COVID-19 Health Strategy – Counselling and Psychological Telehealth Services Available via Phone, Skype and Online

Life Supports is a national counselling and psychology network that provides services from 200 locations throughout Australia. In recent days the profound psychological impact of COVID-19 has become apparent.

We see that COVID-19 is currently impacting people primarily as health-related anxiety and panic:
• Hypervigilance and fear about the risk of becoming infected or transmitting the virus to others in one’s family or social/professional networks.
• Fear of potential health and morbidity outcomes if they or a loved one test positive for COVID-19
• Fear of the impact of COVID-19 on family members who are elderly or with pre-existing compromised health conditions
• Uncertainty and confusion about managing the different messages being given about COVID-19
• Financial and family fears: concern about personal finances, ongoing employment outcomes, access to essential goods and medicines, education and childcare, small business impact, and uncertainty around the economy at large
• Distress about the prospect of extended periods of self-isolation and quarantine – particularly acute for those with pre-existing mental health conditions.
• Forms of discrimination- either implicit or explicit- having distressing social and personal impacts

In response to the psychological and mental health impact of COVID-19, Life Supports has mobilised our network to ensure our 100+ telehealth counsellors and psychologists are available to support clients via phone, Skype and Zoom. Life Supports is providing a central point for anyone in Australia to access immediate support in relation to the psychological and mental health impacts of COVID-19.

In all areas of Australia, Life Supports is now providing counselling and psychological services via these telehealth platforms, 7 days a week. We will continue to provide a range of telehealth services whilst the nation is impacted by this pandemic. All Life Supports counsellors and psychologists have been briefed in:
• Effective management of anxiety in relation to COVID-19
• How COVID-19 is impacting existing psychological conditions
• Strategies for looking after mental health and family relationships in the context of social distancing

How Life Supports Works with NGOs
Life Supports aims to reduce the burden on Australian mental health helplines in this period by providing a prompt referral pathway for clients who might benefit from immediate to long-term counselling support.

As well as COVID-19 related psychological services, Life Supports is also providing our usual services by phone and skype.

For more information about our service, please see our website at . Our intake line is open 8am till 8pm weekdays and 9am till 5.30pm weekends and can be contacted on 1300 735 030.

For enquiries, or more information please contact:

Mahlia Price
[email protected]
0423 091 856

Marcus Andrews
Founder and Director
[email protected]
0402 116 070