Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association
Australian Made & Owned

With COVID-19 health alert and with people forced to work remotely there is a great deal of emphasis in creating a healthy active work environment for their wellbeing. View:

Annique Rochecouste has created a world’s first active ergonomic office chair designed to allow you to flip from a conventional seat to an active cushion boasting all the health benefits of a fit ball, to stimulate movement while sitting.

Sitting static is killing our bodies! With the average Australian spending almost 40 hours per week at work, 3.7M+ Australians experience back pain daily, costing $4.8B per year to fix it is fundamental that more focus is put on the sedentary behaviour in the workplace.

Sitting static at a desk all day leads to conditions related to metabolic syndrome, poor posture, spinal disc compression, decreased flexibility, reduced blood flow, stiff joints and tension, lack of energy and loss of productivity. By overwhelming support of clinical evidence, consistent movement is the key to combat a sedentary work.

The ErgoFlip forms part of an ‘active movement’ and is the missing link to complete a dynamic work-space environment.

The ErgoFlip innovative interchangeable cushion to allow the user the opportunity to vary their posture to move freely on the active cushion to prevent muscular tension in the body and relieve back pain.

The ErgoFlip promotes core and back strength, reduces spinal load, creates blood flow and increases energy expenditure. The ErgoFlip is unique as it is the first of its kind to offer active sitting with complete ergonomic features with high adjustability (seat height, backrest height, backrest lumbar support, seat surface,) to individualise the device to the user.

Leading Ergonomists and health professionals claim that “muscular activity” is the only way to negate this major problem and consequences of sedentary work and behaviour! Standing however is not the only solution as the latest research reveals standing is now resulting to inflammation in the ankles, fatigue, and discomfort. View:

Over 4 years of development and research alongside Physiotherapists and Occupational Health Therapists, it’s the only chair exclusively endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).

A recent survey conducted across major Government Departments and private businesses together with health professionals asking what the individual likes the most about the ErgoFlip reveals extreme benefits to negate the consequences of sedentary work and behaviour. View:

Please note we have an ErgoFlip Active Stool version of the chair which integrates the invention where we have devised tutorial exercises which can also be performed on the chair. Ideal for home users. View:

Some leading health professionals involved in making the ErgoFlip a reality:
– Dave Hall – Physiotherapist, Australian Physiotherapist Association – National President of Occupational Health
– Stephen Hehir – Australian Postal Corporation, Manager Safe Design- (also President, Human Factors & Ergonomics Society Australia)
– Kathryn Anderson – Physiotherapist Master Trainer APPI – Business owner at Viva Physiotherapy
– Todd Smith – Physiotherapist, Training Manager at Kieser
– Ryan Ebert – Physiotherapist, Operations Therapy Unit BUPA
– Aidan Rich – Physiotherapist, Clinical Manager at Life Care
– Dr. Nashwa Botros – Owner of Family Care Clinic

The ErgoFlip comes complete with certifications that comply with Australian standards
• Australia Physiotherapy Association Endorsed
• TGA Approved
• Australian Made and Owned
• Manufactured Nationally
• 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
• Patented and Design Registered

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