Launch of:
Leaders without Borders – mastering the art of humanity

First intake starts February 2020

Leaders without Borders is a paradigm shift from information-based learning to creating space for leaders to align their mind with nature to understand the hidden patterns underlying every interaction. Recent Royal Commissions into banking, aged care and institutional care recommended the development of human-focused leadership.

Leaders without Borders is a three year program filling the gap in the market for revolutionary leadership. Developed by scientist-practitioner, Roslyn Snyder and co-facilitated with Shaun Nannup, an Aboriginal storyteller, we provide a unique ‘on country’ experience that words cannot explain. Elders from the region will join us each week, infusing local Aboriginal wisdom. Each evening we will integrate knowledge acquired during the day through art, story or movement.

Seamlessly entwining science, arts and spirituality, Leaders without Borders equips leaders with knowledge, skills and abilities to nurture growth organically, engineering human-centred systemic transformations to meet the needs of people now, and into the future. Imagine leaders seeing patterns beyond everyday reality and focusing on human beings. Combine this with their already substantive knowledge and imagine what could be achieved for their industry, the wider community and the world.

Seven weeks ‘on country’ over three years:

Year One: Everyday Reality Humanity
Week 1. South West WA
Week 2. Kimberley region WA

Year Two: Hidden Energy Patterns of Life
Week 3. Northern Territory
Week. 4 Northern Qld
Week 5. Central Coast NSW

Year Three: Cosmic Reality, Cycles and Rhythms of Nature
Week 6. South West Vic
Week 7. Central Australia

We recommend companies send both an experienced and an emerging leader to the first week to obtain insight into our program, with no obligation to attend the full 3 year program.

WISDOM in Your Life is an Aboriginal social business. We engineer systemic transformations. All our profits go to healing and empowering people in need.

Contact: Roslyn Snyder on (08) 9499 4053 for further details.

WISDOM in Your Life
Address: 9A Lanao Way, Atwell WA 6164
Ph: 08 9499 4053
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