Healthcare service innovations are a vital part of our constantly evolving healthcare system, but they depend on a wide range of stakeholders, all of whom hold differing interests.

‘When stakeholder engagement is effectively accomplished, it has the potential to transform healthcare outcomes. However, when this crucial element is overlooked, innovations often fall short of achieving their intended impact.’ said AHHA Acting Chief Executive Adj AProf Rebecca Haddock.

In a new Perspectives Brief, released today by AHHA’s Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research, researchers from the Queensland Department of Health and the University of Queensland explore lessons learnt from the implementation of three allied health-led service innovations. The Brief also proposes a new, more deliberate, and strategic approach to stakeholder engagement to implement sustainable innovative practices in healthcare using a service logic.

‘The issue is that, although allied health professionals are experts in their fields and have a strong evidence base for clinical practice, they are often not equipped with the management skills and experience needed to develop and implement sustainable services,’ continued Professor Haddock.
Prior to undertaking their research, the authors of this Brief asked a group of senior allied health leaders to identify which key stakeholders they would engage with when developing and implementing health service innovations.

They found the selection of key stakeholders was influenced by convenience, previous professional relationships and positional authority more than any roles, resources or influence that would impact on the aims and outcomes of the project.

‘After completing case studies on the three allied health-led service innovations, the findings have informed a new Service Logic approach to Stakeholder Engagement,’ said Professor Haddock.

‘It provides an evidence-based approach to understanding, influencing, and negotiating with stakeholders to co-create and sustain outcomes that are mutually beneficial.’

‘This brief also outlines an informed framework for stakeholder engagement, with six key steps that include understanding the context, identifying the right stakeholders to engage, inviting them to participate, influencing and negotiating mutually beneficial outcomes, sustaining support and participation and monitoring and evaluating engagement.

‘It is also important to incorporate a service-lens approach to stakeholder engagement, as this can provide a practical framework to reveal strategies and leverage resources that create solutions and value creation effectively.’

The Brief ‘Engaging stakeholders in healthcare innovation: How hard can it be?’ and an online version of this media release can be found on the AHHA website:

The refrigeration industry will be among over 30 trades represented at the 47th WorldSkills International tournament, a global movement dedicated to promoting the skills excellence of young tradespeople playing a crucial role in the visibility, development, and empowerment of tomorrow’s experts.

WorldSkills Australia competitor, Bailey Loenneker, a fourth-year refrigeration apprentice from the Sunshine Coast, and his Expert Carl Balke will represent Australia in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning category on the global stage in Lyon, France in September to compete against the best young apprentices in the world.

The contingent of apprentices, trainees, and students, known as the Skillaroos, is the largest delegation of competitors, trainers, officials, and team management ever sent to an International Competition.

Refrigeration represents a crucial yet often overlooked trade. Despite the vital role refrigeration tradespeople play in maintaining the cold chain essential for food safety, healthcare, comfort cooling, air quality, and numerous industrial processes, their numbers are significantly lower compared to other trades on offer.

This is one of the reasons that the WorldSkills Australia initiative is supported by Refrigerant Reclaim Australia (RRA) and like-minded organisations committed to the promotion and development of skills excellence in Australia.

Kylie from Refrigerant Reclaim Australia says this disparity highlights the need to elevate the profile of refrigeration professionals, by increasing awareness and appreciation for their specialised skills.”

“Our longstanding partnership supporting WorldSkills helps to Promote the importance of refrigeration tradespeople and underscores their contribution to public health, safety, and the economy”.

Carl, WorldSkills Australia Expert, emphasises the transformative impact of the competition on young apprentices and highlights the importance of the competition in promoting refrigeration apprenticeships to the wider sector.

“The competition is not only great for the young apprentices coming through, but it also lifts the profile of refrigeration apprentices which historically has remained unseen”.

In addition to raising the profile of refrigeration apprentices, Carl says the main driver for him to train and lead Skillaroos participants is seeing our young people grow. They start unsure, but by the end of the program, they’re transformed, and they go on to do great things.”

