal insolvencies in Australia since the Covid outbreak.

But rather than be a cause for celebration regarding the impact of Covid on Australian businesses, the Dissolve report identifies several underlying factors that it believes represent an ongoing threat To the Australian economy.

The Dissolve report shows the number of companies entering formal insolvency administrations for the year up to May 2021 was down by 49% on the numbers for the same period last year. Similarly, personal insolvencies of around 2,500 for the quarter ended March 2021 are dramatically down on numbers seen in 2018 around 8,000 per quarter. That is a 69% drop in personal insolvencies.

A surprising response to COVID by Australian banks is also highlighted by Dissolve. They point out that the Banks initial COVID response in March 2020 was to make very large provisions for bad and doubtful debts, at a level which exceeded the previous record 2008 provisioning because of the GFC. But this bad and doubtful debt provisioning is now being reversed for the first time on record. For the quarter to March 2021, Australian Banks reversed previous provisions by $498 million.

Several underlying factors are identified by Dissolve as contributing to the record low level of formal insolvency appointments, including a suspension of normal debt recovery actions by the ATO, extended credit terms being offered by banks and forbearance by landlords on overdue rental payments.

The Dissolve report identifies 2 key issues associated with the low level of formal insolvencies.

Cliff Sanderson, CEO of Dissolve, commented that: “In our experience the most common triggers for formal insolvency appointments are recovery actions initiated by the ATO, Banks, Financiers or landlords. The present level of recovery inaction by these significant stakeholders removes the usual imperatives for business owners to initiate formal insolvency procedures, even though their businesses may be hopelessly insolvent. As a result, we expect to see a proliferation of failed, yet alive, companies in the economy. In other words, ‘zombie companies.’”

Sanderson added that: “Zombie companies are a problem. They continue to use resources and compete against healthy companies. Zombie companies may end up in insolvency eventually, but where there are significant time delays, assets will have been dissipated and the possibility of a successful recover action to correct wrongdoing is reduced.”

The full business stress report and accompanying graphs can be downloaded from the website

About Dissolve

Dissolve specialises in low cost company liquidations. Dissolve initially provides online and telephone advice to directors of companies in financial distress.

Contact details for queries regarding the Business Stress Report:

Cliff Sanderson
Dissolve Pty Ltd
Level 8, 80 Clarence Street, Sydney
Phone: (02) 9290 2220 or 0439 39 46 86
Email: [email protected]


AUSTRALIA: It’s a sad fact: many Aussie cats are surrendered to animal shelters due to their unwanted toileting habits. From owners who don’t want to deal with stinky litter or cats that refuse to use their trays, kitty litter boxes are a harsh reality of cat ownership, but one that doesn’t need to be so disgusting.

“Litter box issues are no reason at all to surrender a cat from your home,” states Australian Vet and TV Presenter Dr. Katrina Warren, who has teamed up with PetSafe® Brand Australia to offer tips on making your kitty fall in love with their litter box again.

If Kitty’s going to the toilet outside their litter box, “make sure you rule out underlying medical conditions first,” says Dr. Katrina. “A bladder infection, for example, could be the cause of their toileting away from their box.” If the vet gives the all-clear, it is likely an issue with their happiness around the litter, says our expert. So, what could be making them so miserable? And how can you turn it all around? Take a look at this checklist for what might be bothering your four-legged buddy…

1. Cleanliness: “Many elimination problems result from a litter tray not being sufficiently pristine for your cat’s highly refined sense of smell,” says Dr. Katrina. “Try using less litter in the tray and discard it daily, washing out the tray every time and replacing the litter.”

2. Type of litter: Yes, some cats have a favourite type of litter, so if you’re changing to something new, do it gradually, advises Dr. Katrina. “You need to offer both and slowly phase out the previous litter to make sure it doesn’t cause upsets. You may also need to experiment with different types of litter until you find the one your cat likes best.” It’s often easier to train a kitten to use a certain type from the start, she adds.

