#1 Amazon Best Seller (Banks and Banking)
From Coins to Cryptocurrency,
How it Started, How it Works and How it may be Disrupted

For the first time, readers have access to a comprehensive understanding of payments and banking within Australia. The book explores the history of Australian payments and banking, while also challenging the current systems and processes to suggesting a potential future. Nikesh manifests how “we are on the verge of a revolution: this book provides a direction of what the future could look like and empowers the reader to make that vision a reality.” The 508 page book is a thorough exploration of the financial mechanisms and regulation in banking and payment systems from cheques to cards and cryptocurrency. It examines the culture and framework that led to the recent string of problems with the Australian banks, and takes a broad look at improvements and opportunities in money and commerce.

Nikesh Lalchandani was born in Australia from Indian heritage, where his first home was located next door to a bank in Strathfield, Sydney, the land of the Wangai people of the Eora nation. At an early age, Nikesh sparked interest in the financial world, schooled at Sydney Grammar School, and later studied engineering, computer science, finance and IT at UNSW and Deakin. He has travelled broadly and has been an early member or founder of various startups, some of which now are or have been acquired by multinationals. He has worked on large and small transformation initiatives for traditional organisations, neo-banks, fintechs and government. Nikesh has extensive experience in all the Australian Big Four banks, including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, where he held executive and head-of positions in emerging technology, innovation and payments. He is current Chair at the NSW Branch of the Australian Computer Society. These experiences have all contributed to his perspective and writings of his first book, which is now available on Amazon, Kindle, and Google Play Books.