“Through the competition, they develop invaluable soft skills that they will continue to use for the rest of their lives. They emerge with self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.”

“We support each other, whether it’s training together or offering a helping hand. This sense of community is one of the best parts of WorldSkills,” Carl adds.

Bailey, the Skillaroo for Refrigeration, shares how the competition has ignited his passion for skills development.

“Through WorldSkills, I have developed a growing passion for developing the skills I have learned. Competing on a national level and meeting like-minded individuals has really sparked my interest.”

“It’s about more than just competing; it’s about personal growth and professional development.”

Bailey highlights the confidence he has gained through recently competing in the WorldSkills Regional and National competitions to qualify for internationals.

“Each competition has built my confidence. It’s not just about winning. WorldSkills is about the experience and the education that comes with it. My confidence has grown immensely, and it’s great to have supportive people around me who believe in what I’m doing.”

“Competing in WorldSkills is thrilling and fun, but the best part is the time management, efficiency, and practical skills that I use in my job – these are all things I’ve honed through WorldSkills.”

Looking ahead, Bailey is optimistic about his future.

“I’m excited to see where it takes me. The skills and connections I’ve made will be invaluable for my career. I hope to continue growing and maybe help others the way I’ve been helped. WorldSkills has given me a strong professional and personal foundation for the future, and I’m looking forward to building on it.”

Through competitions, training, and community building, WorldSkills empowers young people to achieve their best and build a strong foundation for their future careers.

For more information, please visit WorldSkills Australia:

For more information on RRA and its initiatives, please visit our website:

Following four years of consistent growth in their core business, providing listing assets for residential real estate agents around the country, Little Hinges is now embarking on a partner led growth strategy to further accelerate the use of digital twins in Australia.

Ryan Raj recently joined the Little Hinges team, bringing a wealth of strategic partnership experience acquired from his time working with various startups, scaleups, and enterprise businesses in the SAAS and technology sector. Some notable companies he has worked with include Fergus, simPRO Software, and Entelar (a division of New Zealand’s largest telco, Spark).

“Partnerships is more than just commercial agreements, it is about navigating the marketplace in a way that adds true value for partners, customers and peoples lives,” said Ryan. “Little Hinges has such a dominant position in the digital twin industry with a capability set and scale that allows them to now take on much larger opportunities in adjacent markets like insurance, finance, construction and so on.”

Little Hinges has finished development of their suite of partner API’s and supporting tools that enable seamless booking and asset delivery. These API’s can support our core product range of digital twins, virtual tours, image packs and floorplans as well as our bespoke products such as photo editing and custom overlays. Partners can also leverage Little Hinges existing data API to get building schematics, internal features and audience data.

CEO and Co-founder, Josh Callaghan said that the team are excited to welcome Ryan to the business and are looking forward to accelerating the scale of our business even further. “Since starting the business, we’ve been really focussed on our strategic beachhead of residential sales and rental stock. At times, that has meant that we’ve walked past opportunities for partnerships with other large scale property owners and managers. Now that we’ve cracked the real estate market, it’s time to circle back to some of those opportunities and create new ones through a partnership strategy.”

“Digital twins serve any industry that revolves around physical property. The insurance industry are excited about the opportunity to have their assessors spending less time visiting properties and more time assessing by leveraging our technology. State Governments are keen to get desktop visibility over the tens of thousands of social housing stock they have across their state. Property maintenance businesses are wanting to get quotes done directly from the digital twin, rather than having to co-ordinate multiple site visits for various quotes saving them money and time. These are just a few of the examples of opportunities that we’ve kept on hold until we could support them with a Strategic Partnerships function” he said.

Digital Twins have seen a steady rise in popularity since the pandemic with more and more asset owners unlocking the value to their business of reduced site visits by having access to a site at the click of a button. Besides the time and cost saving of using digital twins, it has also been a way of better engaging clients and end users of a space. For the past few years, Little Hinges has been capturing exhibitions for the Gallery of Modern Art to provide digital access for their members who couldn’t travel.

