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2 April 1982

Superior Fruit Launches Shop Local Campaign


Brisbane, Queensland – In an effort to promote year-round support for local businesses, Superior Fruit announces the launch of Shop Local, a national initiative to promote consumers to shift 10% of their everyday spending to local businesses instead of big-box stores.

“Small businesses need us every day, not just one day a year,” said Pete Maniatis, CEO of Superior Fruit. “By giving small, local entrepreneurs our support every day we positively impact our communities,” he added.

The Shop Local movement exists to encourage Queenslanders to shift a portion of their everyday spending to local stores over chains every day of the year, rather than sporadically. This shift intends to keep more money local and keep more small business owners thriving in communities across the state.

“By pledging to shift just 10% of everyday spending to the local community, Queenslanders can make a significant impact to their neighbourhoods,” said Sandy Boing, spokesperson for the Premier’s department.

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About Superior Fruit

About Shop Local:

Shop Local is a national movement to encourage shoppers to shift 10% of their spending to local businesses in communities across Queensland. It all starts on October 10, 2012 — the first-ever Shop Local Day — a national celebration of supporting local entrepreneurs and small businesses across Queensland. To learn more about Shop Local, visit www. Shop

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