PRESS RELEASE: Directors are Personally Liable for Workplace Bullying Injury! Empathyse ® complete online solutions are now available.

UPDATED: Tuesday 21st of November 2023

Sydney, NSW, 20 November 2023: Empathyse ® today announced Empathyse ® Workplace Bullying Solutions, a new way to reduce legal, sick leave and recruiting costs while increasing creativity, productivity and reputation. Protecting Directors from personal liability by stopping workplace bullying before it happens.

“Workplace bullying costs more than $47 billion a year in Australia and affects about 1 in 10 workers.” said Kevin Gilmore-Burrell, researcher and creator of Empathyse ®. “We have developed complete, evidence-based online education, training, policy and employment agreements to create psychological safety cultures using positive behaviour.”
• Empathyse ® is designed to comply with all current work health and safety, fair work and human rights compliance requirements for psychosocial hazards, workplace bullying and sexual harassment.
• Empathyse ® solutions are designed to complement organisations’ existing training, policy and employment contracts. But, if you don’t have these resources in place, there are helpful links to get them.
• Empathyse ® provides cost-effective training solutions that take less than 40 minutes per employee or 60 minutes for managers, with an online tutor available at any time.

Empathyse ® workplace bullying solutions are available online now for immediate application in any sized business for 95% less than existing compliance assistance programs. For more information on Empathyse, visit

About Empathyse: Empathyse ® Anti-bullying Consultants started in 2018 offering workplace bullying audits, assessment, controls and monitoring for individual businesses. Since then, we identified the negative social norm of workplace bullying tolerance affecting all organisations equally, particularly for management action, single acts of harassment and small businesses. In 2023 we developed a standardised set of online solutions using innovative strategic human resource management, authentic leadership and early conflict resolution skills to create positive behaviour rather than defining what negative behaviour was acceptable. As a social enterprise, using the latest in artificial intelligence, we were able to make these complete online solutions available globally at a low cost to any business for immediate implementation anywhere at any time.

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We are a social enterprise dedicated to eliminating workplace bullying.