From a marketing perspective, Little Hinges uses its digital twins to make compelling virtual tours that, combined with their platform, clients to profile digital visitors and see how they navigate around the space. “Our platform allows us to incorporate menu’s, links, and call-to-action buttons that connect those users directly with what our clients want them to see.” Using virtual tours on a website has proven to increase engagement, time on site and conversion of users.

With the help of our strategic partners, Little Hinges hopes to make digital access to property readily available for all Australian property.

A loosely affiliated coalition of community organisations, local businesses, residents and planning experts has raised serious concerns that the NSW Government’s current handling of the Central Barangaroo project has significantly eroded public trust in the NSW planning process.

In a formal submission to the NSW Ombudsman, the group heavily criticises the performance of Infrastructure NSW (INSW) and its dual role in providing independent advice to the NSW Government while simultaneously acting as the applicant for the development proposal. They argue that this conflict of interest compromises the integrity of the process.

The coalition contends that the tactics used by INSW to get to this point have been misleading, citing several key issues with the development application:
• Misrepresentation of the approved Concept Plan for the Barangaroo site,
• Use of distortion and misrepresentation of both facts and imagery, and
• Elimination of previously established public compensations previously established for the public, tied to specific developments at Barangaroo South.
Spokesperson for the group, Dr Judy Hyde, said today that addressing the concerns of local residents, experts, and organisations is critical to protect the heritage area of Millers Point for the wider community and the nation.

“The tactics used by INSW can at best be described as questionable” Dr Hyde said.

The coalition accuses INSW of making numerous false and misleading statements, leading to public deception and confusion.

INSW has used optical techniques to produce images that create the false impression that obstruction of heritage views will be far less than they actually will be.

The result is a total cave-in to commercial private use over the public interest.

“As it stands, the development is a threat to the environment, it is totally at odds with the history and heritage of the Millers Points and The Rocks areas, it blocks out heritage views, particularly from Observatory Hill, and the connections of Millers Point to the water for visitors, tourists and residents, and it does not properly respond to needs for green spaces, walkways, and cycleways,” Dr Hyde said.

“This area is a national treasure. It is full of First Nations significance, it is a living museum of first European settlement, it is a thriving tourist attraction, and it is a wonderful place to visit, live, raise families, and retire.

“We are not against development. But we are against this development. It is wrong.

The group calls on the Premier to intervene and rectify the situation, insisting that the application be retracted to restore integrity and public confidence in the NSW planning process, and to ensure a positive outcome for the historical Millers Point area and the nation.

Media Release 12 June 2024 – For immediate release

Immediate relief is welcomed, but poverty reduction through prevention requires further attention

While the Queensland State Budget reflects a combination of longer-term reforms with immediate measures to relieve cost-of-living pressures, Peak body Q Shelter considers more could have been done to target measures to people struggling the most. Diverse initiatives spanning responses to unmet housing needs, homelessness and the vulnerability of children and families, could also more clearly focus on integrated approaches to poverty reduction and prevention.

Chief Executive Officer Fiona Caniglia says, ‘No doubt the Budget reflects an intent to solve and prevent entrenched challenges such as homelessness and social exclusion. If implementation succeeds, plans such as ‘Homes for Queenslanders’ and ‘Putting Queensland Kids First’ can have far-reaching implications for reducing poverty.

‘Immediate cost-of-living relief will also be welcomed by households including families who are really doing it tough although some measures could have been better targeted to ensure that households on lower incomes benefit the most and benefit for longer than a year.’

Q Shelter also commends:
• Recurrent increases in funding for support services to address domestic and family violence. Domestic and family violence is a significant driver of homelessness for women and children and this uplift will mean that many more people are helped at the right time to ensure their safety.
• Food security measures to address the needs of children and families
• Measures to increase homeownership such as an increased Stamp Duty threshold.

