Sunshine Sugar and medical nutrition company, MediKane, have today entered into a supply agreement for sugarcane fibre to be used in breakthrough medicinal treatments.
In recognising the demand for natural, plant-based medicines, Sunshine Sugar and MediKane will cooperatively deliver solutions for overall well-being and for the delay, prevention and treatment of chronic health disorders.
MediKane is a food-based medicine company specialising in producing natural, plant-based solutions that address the management of blood sugar levels, and separately, gut health in pre- and post-operative patient rehabilitation.
The Australian-based company has a number of existing and developmental products under its NutriKane label.
NutriKane D has become recognised as a treatment for Type 2, pre-diabetes and gestational diabetes, having been formulated to assist in controlling blood sugar levels through improved gut and intestinal health. It contains dietary fibres and a wide range of essential micro nutrients that have been shown to not only aid the maintenance of the microbiome, but also reduce inflammation and ultimately help control blood sugar levels.
The NutriKane range also includes a product that is gaining traction for its post-operative benefits to patients, as it is proven to relieve constipation and supports bowel health.
MediKane CEO, Mr Rod Lewis says; “Our scientific approach, using independent proof of effectiveness for natural products, sets us apart from the crowd in the plant-based health space.”
Mr Chris Connors, CEO of Sunshine Sugar stated; “In partnering with MediKane, we will unlock even more of the naturally occurring properties within the remarkable sugarcane plant. This is a great addition to our growing suite of health-focused products that already includes Low GI Sugar and Botanical Water.”
Sunshine Sugar plans to establish a state-of-the-art processing facility at one of their three milling sites during the 2020 crushing campaign. All-natural sugarcane fibre treated under strict processing conditions is a key component of this range of health solutions.
“This initiative will continue to offer consumers more choice, whilst helping to ensure a sustainable future for our business and our growers.” added Mr Connors.