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What if it’s not your fault that sex is bad in your marriage?

Popular blogger to host “The Great Sex Rescue” Online Event in Australia on 29 May 2021

When Sheila Wray Gregoire, her daughter Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach, and epidemiologist Joanna Sawatsky surveyed more than 20,000 Christian women about their sex lives, marriages, and beliefs about sex and marriage, the To Love, Honor, and Vacuum bloggers never imagined what they’d uncover: that the most popular Christian resources and teachings on bettering sex and marriages were doing more harm than good.

In their new researched-based book, The Great Sex Rescue: The Lies You’ve Been Taught and How to Recover What God Intended, Gregoire, Lindenbach and Sawatsky dig into the data-existing research on evangelicalism and sexuality, their extensive survey and focus groups, and the 15 most popular Christian resources on sex and marriage – to help women discover what beliefs are holding their sex lives hostage, and provide them with the roadmap to experiencing amazing, mind-blowing, great sex.

And while it takes two to tango, the authors’ research revealed a large “orgasm gap” that directed their focus to females: that only 48 percent of women orgasm every or almost every time they have sex, compared to 95 percent of men, as indicated by other studies. Other shocking revelations include:

• Which common youth group teaching, if girls believe in high school, leads to women being 59% more likely to say, “I have sex only because I feel like I have to,” once they are married
• Which teaching prevalent in Christian bestsellers leads to women being 59% less likely to feel aroused when they’re making love
• Which teaching, if believed, causes women to be almost twice as likely to experience vaginismus (sexual pain)
• Which teaching causes women not to trust their husbands, even if they only hear it and never actually believe it!
• Which common belief, if practiced, leads to an eight times higher divorce rate
• Which Christian bestseller labelled a rapist “equally unhappy” as his rape victim – and how downplaying marital sex is all too common in many of our resources.

“Each of you were created for sex that is about so much more than just one-sided pleasure,” write the authors. “Great sex is the fulfillment of a longing for intimacy, for connection, to be completely and utterly bare in every way before each other … It’s a baring of our souls, a deep hunger for connection, a longing to be completely consumed by the other – while also bringing intense pleasure to both of you.”

The Great Sex Rescue Online Event is aimed at calling people back to principled sex, the way God intended: that sex should be personal, be pleasurable, be pure, be prioritized, be pressure-free, put the other first, and be passionate. Sheila Wray Gregoire is the guest presenter.

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