‘While we understand the forward estimates for Homes for Queenslanders includes funding for prevention programs that will help people sustain housing outcomes, we seek to understand the extent of this investment and which regions this will beneift. With such significant spending on immediate homelessness responses, we need a plan that intentionally charts a way from crisis to sustained housing outcomes and a significant and enduring reduction in homelessness.’

‘We also understand there is some provision in the budget for prevention models such as supportive housing. We hope this ensures the delivery of supportive housing in multiple key locations throughout Queensland. This is a model that is proven to work at achieving an end to homelessness for people who are particularly vulnerable.’

‘While cost of living measures are important, Q Shelter considers that an integrated, whole of government plan to end poverty is needed. The State can play a significant role through universal services such as health, education, family support and housing. We urge the State to work with the Federal Government to achieve an integrated end-poverty approach that addresses support in the early years, food security, school retention, income support, employment pathways, improved health outcomes and a housing guarantee.’

‘We are also seeking to see greater investment in modern methods of construction to rapidly and massively scale up the delivery of homes. While 600 additional homes delivered this way is a start, we know suppliers are ready to work with Government to achieve greater scale and a roadmap for this part of the construction industry to play a greater role in address housing supply side issues.

‘All in all, nearly all housing and homelessness measures had been previously announced and together with ‘Putting Queensland Kids First’ there is a new set of opportunities to genuinely reduce adversity and hardship for vulnerable households including families with children. We need to understand more about the extent of investment in preventing homelessness. The most important opportunity is to shift from immediate and short-term relief measures to sustainable poverty reduction.’

All quotes can be attributed to Fiona Caniglia, Chief Executive Officer, Q Shelter.

Media comment:
Fiona Caniglia, CEO, Q Shelter: 0400 196 492
Jackson Hills, Manager Policy and Strategic Engagement: 0411 395 842
Q Shelter Communications Team: 07 3831 5900 [email protected]

iion Secures Seed Funding to Propel Growth in the Game Advertising Industry

Sydney, Australia – June 11th, 2024 – iion, a unified game advertising platform, has secured seed capital investment and is set to become the go-to global solution for brands and agencies in gaming.
Founded in 2019, iion centralises game inventory for advertisers across all gaming environments and offers publishers access to brand budgets and various monetisation opportunities.

Its flagship product, immersion (, delivers a comprehensive self-serve platform for creating, launching, and managing ad campaigns, featuring real-time analytics and integrated measurement tools. (, a global network-driven venture capital firm, led the successful funding round and is joined by co-investors Archangel( and PixCapital(

Advisors Pieter Kooyman (, CEO of Half Moon Studios and former Chief Advertising Officer at game publisher Miniclip SA and Ionut Ciobotaru (, co-CEO of Verve Group and Chief Product Officer of MGI. Each advisor brings extensive experience in digital advertising, tech and gaming.

iion has built a global footprint over the past five years without external funding. This funding round marks a significant milestone as the company seeks to expand its reach and impact.

The seed capital will fuel the growth of the game advertising platform, allowing iion to expand its team, accelerate its market penetration into the US and EU regions, and bolster its game publisher efforts in China.

Additionally, the investment will enhance iion’s product roadmap, focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) automation to empower seamless advertising across the entire gaming ecosystem.

This strategic move positions the global game technology company for significant growth.

A Seamless Solution for End-to-End Game Advertising
“Despite gaming having a large global and highly attentive audience of over 3.4 billion, brands have been slow to enter the space as there was no easy way to activate gaming campaigns in one place,” explains iion co-founder Sanjaya Molligoda.

“We recognised the opportunity for a solution that overcame the common industry challenges in a seamless way that allows for easy activation via a self-serve game ad platform,” concludes Molligoda.
This realisation in 2019 prompted co-founders Sanjaya Molligoda (, Wout van Damme (, and Giuseppe Martoriello ( to develop immersiion, the first-of-its-kind game advertising platform for brands and agencies.

iion’s Self-Serve immersiion Platform
iion’s immersiion platform addresses industry challenges such as fragmentation, measurement, creative and scalability.

