Liberal MP Catherine Cusack, has shown “unprecedented disloyalty” to the Rural an Regional People of NSW

Federal Chairman of the Australian Federation Party, Glenn O’Rourke, calls on the National and Liberal Parties to tear up the historic coalition agreement that has for decades seen the elected representatives of Rural and Regional Australia tied to a convention that required elected National Party MP’s to continually vote against the people who elected them and support City based Liberal Policy.

Since the historic Country Party decided to dump the Country from their name and become the ‘Australian Nationals – Liberal Party’, through the signed coalition agreement, that clearly requires the Nationals MP’s to shut up and just vote along Liberal Party Lines, they have no longer been allowed to represent the people who elected them, as clearly outlined by both the NSW Premier and some of her dictatorship of the Nationals members in the media today.

At the last NSW State election, it is clear that the people of rural and regional Australia are no longer prepared to blindly vote for the Nationals MP’s anymore and many decided to protest vote to the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, who now hold 3 NSW seats and almost 50% of the States geographic area.

The only problem is, that the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party appear to be an idealistic, opportunist party that are prepared to do any deal to achieve success and gain electoral funding, regardless of the wishes of its members, as demonstrated at the recent Eden-Monaro By-Election, where they chose to elect a Labor Candidate rather than the Liberal Candidate, that would have been the Majority Voice of their members.

“It’s time for either the Nationals Party to unhitch their Wagon from the ‘City Elite Liberal Party’ or ultimately fade into History. Let’s hope that the majority of the current NSW National MP’s stand behind their Leader, John Barilaro and return to being the party for regional and rural Australia.” Glenn said.

If the Nationals decide to crumble and bow down to the Liberal Party, it will be time for a true, Democratic, Grassroots People’s Party to fill the huge representation Gap left by the Now City Elite Ruled National Party.

Glenn Finished by saying, “LOOK OUT AUSTRALIA – THE FED’S ARE COMING”

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