PRESS RELEASE: E-Ride Solutions Acquires Registered Status With NDIS

UPDATED: Friday 24th of July 2020

Sydney, May 28, 2020 – One emerging supplier of electric powered alternative means of transportation has recently acquired their registration from NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) as a qualified and certified provider of electric mobility vehicles and accessories.

The NDIS is a scheme by the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency), which is a government funded insurance method that supports people with limited mobility under the age of 65, along with their care providers. Each participant can apply for assistance through the completion of the NDIS Plan right off the NDIS website.

E-Ride Solutions is now an accredited and registered NDIS provider, and they can absolutely offer help and expert advice on the various ranges of mobility scooters. They can also recommend which model best suits an individual’s needs.

The NDIS is able to determine who reasonably and necessarily needs mobility machines and support. They will also be the one to provide eligible individuals with whatever is necessary for their life aspirations and goals, and in taking part in the community to the fullest extent.

The commonly available and accessible disability services and support which the NDIS covers will include equipment, aids, home care and community, domestic assistance, respite, vehicle and home modifications.

E-Ride Solutions is a registered NDIS supplier that can supply various models of mobility scooters and accessories to assist individuals with mobility problems in achieving their life goals and becoming productive members of their community.

The benefits of being a registered provider are the following:
• E-Ride Solutions now has access to a wide network of participants and individuals
• The company is now a part of a competitive, vibrant and innovative marketplace
• E-Ride Solutions is now capable of introducing and reaching out to various markets as a registered provider
• The company can now extend their online presence through the NDIS Provider Finder which widens their business network

What are the benefits of the NDIS plan to an individual with limited mobility?

As far as the disability sector is concerned, things will be a lot different and everything will be done for the better and the welfare of the community. The changes and amendments needed will be for the advantage of people with limited mobility:
• There is a continuous and large scheme and funding across the country, which will be available at an individual level for people with mobility issues and disabilities.
• Those individuals who are eligible under the rule will be having greater control and more choices over the supports and services they can avail.
• The NDIS will provide eligible members with annual funding to purchase aids, services from service and product providers of the member’s choice.

Avail yourself of dream mobility scooter and electric bikes through NDIS registered providers!

Through the help of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, a member can purchase an assistive device or technology that is included in their plan. It is encouraged that upon speaking with an NDIS Planner, you should state the equipment that you might need to help you become an active participant of the community.

E-Ride Solutions can help eligible NDIS members with expert opinion and advice on various mobility scooters and accessories that will make their daily lives more comfortable and freedom more affordable.

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Business Manager