It provides a central self-serve ‘control centre’ for brands and agencies, combining campaign management, contextual and audience targeting, creative builder, superior reporting, and measurement tools (including brand lift studies and attention metrics) all in one platform.

iion co-founder Giuseppe Martoriello adds, “Our platform addresses the need for robust measurement. It allows in-depth measurement of attention metrics and brand lift studies to ensure brands accurately assess campaign effectiveness and impact on brand health.”

The funds raised will enable iion to further its global expansion efforts, pushing forward the power of gaming as the next big media channel.

Unified Vision: Elevating Gaming as an Essential Media Channel
iion investors and advisors share the company’s vision to elevate game advertising into an essential (and easily accessible) media channel for brands.
By consolidating game media, enhancing measurement capabilities, and offering robust creative tools, iion’s platform boosts efficiency for global marketing teams.

Stew Glynn (, TEN13’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner, highlights what stood out about the innovative platform-led start-up: “iion has developed a proprietary technology platform which intersects adtech and gaming, and solves real challenges faced by brands, advertisers, and game publishers. We believe in iion’s potential to build the centralised platform and are proud to have led their first funding round and are excited for the significant leap ahead.

“iion’s co-founders have been at the forefront of digital and programmatic advertising since 2009. We frequently encounter adtech startups; this team stood out due to their significant progress with reputable publishers, agencies and DSPs,” concluded Glynn.

Wout van Damme from iion adds, “We are thrilled about entering iion’s next growth stage. We have worked together as a founding team for 20 years, building and bootstrapping various programmatic media businesses.
“We’ve seen the game advertising industry’s evolution first-hand and have never been more excited about the opportunity to elevate gaming as an essential channel for brands.”

For additional information on how iion is changing the advertising game for brands and advertisers, please visit


About iion:
Founded in 2019, iion elevates game advertising through its unified platform.

It centralises game inventory for advertisers across all game environments and provides publishers access to brand budgets and diverse monetisation opportunities.
Operating globally with a diverse team of 50+ across 12 locations, iion is backed by leading venture capital firms, Archangel, and PixCapital.

iion works with premium brands (Lego, KFC, L’Oreal and many others) and collaborates with the big six media agencies and independent agencies. The gametech firm further enhances its reach and capabilities through its partnership with hundreds of game publishers (such as TapNation, Scopely, Miniclip, ABI and many more).

Guided by advisors Pieter Kooyman, CEO of Half Moon Studios and former Chief Advertising Officer at game publisher Miniclip SA, and co-CEO of Verve Group and Chief Product Officer of MGI, Ionut Ciobotaru, iion is set to expand and strengthen its global footprint.

The gametech company is dedicated to building the future of game advertising experiences and elevating game advertising as an essential media channel for brands.

About TEN13
TEN13 is an Australian-based venture capital firm investing in global Seed to Series A opportunities. In 4 years of operation, the firm has deployed $100m into ~50 companies across the world through its unique syndicate model for family offices and angel investors. TEN13 has supported Adtech companies such as Amplified Intelligence and Qsic.
To find out more, head to

