PRESS RELEASE: Toby Mobbs refuses to be locked into a genre with new single ‘Let Go’

Singer-songwriter Toby Mobbs is known to be hard to lock into a genre with his studio
recordings. With the release of his second single ‘Let Go’, listeners will be wondering
what’s to come with the release of the full album in July.

‘Let Go’ feels like a distinct change for Toby Mobbs. Far from the rock anthem of his first
single ‘Coming Back To Me’, ‘Let Go’ invites listeners to a dreamy four minutes with
reverb drenched vocals, and subtle melody lines that will make you want to hit that
repeat button to experience it again. You’ll find no heavy guitars here, nor should we.

“My co-producer Matt Cross and I really leant into a soundscape for this track. It’s not
what I was expecting when we first started but I feel the result is where it needed to be.
This is also not a new song. I’ve been playing it for years as a solo artist, but the
recording process breathes new life into it to make it unrecognisable to those that have
heard me play it live. ”
– Toby Mobbs

Mobbs is a pop-folk singer-songwriter from Albury, NSW. His latest single ‘Let Go’ is the
second track of an upcoming second album titled ‘In Between The Words’ which has
been a two-year project in the making. As a solo act, Toby is limited to his guitar and his
voice, but it’s his recorded work that allows him to break out of the singer-songwriter

Toby is also known for putting everything into his tours. His 2022 national tour to
promote his debut album saw him solo drive 14,500km in 28 days to play a show in
every Australian state and territory.

“To me, if I call it a national tour, then I can’t skip half the country. As an independent
artist it wasn’t an easy undertaking, but it was a goal that I had set and needed to
– Toby Mobbs

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