3. Type of litter box: “Some cats don’t like the enclosed hooded trays. Some like big trays while others like small trays… cats are all very individual,” advises Dr. Katrina. “Offer your cat a couple of different options to see what he or she feels most comfortable with.”

4. Privacy: Would you want someone watching you on the toilet? Not likely – and your feline friend is no different! “Cats like privacy when they do their business, so I recommend you place the tray in a nice quiet spot away from the cat’s eating area.”

5. Multi-cat homes: Cats don’t like to share their toilet, so if you have more than one furry friend, provide one tray per cat (plus a spare).

6. Stress: Toileting problems are often a sign of stress. “Moving house, the arrival of a new baby or additional pet… anything that causes upheaval in the daily routine can stress your cat out,” says Dr. Katrina. “Try to give them a calm and consistent environment, and perhaps even a dedicated quiet room to chill out in.”

Another issue, says Dr. Katrina, is that people simply don’t want to deal with the stinky task of cleaning litter boxes (or can’t stand the smell of cat poo indoors), “so they let their cats roam outdoors and do their business away from the home”. However, letting cats outside can put their health at risk. In fact, according to the Cat Protection Society of NSW website, indoor-only cats live an estimated 10 years longer than cats with outdoor access!

Clearly, convincing your cat to use their litter box is likely to lead to better outcomes for the whole family. If the smell is a worry, adds Dr. Katrina, “it could be worth looking at something like PetSafe®’s ScoopFree® Second Generation Self-Cleaning Litter Box, which is great for eliminating odours and removes the need to clean the tray as often”.

PetSafe®’s new ScoopFree® Second Generation Self-Cleaning Litter Box, which is available with an optional privacy hood with side entry, takes all the hassle out of your cat’s toilet habits. For more information, visit PetSafe® Australia’s website, or for additional information, images, product requests, and queries contact Missy Mischief PR (Amanda Kuhn – 0410 570 993/[email protected])

At PetSafe®, we’re constantly innovating to help you keep your pet happy, safe, and healthy. Visit us at to learn more about how, together, we can give your new dog or cat a perfect forever home.


With their powerful new partnership, BDC Services and STULZ can bring better solutions to Australia and beyond. Offering world-leading cooling technology alongside end-to-end solutions for IT infrastructure, BDC Services and STULZ are poised for positive growth.

From the beginning, BDC Services has set out to offer end-to-end solutions for complex IT infrastructure. “We pride ourselves on our deep technical expertise and customised approach to providing our customers with business critical infrastructure solutions. STULZ’s understanding of product interactions across cooling and IT infrastructure, and its collaborative approach is uniquely complementary to how BDC Services work. This partner- ship will allow us to drive far more holistic solutions for our customers.” says BDC Services MD, Brendan Dunne.
This unique and influential partnership is a strategic step with shared value. Uniting forces, BDC Services and STULZ will share skills, build business, and create new growth opportunities – supporting customers and delivering leading IT solutions across Australia.

John Jakovcevic, MD of STULZ Oceania, sees BDC Services as an extension of the STULZ family.
“We partnered with BDC as we see them as a leading system integrator, with the ability to solve complex infra- structure installations, and with their vast network capable of supporting the STULZ team and provide a complete technical infrastructure solution for STULZ Oceania. With BDC’s excellent reputation and years of experience, we look forward to prosperous growth for both organisations”.

In becoming the first Reseller Partner of STULZ Oceania, for the Australian market, BDC Services can now expand their technology offering. Their access to STULZ’s unique range (including high-quality cooling, power and containment products) combined with their turnkey infrastructure solutions means BDC Services can design, source, install and maintain their client’s critical IT infrastructure – establishing BDC services as a one-stop-shop for IT technology and cooling systems.