Ex-WA Premier Mark McGowan’s Treatment of Elderly victims of Sterling First (2017 – 2023), shows he certainly does NOT deserve any award, let alone a “King’s award”, according to the 200 elderly victims of the West Australian STERLING FIRST Scandal from 2017.
His Majesty King Charles should be suitably cautioned.
Disgracefully, not only did McGowan shove Sterling Victims aside at the time of the collapse in 2019, but he left unanswered their cries for assistance. He simply ignored their attempts to seek Justice for the loss of their homes and so the battle for justice continues to this day.
MCGOWAN DESERVES TO BE CHARGED WITH: Aiding and abetting CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, and OFTEN preventing the WA Police from STARTING an investigation into this fraud.
McGowan’s involvement in the Sterling First Tenancy Scandal from 2017 has left elderly victims homeless with their life savings stolen by a close associate of Government Players.
In 2017, elderly homeowners were enticed into a diabolical Tenancy Scandal, overseen by the Dept of Consumer Protection in WA.
McGowan permitted the THEFT OF HOMES SCAM to run from March 2017 through to the collapse of Sterling mid-2019.
The elderly victims begged the Premier via many letters and emails; by numerous street parades and gatherings in the city of Perth begging for Justice, including on the “Steps of the West Australian Parliament House”.
Approximately 200 people have had their lives destroyed as a result of this scam. Their own fully paid for homes were stolen and the stench of this scandal is covered up by ex-Premier Mark McGowan and the current Premier Roger Cook.
Public servants had every reason to shut this Tenancy Scam down in 2017.
Despite the abundance of evidence of fraud against the Directors of Sterling, Consumer Protection, under McGowan’s leadership, renewed the perpetrator’s Real Estate Licence in May 2017!!!
Shockingly, there was no effort on Mark McGowan’s part to protect elderly victims from “villains known to Government and public servants”.
DESPITE DANGERS BEING clearly evident to government officials, the public were NEVER alerted to the life-changing risk of dealing with these criminal Mates of Government officials, who had a long history of 40 years of the same string of offences. High Ranking Police were told not to get involved (several attempts)!!!
Since the collapse, Mark McGowan did his best to throw the Sterling First Scandal into the basement and wait for all the elderly victims to die off.
Sterling First victims are fed up with the lies, denials, and cover-ups of Mark McGowan Roger Cook, who continues to spin a web of deceit simply to avoid the Sterling First Scandal breaking out to the public arena again.
After an arduous four years of fighting Government and being ignored, the victims are frail, in ill health and yet those who are still able to push back against Government stupidity and bloody-mindedness continue to fight for compensation and justice.
The Victims of STERLING FIRST deserve models, not the ex-Premier!
Due to McGowan’s specific involvement in this shameful scandal and the cover-ups from day one, the Sterling victims are entitled to scream out to Australians:
McGowan’s interference is responsible for today’s horrendous plight of these elderly victims. He directly stymied any investigations to save his own political agenda.
The time has come for all the honest, law abiding and empathetic politicians to stand up to the lies and cover-ups of the WA Government hierarchy and pressure them to immediately pay out the Sterling First Tenants full compensation for the disaster created by Consumer Protection in 2017.

The Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) congratulates our Board Chair, the Honourable Jillian Skinner, who was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in the King’s Birthday 2024 Honours List.

Mrs Skinner was recognised for her significant service to the people and Parliament of New South Wales and to community health, having served as the state’s Minister for Health (2011-2014, and 2014-2017) and Minister for Medical Research (2011-2014, and 2014-2015).

‘Jillian was instrumental in reforming the NSW public health system, increasing treatment, transparency and accountability with local district health boards, redeveloping hundreds of hospitals, boosting investment in IT,’ said AHHA Acting Chief Executive Adj AProf Rebecca Haddock.

‘Her tireless efforts in the areas of integrated community-based care, medical research and social policy programs including organ donation, pain management, improved palliative care and elimination of the transmission of HIV, are a testament to her dedication and hard work,’ continued Professor Haddock.

Mrs Skinner responded to the accolade by saying, ‘Over my two decades in the NSW Parliament, I had the privilege of working with the vast array of skilled dedicated staff across NSW Health to upgrade and improve our 200+ hospitals, better linking them with community care and providing greater local control.’

‘To be able to improve lives through increased prevention and better management of chronic illness was incredibly rewarding. My focus on social issues such as ending the transmission of HIV, increasing access to palliative care and promoting organ donation was my passion.’

‘It is this that motivates my continued involvement in numerous health Boards and activities since retiring, such as chairing the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association, which is in the unique position of being an independent member-based national advocacy body that provides a voice on current and emerging health issues.

