PRESS RELEASE: Medicinal Cannabis: EU Legislation Update

“The EU situation with respect to legalisation can best be described as fluid, but evolving positively,“ said Tom Varga, CEO of Biortica.

“As a part of its global activities, Biortica Agrimed stays current with regional changes In legislation, and we’d like to share this research for the benefit of our whole industry, and our legislators and regulators. Please see the attached summary table ”

“Whilst EU law prohibits the commercial sale of cannabis, many countries are taking a more mature approach, & legalising, initially medicinal, and ultimately personal use, with Germany in the lead.”

“21 out of the 27 EU member states have legalised use of medicinal cannabis,” he said, “ and 13 countries have either legalised or decriminalised its personal use.”

“The EU comprises world class nations, and Australia should take any learnings that we can from the EU.” he said, “ We have the benefit, and indeed the privilege, to view how legislative frameworks have been built over-seas, what’s worked and working, and what the Australian industry and legislators should avoid. Australia really can do better”

“We look forward to continuing to share our global industry research with the Australian industry, our legislators and regulators, to build an industry that we can all be proud off, an industry that puts patient care, safety and outcomes to the fore, ” said Mr Varga.

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