Staying Active Lockdown: Meet the Tween Girls Hosting Free Online Movement Sessions for House-Bound Families


Erina, Australia – April 24, 2020 – An active life is a happy life but with restrictions and lockdown, and other COVID-19-related disruptions to the day-to-day, it is becoming harder and harder for us to get the exercise we need. This is particularly true for youngsters. Fortunately, two of these youngsters have taken it upon themselves to change this situation.

For the past six-weeks and continuing for as long as we’re learning and working from home, Poppy (11) and Cleo (8), who live on Australia’s Central Coast, have been offering free 15-minute sessions via Facebook, with each session designed to get families moving, having fun, and staying healthy.

The sisters love the active lifestyle and they’re on a mission to share their passion with kids just like them. Every week, Poppy and Cleo and their mum, Lava Tribe’s founder Sarah Greenaway, are leading participants in two live sessions, held at 1 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. The sessions are completely free of charge, and last for 15 minutes of stretching, action, and great fun.

“We love being able to help people stay active”, says Poppy, “and it’s fantastic to have something in our week that gives us a routine and connects us with other people. We’ve been so happy that so many people have streamed our classes. We’ve even had people joining in from New Zealand!”

Each session focuses on a mixture of stretching, cardio, and strength. All of these elements are critical to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Stretching helps us to feel ready and well-equipped for sport and movement, as well as helps us to warm down afterwards. Cardio, of course, gives us the stamina to keep on moving for longer, while also giving us the general fitness needed to really get the most out of our exercise sessions. Finally, strength – often overlooked – is crucial in preventing injury and helping us to do more with our bodies, whether out there on the sports field or simply when running, dancing, and enjoying activity.

Each session also includes a good variation of exercises, giving participants a wide array of health benefits without getting boring.

Kids of all fitness levels are encouraged to join in. After all, this is an inclusive activity – an opportunity to be healthy and to have fun together. It doesn’t matter if you are captain of the school athletics team or if you are new to sports and movement, and are a little shy – everyone is encouraged to join in.

Poppy and Cleo encourage parents to get involved and make their sessions a family affair. “We try to design the sessions so they’re simple enough for kids but challenging enough for the parents. There’s no excuse not to move!”, says Cleo.

Visit the Lava Tribe Facebook page to discover more about the live sessions, or head over to the website to check out all sessions as they’re uploaded after each session for people to access on demand.

Don’t forget to tune in at 1 p.m. next Tuesday and Thursday to enjoy some heart pumping fun.

Lava Tribe is a brand of activewear for tween and teen girls that’s based on Australia’s Central Coast. Their comfy, fun and super stylish gear is designed for girls who live active lives to help them feel comfortable and supported while they’re training and competing. The team behind the brand recognise the importance of activity, movement, and fun for the next generation of young Australians. They seek to support this at every turn, with their products and regular movement sessions.

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