‘This life has given me friendships that I treasure and rewards beyond imagining. Being made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) is an additional honour,’ said Mrs Skinner.

‘We are privileged to have Jillian as AHHA Board Chair, where she continues to help guide in driving collective action across the healthcare system for reform that improves the health and wellbeing of Australians,’ said Professor Haddock.


Australia – Nomad The Label is thrilled to announce our official partnership with LENZING™.

This collaboration, beginning in June 2024, aims to reduce our environmental impact and promote slow, sustainable fashion by using luxury fabrics made from certified renewable and sustainable wood sources.

By turning today’s waste into tomorrow’s raw materials, we avoid landfills. Materials are recovered and converted with low emissions into high-quality, soft, breathable, and durable materials.

Founder and fashion designer for Nomad The Label, Louisa Warman said:

“Our latest collection, ‘FREYJA,’ is a testament to sustainable luxury. Each piece is meticulously crafted using LENZING™ Ecovero™ viscose fibres, sourced from responsibly managed forests. This material not only boasts natural and renewable properties but also offers a silky, luxurious feel that sets our collection apart.”

New collection available at:
Freyja Collection

About Nomad The Label:

Nomad The Label is an online women’s clothing brand founded to create garments that understand a woman’s need for freedom, longevity, and practicality in her wardrobe. We create stylish everyday essentials that are figure-flattering, comfortable, and functional at the same time.

Nomad The Label answers to a personal endeavour to find garments that stand the test of time and are a genuine joy to wear, where practicality, style, and sustainability co-exist.

After huge success in Australia, Nomad The Label has recently launched a dedicated store in the US to better serve its US customers.

Contact Information:

Donal Breslin
Managing Director of Nomad The Label
[email protected]
Unit 1/7 Bonnal Rd, Erina NSW 2250

Website (only place to purchase):

For Customers in Australia, New Zealand and Worldwide

Hospital Acquired Complications (HACs) are a type of patient harm associated with increased morbidity and mortality, and while they can have devastating long-term effects on patients, with the right clinical care using risk mitigation strategies can largely be prevented.

‘Despite being preventable, HACs occurred in over 146,000 hospitalisations in Australia in the 2022 financial year and significantly increased hospital costs and length of stay for patients,’ said AHHA Acting Chief Executive Adj AProf Rebecca Haddock.

‘This latest Issues Brief released today by AHHA’s Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research, explores how by improving data collection and use, we could help reduce HACs and deliver better outcomes that matter to patients,’ continued Professor Haddock.

The use of clinical risk mitigation strategies is vital and embedded in the processes of hospital care. However, when it comes to the prevention of HACs, resources are lacking, and there are limitations in their clinical use.

‘A key factor in improving our prevention strategies for HACs is timely and accurate data, as well as standardisation of how this data is collected and published.’

‘There are substantial delays in the publication of data for HACs, as of 2024, the national data is out-of-date and published across multiple websites.’

‘As a result of this lack of standardisation, outdated data and fractured publication, clinicians and hospitals are currently unable to effectively evaluate and compare performance or identify specific areas in need of improvement.’

‘The publication of HAC data can also provide valuable information to inform patient choice, particularly around the selection of care providers and potential treatment options.

‘In order to improve patients’ access and understanding of HAC information, consumers should be involved in the co-design of the presentation of data, and how it is accessed.’

The Issues Brief, ‘Harnessing data to improve patient care and prevent hospital-acquired complications’, is co-authored by 2024 Deeble Scholar Dr Josephine Lovegrove, a Senior Research Fellow at Griffith University, and highlights several key policy recommendations.

‘These recommendations target standardisation or reporting requirements, improving timeliness and streamlining publication by using fewer platforms, legislative reforms and developing co-designed approaches to publication with consumers.’

The Brief ‘Harnessing data to improve patient care and prevent hospital-acquired complications’ and an online version of this media release can be found on the AHHA website.