When the Australian government called for public submissions, such submissions that have been approved for publication by their authors should be presented in full, as heavily redacted sections of factual statements (that do not contain bad or insulting language), only leads the public to a lose trust in the veracity of the inquiry conclusions and recommendations. It also suggests the inquiry is unlikely to find fault with certain decisions that may have actually been flawed, such as the persistent support of certain Covid-19 vaccines, that now appear to be causing considerable harm and adverse reactions.

Accordingly, PCS calls on the Australian Government to direct the inquiry panel to carefully consider each submission and publish submissions in full, where the authors have provided their approval, and to only redact offensive language. 3. PCS has therefore released its submission in full via this media release and the attached PDF file that includes the supporting studies and data, and the media and public can then access the accuracy of the PCS statements and consider the value of such a heavily censored inquiry. The full submission can also be viewed on the PCS website:

PCS later offered to the Inquiry to facilitate a meeting with a leading international virologist to explain why the original Covid-19 virus so quickly mutated and discuss the efficacy of the vaccines. To date, the Inquiry has refused to participate in such an informative discussion.

The Australian Federal Government managed and coordinated the Covid-19 vaccine program and its agencies approved these vaccines, so this aspect must be included in the Covid-19 Response Inquiry terms of reference. Given the mounting evidence of serious adverse reactions associated with these vaccines and the unexplained excess global mortality that coincided with the vaccine mandates, PCS calls for the suspension of the Covid-19 vaccination programs, and recommends that the government launches and fully funds, an independent investigation, conducted by reputable, independent and qualified scientists that have no ties or allegiances to any pharmaceutical companies or the health departments that so willingly approved these vaccines, to critically assess the safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines. Such research must also include a critical comparison assessment of excess mortality between the Covid-19 vaccinated and unvaccinated.

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