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3 June 2016

Software Company Launches First Referral Program For Accounting Industry


Cloud based accounting and analytics platform Gadget, has today launched a new Partner Program which focuses on offering referral incentives to participants in the accounting sector.

The Gadget Partner Program will give eligible companies the opportunity to receive a 10 per cent referral fee on the monthly subscription fees for the life of the client contract, if they introduce the technology for adoption by their clients.

Gadget founder and chief executive Jo Sample, said the Program was geared toward helping accounting industry participants to increase their revenue streams by offering them a retention-based strategy for dealing with clients.

“The Program will provide a new revenue model for a diverse range of industries but is particularly aimed at assisting the HR services industry including the recruitment sector, by helping participants to build continuous, long-term income streams,” Sample said.

“Our Partner Program could help transform the accounting industry by helping this sector to leverage the latest in numbers technology,” Sample said.

Sample believes the Program will support fast expansion of Gadget’s own distribution channels by increasing their sales force exponentially.

Interested participants can submit an online application and will be part of a qualification process to ensure alignment with the right organizations.

Contact information:

Jo Sample
[email protected]
0400 000 000

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