Glen Gerreyn is used to travelling on a weekly basis, spreading his message of hope and grit with high school and corporate audiences as part of his ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’ to eliminate youth suicide.

A former Young Australian of the Year Award recipient for his home state of Queensland, Glen overcame health difficulties at a young age before opening an incredibly successful youth centre in his hometown. Since then, he has been focused on sharing stories of positivity and resilience with young people across Australia.

“Last year, I had two-hundred speaking engagements in schools and at corporate events, all over the country,” Glen says. “Then COVID happened and I lost 80 percent of my bookings overnight. And just when things were turning around, it all collapsed again.”

For someone who is renowned for spreading hope, Glen found himself having none to draw on for himself. “For the first time in a long while, I couldn’t see a way forward,” he shares.

So what does a motivational speaker do when the odds are against him? The only choice is to practice what he preaches.

“I’ve had to remind myself what I tell my audiences about dreaming a big and not seeing setbacks as failure,” Glen says, “And to move on from the disappointment of losing booked speaking gigs so I can focus on what to do next.”

Glen’s top tips for finding hope when all seems lost are the following:

Don’t believe what you feel
Feelings aren’t facts! You might feel hopeless, useless or worthless, but that does not mean you are.

Be careful what you say
Words are powerful. Use them constructively to design the life you want. Speak the language of possibility, inspiration and energy.

Find a way to laugh
Laughter makes the stress and pain of life more bearable and strengthens us with resolve to make the future better.

Don’t despair
All the water in all the oceans cannot sink a ship unless the water gets in. Don’t let the oceans of fear and doubt in.

Go from what is wrong to what is strong
When we focus and use our strengths, our days become more meaningful.

Be thankful for what you have
Be thankful for where you are and what you have. “Enough is a feast” says the old Buddhist Proverb.

Focus on service
Research has shown serving others makes you happier and healthier so keep reaching out to others and watch as your wellbeing thrives.

“When I switch my focus to how I can be of service to others, the whole world opens up,” says Glen.

“I might not be able to reach people with my message of hope by sharing it in person on stage, but I can write articles, get online, or call people and deliver hope through a myriad of ways.”

Glen is now refocused on finding new ways to share his message. He has created a Positive Parenting Course and has revised his speaking sessions to be delivered in an online format. This is really exciting because it means I can reach students in areas I’d have never realistically been able to travel to,” he says. “Right now, I’m feeling hopeful again, which is a very good thing, considering what I do for a living!”

To find out more about Glen, visit or phone 0414 723 068.