Award winning business education program, redesigned to suit elearning environment during covid pandemic.

MBA architect Allan Price B. Arch., ARIBA UK Ret., MBA, and appraised E-learning developer David Barras-Baker have redesigned their award winning 32-module learning program “Creating Value”!

The E-learning differentiator of the redesigned product is the simplification of complex concepts. “Creating Value” covers approximately 90% of the MBA financial curriculum. This product offers learners the ability to comprehend and apply these concepts effectively to their business, thereby gaining a significant advantage on competitors.

Most of the unique and powerful concepts explained and outlined in this award winning business education program are the brainchild of Allan Price. His book “Turning Vison into Value” motivated invitations as a guest lecturer on numerous MBA and executive business programs; including programs at the Wits Business School in Johannesburg, the UCT Business School in Cape Town, Henley’s distance learning Graduate Management Institute of Technology and the Scientific Institute of St. Petersburg in Russia.
In 2005 Price led the finance course on the Accelerated Development Program at the London Business School. Price’s teaching focuses on the measurement and creation of value in corporations. His matrix of performance measures focuses managers on the levers that create wealth and includes integrated flowchart views of:
o Return on Net Assets
o Return on Equity
o Sustainable and Affordable Growth Rates
o “The Creation of Value”

The original version of the courseware was distributed on CD-ROM and enjoyed particular success in Europe. “Financial Skills” won gold from the International Institute of Bankers for the CD program “Financial Skills” in the category of “Best Financial Software Design” and first in place for “Best Computer Based Training Program”.
Customised corporate versions were subsequently developed for companies including Rolls-Royce, Phillips (Holland), and the Royal Mail group; winning an award presented by His Royal Highness, Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh was for a “Product most likely to succeed” and it did!

The maintenance of long-distance momentum during this era was challenging which resulted in the project being temporarily shelved and considered by some as “ahead of its time”.
Learning technology evolution and exponential improvements signalled the time to re-develop this award-winning courseware – ensuring availability for global markets in 2021 and beyond.
Allan Price and David Barras-Bakers’ collaboration has resulted in the refinement and technologically updated new release “Creating Value” which is now live and available at

Markets benefiting markedly from this product include all current CEO’s and CFO’s, Sole Proprietors and MBA, Accounting and Commerce students – all of whom stand to derive significant benefit from “Creating Value”.

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Creating Value offers award winning business education. It comprise 32 modules which cover about 90% of the financial curriculum of an MBA.