“The BDC Services-STULZ partnership is a powerful combination” said BDC Services MD, Brendan Dunne. “We look forward to unlocking the full capability of both businesses and to expand our service offering to our custom- ers”.
Hear more about how this powerful partnership will impact the IT industry:

For more information and sales enquiries, please email [email protected] For all media enquiries. please email [email protected]

About BDC Services
BDC services supports companies to maintain their IT infrastructure, making sure their systems run safely. Unlike other companies, we offer complete solutions – including IT infrastructure, electrical, cooling, AV, data cabling, access control and fire suppression. We pride ourselves on solving complicated problems and making strategic partnerships so we can continue to deliver excellent services.

About STULZ Oceania
STULZ Oceania is a technology leader, providing resilient and energy-efficient cooling and power solutions and services for mission-critical applications across the Oceania region protecting critical data, supporting lives, our economy and our future. Together with its various capacities, configuration options and modularity, STULZ Ocea- nia’s product range and service offer comprehensive solutions for all projects. STULZ Oceania prides itself on its holistic end-to-end approach in ensuring optimum air conditioning and reliable uptime.

Melbourne, Australia (25 July 2021):

There are a number of Autoparts and Repair Service buyers out there who have been ripped off by wreckers, part sellers, and mechanics. Now, a new marketplace for auto parts and services valued at half a million dollars is set to save millions of buyers from being tricked into paying more again in future!

Founder Chai Bade said, “Many of my dearest friends have been tricked into paying three times the actual price for automobile parts and repairs. I know how painful it is to lose your hard-earned money, especially when you’ve worked so hard for every penny!”

With this in mind, Chai developed Swezo, a revolutionary and futuristic online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers within the automotive parts and services industry.

Developed using advanced angular technology and robust artificial intelligence algorithms, Swezo offers crystal clear transparency, which makes it obvious to buyers when they’re being ripped off!

Here’s how Swezo works:
1. Buyers post requests
2. Sellers browse requests, and send quotes for the ones they’re interested in completing
3. Buyers review quotes, approve the best one, and make payment
4. Swezo securely holds payment until the job is done
5. Once the job is marked as complete by both the buyer and seller, Swezo releases payment into seller’s bank account.
Since launching a few days ago, Swezo has gone viral! Already, many automobile wreckers, mechanics, and sellers have signed up, ready to be matched to buyers looking for their parts and services.

If you’re ready to experience the world’s first online marketplace for the automobile industry, and are keen to see why Swezo is capturing the industry by a storm, see for yourself. Visit today.

Horses Birthday 1st August

Happy Horses Birthday wishes to all the horses in Australia on the 1st August! All breeds of horses, from the miniatures to the Shire’s, are incredibly special to humans.
Stormy George, pictured above, is Australia’s tallest horse! He is 19 hands (193 cm to the wither) he is a grandson of Australia’s first imported Shire stallion, Ladbrook Edward (also 19 hands) who arrived in Australia on a specially converted jumbo jet in 1981. He was known to his friends as Jock.
The Shire breed had died out in Australia in the early 1900’s and with the importation of Jock and a few years later three mares, Australia’s first Shire Horse Stud was formed in Kangaroo Valley. Cedars Shire Horse Stud is still running today and occupies the beautiful property with Barranca, which is a very exclusive 5-star resort and features in the documentary called “The Healing”.
Horseman Scott Brodie is riding Stormy George holding a movie camera while filming the newly released documentary in Kangaroo Valley.
“The Healing” will be premiered at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival in August. It is about horses healing soldiers and soldiers healing horses. Both of these groups are broken down in one way or another and suffer from trauma due to their previous professions either on the racetrack or as veterans. Scott Brodie brings these two groups together in a way that gives new hope to both.
The Barranca Equine Program (previously Cedars Equine Program) is proud to host and sponsor these events. Barranca guests are thoroughly spoilt and as well as residing in luxury accommodation, they have the opportunity to get up close and friendly with these marvelous gentle giants during the morning feed ups.
There are now over 400 pure bred registered Shire horses in Australia today.