Board of Directors Announcement Sample

March 20, 2018


Brisbane, Queensland—Gift of Giving—a collaborative, non-profit organization with a focus on children and families in Brisbane—announces that it has appointed its 2015-2016 board of directors: John Smith, Jane Doe and Jon Snow.

“This year’s board is truly a dream team of highly skilled and experienced individuals, known as real influencers in the community,” says President John Smith. “Above all, they have a passion for philanthropy, and I know their hard work and commitment will make this a banner year for Gift of Giving and our member non-profits,” said Mr Smith.

Jane Doe, director of Brisbane University’s Smith Centre for Service-Learning & Civic Responsibility, says that she appreciates the model created by ABC: “Such a collective, connective and collaborative framework to strengthen a community is exciting!” She seeks to continuously move forward the purpose and share in the vision of ABC for it to become a model to be emulated in other communities inside and outside of Brisbane. Specifically, as a board member, Smith is committed to creating a non-profit membership base and framework that supports ABC in its goal of collaboration for the betterment of the community.

Jane Doe is in senior-level management at the eyewear company EyeDo. She is excited about the fact that ABC makes “a big-scale difference in the community” and will work to ensure that all ABC processes and procedures are in place and that all ABC publications are aligned with the organization’s identity. She also wants to make sure that ABC does not duplicate efforts. “I want to make sure people understand who ABC is and what ABC does,” says Jane Doe.

Jane Smith, an admissions advisor for Brisbane University, is passionate about ABC’s unique mission of encouraging collaboration amongst neighbouring non-profits. Excited that there is a movement to create positive change within the community, Smith seeks “to help in ABC’s overall growth and effective application of its mission,” as well as “to be a part of the goal to franchise ABC to benefit communities throughout the world,” she says. Her focus will be working with ABC’s agency of record, The Great Group, in creating an “infectious ABC brand.”

A partner of EJM Solutions Group, John Smith hopes to eliminate duplication of services through collaboration and empower non-profits by sharing knowledge. He aims to help member non-profits run more efficiently as businesses, in part by standardizing best practices, policies and procedures, accountability and responsibility—including for ABC. In short, he hopes to leave behind “a better-run organization,” he says.

Jon Snow is an attorney at Snow Law Firm who looks forward to giving back to the community that “raised me and made me who I am,” he says, and which is “starting to grow with all the things that truly make something a ‘community’—a sense of interwoven-ness, developing and diversified economy, culture, arts, services to those in need, etc.” He is excited by the enormous impact ABC can have on the community by creating synergies among its member organizations.

Mary Smith is a certified educator in Brisbane. A former elementary school teacher, she looks forward to helping ABC’s network of non-profits grow stronger and learn to help each other even further. Specifically, she is taking on the role of board representative for the gift drive, which she would like to see run more efficiently. “I love to see multiple agencies working together for the benefit of an individual or family,” Smith says. “People so rarely need just one thing or one area of help. Our network allows agencies to work.


Now in its seventh year, Spirit of Giving unites more than 60 non-profits in Brisbane to help facilitate and create programs and alliances that promote lasting change in the community. The group’s objective is to streamline the delivery of services to the community by working collaboratively to solve issues and improve operations through internal and external partnerships.

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